What is your morning going to look like? I’m sure you have NO IDEA! The morning prayer for a good day is there for you to make amazing proclamation on how your day should be.

Short and Powerful morning prayer when you are just awake from sleep.

This prayer will make a great morning prayer for a good day.

Oh Lord my God, your ways are beyond what we can comprehend. It is your mercy that we thrive and live in. You have given us the peace to sleep in the night and wake us up in glory to your name. We thank and appreciate you oh Lord, please accept our thanksgiving and supplications. We pray dear God that you accept us even as we are filled with sins and iniquity. We pray that you grant us all we ask for and give us the grace to begin to manifest your glory in our lives. We want to live in the abundance of your grace oh Lord. Remember us your sons and daughters and give us the grace to go through the daily activities. We commit the air and the food we will eat today into your hands, w know that you have taken control already. We cast all our cares on you king of glory. Take charge dear Lord, and let us come together tonight to glorify you for an awesome day. Thank you Lord.

Good morning Lord prayer

This will also make a great morning prayer for a good day. Don’t you think?

Good morning dear God
You have given us another opportunity to see another day
A day fresh and new
So here I come before you Lord
To ask that you renew me just as the new day

Please forgive me of the iniquities that I committed in times past
Give me the opportunity to walk with you again
To walk closer to the direction you have given me

Dear Lord, I am very much aware
That I can do nothing on my own
So take my hands Lord and lead me right
For I can’t walk on this path alone

Be my guidance, light and shield
And make me live more and more in you
Separate me from all the sins of the world
So I can be a brand new me

Morning devotional prayer for today

Dear Jesus, the one who is with us all. I send my prayers to you today, and I pray that you send me the joy and happiness that will help me through the day. I glorify you king of glory with all of me. I also thank you because you created me and made me see today. I know you reserved and protected me during the night, and you made it possible for me to see today. Please bless me as I step out of my door today and be with me every step of the way. Save me from my iniquities oh Lord, and I will go and sin no more. Let your grace never depart from me, dear Lord. I will continue to worship and adore your holy name.

Strong morning prayer

Dear Lord, another day is here again
A day to love you and move closer to you more
Dear Lord, I pray for your protection today and always, so that I will walk in your light
And bask in your glory
Jesus, let your light shine in my life and walk in me so that everyone that sees me will appreciate your presence in my life
Send your spirit down to me oh Lord, so that I can be more of you
Support me through the day oh Lord
And when the evening comes, I will come and appreciate how amazing you are.

Morning Prayer verses

Dear Lord, give me the strength to understand the difference between loving you, living with you, living in you and fearing you. Wake me up in body, spirit and soul everyday and grant me the desire to meet you every step of the way. I proclaim in my life today, that you will always be with me in every decision I take. Give me the desire to walk in you and grant me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to take each day as it comes. Thank you for everything you have done. May your name be glorified. Amen.

Good morning family prayer

I pray today that nothing will separate me from you. teach me your ways oh Lord so that every step I take in my life will draw me closer to you. help me to walk according to your will and glory dear God and help me to continue to walk in you and work for you. Protect me from my single thoughts and things I do, and help me to stay focused on my needs and things that I desire. Help me to take whatever challenges that comes my way as it comes. I acknowledge your affection for me oh God and I know that your grace is what I have. Forgive me all my sins and help me continue to live in you and for you.

Prayer for a blessed day 

Everlasting father, I appreciate you for making me see another amazing day. Please watch over and protect family, friends and loved ones today. Amen.

I do not have any idea of who will come my way today oh Lord. You are my fortress and my protector. You are my rock and who I run to for refuge. help me to stay within your words today dear God. teach me ways to live in you. help me to walk according to your words and not the way I feel. Give me the grace to accept anything that comes my way today and help me acknowledge that the things that comes my way, you know about them. Meet me at the point of my needs today oh Lord and grant me the grace to walk through this morning till the end of today. Amen

Dear God, I pray for strength as I am weak today. I pray for the faith to face my fears, and I pray for power to check my powerlessness. Keep me in perfect peace with you and myself and grant me the courage to face all issues and keep going today. Thank you for everything.

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