6 Hustles Dominated By Hausa/Fulani Tribe in Lagos

6 Hustles Dominated By Hausa/Fulani Tribe in Lagos:

6 Hustles Dominated By Hausa/Fulani Tribe in Lagos:


No one can actually point to the exact time the invasion started, but their emergence can easily be tied to the introduction of the Bajaj motorcycles.


These mini restaurants which rapidly grew in Lagos like an epidemic have grown to become the breakfast and dinner option for lower class Nigerians, as they are treated to a superbly made tea with bread and eggs in the mornings, while the trio of noodles, eggs, and tea run the nights.

Fried Yam

This used to be formerly dominated by the Togos, Ghanaians and even Yorubas and Igbos. Then Gboom! The amazing folks from the north innovated the trade by making it more appealing with the introduction of toppings like Turkey, Chicken, and Gizzard. Some even go as far as adding sausage. Then there’s a special sauce they sprinkle on the yam which tastes really amazing. It’s called Yaji.


Point me to a Yoruba or Igbo who sells Suya and I’d show you a Biro with white ink. Since I’ve been born, I’m yet to buy Suya from any other tribe.


The same story of innovation which brought about the displacement of Yoruba and Igbo fried yam sellers disrupted the fruits market too. These guys simply were neater and focused on better distribution strategy by selling their wares using wheelbarrows.

Bureau De Change

Just like Suya, The Hausa/Fulani tribe have completely dominated this sphere since I was born.

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