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Happy Wedding Day Messages and Wishes

happy wedding day

What do they mean to you? Friends, colleagues, family or even loved ones. When they are getting married, you can send them the best happy wedding day messages and wishes that they need to show that you are indeed thoughtful and caring.

Are you on the look out for what exactly to write for your newly wedded couple or about-to-wed couple, then the collection of messages I have here will do you a lot of good. Here is where you will get a collection of happy wedding day messages and happy wedding day wishes that you will need for your couple about to be wedded.

All you need to do is pick and use any of them that you like. And if you are not contented with the words, you can also add yours and customise the message to suit your style and there you have a unique happy wedding day message.

Unique happy wedding day messages

1 I know that on this day and forever , your love will be never ending and you will enjoy the most amazing marital bliss together. Happy Wedding day to you guys. May God be with you!

2 I congratulate you guys on this amazing occasion and I wish you all the fun and happiness of life together.

3 I am sending the cutest congratulations on your wedding day. May your life remain blissful forever. Happy wedding day.

4 There is no greater feeling than you having to commence a beautiful life and start a new family. Please love and honour your husband/ wife and enjoy your marriage in the middle of all the bliss and hectic times. Congratulations and happy wedding day.

5 Time flies and the sky changes from dusk to dawn. I pray that as your marriage commences, you will never have any reason to regret your love and family. Happy wedding day.

6 May the star of your marriage shine forever. May you have every reason to be happy and appreciate love. May you weather all storms together and come out unscathed. It is your wedding today. May God bless you!

7 You will never have any reason to come in contact with sorrow and grief. I pray that you have the most enjoyable and the most amazing life together as you commence a beautiful life journey. Happy wedding day to you and your wife.

8 The world came into existence because of love and people that like to love. You are a perfect example of people that are in love and you are about to create a world of love. May your sun of love never go dim! Happy wedding day.

9 May beautiful memories accompany you as you commence a happy life together. May you find every support you need to make you marriage a happy and fulfilling one. Happy wedding day.

10 I wish you congratulations on this special day. I pray that all the good things of life never elude you and your new family. Happy wedding day.

11 I wish you the very best of marriages today and forever. May God be with you and support you every step of the way. Congratulations, happy wedding day.

12 May your love story be filled with all the happiness that comes with love and getting married.As you have commenced your love story today. May you find happiness in every corner and spheres of your marriage. Happy wedding day!

13 I am wishing you every happiness, that radiates in all aspects of your life. I pray that you receive the blessings and support of God on your wedding day. It is well with you. Happy wedding day.

14 I am the happiest man today, your love story is just about to begin. I pray that this happiness last forever. Have the most blissful wedding ever. God be with you!

15 I am wishing the two of you an amazing wedding ceremony and a blissful ever after! May God bless and uphold you in all spheres. Happy wedding day

16 I pray that your love for each other will never fade. That you will continue to fall in love with one another for the rest of your lives.

17 You have started a new life today, you have commenced a new world, a world different from living a single life. You have pulled resources together to be come one. May the blessings of oneness never elude you.

18 Please accept my congratulations and my best wishes on this amazing occasion that you have decided to come together. I pray that God supports and bless your marriage and you have every reason to smile today and forever. Happy wedding day.

19 May the blessings of God continue to blossom in your life as you get married today. I wish you all the best immediate fruit of the wombs and the conjugal bliss that comes with marital peace. May God bless you and your husband as you commence your life journey today. Happy wedding day to you and hubby.

Cute happy wedding day messages

20 When two special beings come together to be joined as one, family and friends gather together to celebrate their union. As we have come together today to celebrate this amazing wedding, I pray that peace, joy, gladness and opulence will never depart from your home. Happy wedding day, God be with you.

21 You will find favour in the sight of God and man. God will be with you, bless your marriage and support you with joy, prosperity and the favour of blissful married life. Your marriage is going to be awesome and spread beautifully like the amazing sunflower. Congratulations on your wedding. Happy wedding day.

22 Let love be the foundation of your dreams and aspirations in your marriage. Let God be the fulcrum and pillar of all corners of your marital life. Remember to seek his counsel in prayers and ensure that you put all decisions in his hands before you take them. Congratulations on your wedding. Happy wedding day.

23 It is not going to be easy, marriage is filled with its ups and downs. All you need to do is remind your wife/ husband that your souls have not connected to become one person. All you do and all you achieve is both yours and you need to stay faithful in mind and spirit to achieve more. Happy wedding day to you.

24 Love is more than just the way you are feeling. Love is more, and it means that you and your spouse have more than love between both of you. You need to celebrate by triumphing over what people have to say. It is your life and your love and may God be with you on your wedding day. Happy wedding day.

25 I wish you the most amazing gifts that comes with getting married. I am indeed grateful and delighted to be a part of this great day. I wish you the peace of the mind, joy that comes with being in love and all the affection you get through out your marriage. Happy wedding day and happy married life. May God be with you and your new family.

26 Remember that when you get married, you are beginning a new life and life will be in a different dimension. Just as you have taken the bold step to commence a new life together. I wish you all the best and profound joy in a way you have never dreamt or thought of. Happy wedding day to you.

27 On this amazing occasion when your hearts come together to become one, I pray that your love and affection does not go away from each other. I pray that you find every reason to believe in your love and hope that tomorrow is better than today.

28 I wish you a better tomorrow filled with love everlasting and happiness that won’t just stop. I pray that you both love each other till eternity. The joy of association that comes with marriage will never be scarce in your house. Happy married life and happy wedding day. God be with you!

29 There is no special feeling than being happily married as husband and wife. There is no joyous relation than when a man and woman comes together as one and relate perfectly under the same roof and enjoy the love that comes with deliberating on issues and reaching a consensus as it related to advice. God bless your wedding today. Happy wedding day.

30 Happy wedding day, I pray that you both love each other till the end of time.  Remember to stay happy and let happiness reverberate in all your thoughts and decisions. Happy wedding day to you and yours.

31 Saying congratulations on an important day like this is very critical. Not only that you share in the love and joy of the lovers but also share in their emotions and their togetherness. It also means you are also excited to be a witness to a journey just started. I am happy to be a part of this journey. Happy wedding day.

32 Love brings two hearts together in unity. Love provides the perfect foundation you need to start your marriage. I want to celebrate the coming together of you and your hubby as man and wife. Let your love light up the whole of the world. Happy wedding day.

33 As you commence a new journey in life together. Remember to hold your hands and with amazing wedding vows of complete devotion, undivided attention, and unbridled loyalty. Learn to spread the love not just within yourselves but to external people as well. Congratulations on your wedding day. Happy married life.

35 I am sending my warm wishes to you today, because it feels great to be alive to witness your wedding. You have been together for so long and we have been anticipating this special moment all along. I want to pray that the joy of marital life will never leave your doorsteps. God be with you and your new life. Congratulations and happy marital bliss.

35 As my friend, it is my duty to pray for you, support you and make myself present on your wedding. First off, I want to wish you a happy wedding day and I want to pray that your wedding be filled with all the affection and blessings from God. You will never lack any good thing in your life and your marriage will be a point of contact to all singles out there. May god be with you, guide and bless your home. Congratulations


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