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your boss is hitting on you

Signs that your boss is hitting on you. Some people are just emotionally blind or let me say “feelings blind”. They can’t detect feelings from people attracted to them. For me though, even before the manifestation in your heart, I know already. LOL

But on a serious note, it is quite imperative to know when someone is feeling the extra for you. It is for your own good and the person hitting on you, because you might want to discourage the feelings but unknowingly to you, you were encouraging it even without intending to.

Why do you need to know if your boss likes you or getting attracted to you.
Because your job/promotion depends on it.

If you don’t know or have any slight idea he/she is into you and you are just being nice, you might be sending the wrong signal to him/her and afterwards he/she might feel played, you get?

I will be writing from the point view of a lady and this will generally sum up for both male/female bosses.

1. Your boss is feeling is hitting on you, when suddenly he or she begins to complement your outfit.

An outfit you are not putting it on for the first time, just suddenly looks so attractive your boss can’t help but notice.

My dear, something is cooking. But note, only when it becomes frequent.

2. Your boss is probably feeling attracted to you, when you suddenly becomes his/her Personal Assistance (PA).

He/she suddenly needs your opinion on everything, unless your job description entails that normally, if not, something somewhere is probably on fire.

Also, there might be the probability that say, because you are very brilliant or versatile in that area, if not, my dear. He is on to you like ‘the ant is on sugar’.

3. Psycho bosses that use the reverse psychology on you.

They like you but don’t know how to go about it, so it turns to anger.

They scream at you for nothing, give you straight face when addressing you, gets angry when he/she sees you getting cosy with another employee.

In some instances, they increase your work load. Be prepared, something is probably fishy.

Take your time to truly study your boss and observe if he/she is just like that to everyone. I mean if your boss has a different attitude to everyone and if you didn’t do anything to warrant that attitude from him/her,then my dear, He is so into you. #winks

4. She/he just want to spend time with you.

Don’t be angry when you realise your boss just want you to stay back even after closing time, he/she just can’t help it. LOL. Your boss will try to maximise every opportunity to spend time with you.

5. Your boss will always support you no matter what you do.

Everything you do is right,even sleeping at work duty. LOL

He/she is your number one supporter club in your office

6. Gut feeling

There is something called inner knowing, you just know something is weird about your boss. Please do not ignore.

This are few of the many signs to know, but I’m sure these are enough for you to detect that your boss is attracted to you. Now you know, what’s next?

Let me consult the gods and get back to you.

Please do share personal opinions too, I can’t wait to read your views/experience



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