8 Surprise Party Ideas Your Man Will Surely Love

Surprise party ideas

Are you planning a party for your man? You need to do something special, and not just with the food! What men like best is a whole host of surprises, something that makes the occasion memorable, so it’s time to get your planning head on and think about it! It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to host a great party, and there are many ideas you can turn to for something that is different, so let’s talk about some of the best ideas that your many will really appreciate.

Keep it Quiet!

Let’s get to the point – a surprise is not a surprise if you know about it, so you need to keep it under wraps! This means telling all the guests that they mustn’t let the party boy know what’s going on, which can be difficult to do! Try and keep your guests informed as to what is happening and when, but make sure they don’t give the game away!

Great Party Snacks

Food can make or break a party, so If you are having a problem with deciding on a menu, we’re here to help! We suggest you keep it simple and healthy – make sure your vegetarian friends are catered for, too – so think along the lines of chicken nuggets, side salads of tomato, peppers, cucumber and more, and chips! Did we say healthy and chips on one sentence? Yes, and it can be done! Have a look at the new range of air fryers, great appliances that fry food with hot air and very little oil, and you will soon see how you can have very healthy, crispy and delicious chips in no time at all!

Home Made Pizza

This is a great one for parties: make a selection of pizza bases, you can buy the mix at your local supermarket, and then let the guests pick their own toppings from a range on offer. It’s a great way of not only giving them a choice, but cutting down on the cooking you have to do! It’s also cheap, and you may get some great ideas for future reference.

Pick a Great Venue

If you don’t have a suitable outdoor space – or indoor one for that matter – why not ask someone who does? This is also a great way of keeping the party a secret for as long as possible, and it will make things very special indeed if you have a friend or family member with a really great party venue.

Book an Act

It doesn’t have to be a band or singer, what about a magician? A close-up magic performer is a very popular form of entertainment right now, and also a great way of breaking the ice. You can find details of local magicians and other acts by searching online, and it is a surprisingly affordable – and very effective – way of adding something to the event.

Find Old Friends

Facebook, and other social media platforms, allows us to get in touch with people we have lost contact with, so why not have a search for people from his past that he may be pleased to see again? There is no surprise more effective that presenting someone who has not been seen for years, and it could even be a long-lost family member. Searching online is easy, so devote some time to looking for old friends – you never know who you might find!

Keep the Drinks Flowing

You need to keep your guests fed and watered, so why not have actual serving staff on hand to deal with it? You could rope in friends and family to act as waiters and waitresses, or you could hire staff from one of the many agencies specialising in the field. It may sound expensive, but in fact it might not be as costly as you believe – so it is worth checking out!

Enjoy Yourself!

It’s all too easy when you’re the host to forget that you need to enjoy the party, too, so make sure you take the time to mingle with guests and have fun! Enjoy your food, too, and never forget that you put the effort in to make the event what it is! If you plan well in advance you will be able to make sure everything is in hand so you don’t need to worry on the day – so get your pen and paper out now, and start planning!

These are just a few ideas that will make your party an event to remember, and there are many more that you could try if you really want to make things special!

Writer: Simon Barker is a keen cook who likes to try new things. He enjoys healthy eating, but does not let that get in the way of great flavours. He also enjoys his air fryer, and its many benefits.

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