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8 Tips for A Safe Online Coital Encounter

Tips for A Safe Online Coital Encounter

8 Tips for A Safe Online Coital EncounterSo, you are an online flirter, right? It’s cool, you know! It’s pretty cool until you jam a sleepy doom. Don’t get worked up – I’m not saying meeting people online for a coital encounter isn’t a beautiful experience. In fact, for introverts like me, it is one of the best experiences I can ever have, and also one of the best goods the online space has offered me.

However, it is quite imperative of you to know, and fully understand, that like the impending danger of been driven on a highway by an inexperienced driver, going for an online coital encounter can offer you even more harm if not properly done, okay?. Hence the need for this!

The need to learn to heart, what exactly an online coital encounter is. The need to know how to go by coital encounters online, so as to be on the safer side. The need to read this post!

Herein, asides learning extensively 8 wonderful tips for a safe online coital encounter, you would also get to understand firstly, what an online coital encounter is, and a few of the pros and cons it entails.

So, without wasting no time any longer, let’s delve right into it!

What Exactly Is the Online Sexual Encounter?

For this, I wouldn’t be going in extreme depth. This is with an assumption that you reading this must have had at least a tad idea on what is meant by an online coital encounter. Albeit, this is a brief below;

In simple words, this is called the Cybersex. This is an occurrence which takes place in the virtual place. It happens in such a way that two or more people who are possibly far apart but connected by a network – the internet, share explicit contents; including, but not limited to messages, emails, pictures, videos, voice notes, etc. with an end goal of describing a coital experience.

So, in brief, we can also say the online coital encounter is a “coital fantasy.” Others may also name it internet lovemaking, or what-a-view.

Tips for A Safe Online Coital Encounter

Now that we are better informed on what an online coital encounter looks like, I assume it’s safe to move straight-up to my carefully curated list of 8 tips for a safe online encounter.

As you read on, please note; all of the ideas cum information divulged henceforth are results of chronic online researches, studies, and more of personal experiences. More-so, it’s imperative you understand that everything herein is my personal opinions and thought which are drawn up from the factors mentioned just above.

1. Use Internet Security

Okay, how much can this be emphasized? It just can’t be done in excess! Because this is where everything begins and end – your own security.

Whenever you would be having an online encounter with someone, ensure you are doing so on a platform which has maximum online security. See, there is absolutely no crime or stress in visiting an “adult site” for the act. It is that simple!

Don’t just bump into an online platform and begin to sext. Instead, make use of those that you are sure of being equipped with the proper adequate safety.

2. Download Right

Okay, this is the next stop. Be wise when downloading any app on your device – either a system or your mobile.

Many of these apps request access to the personal data on such device, including your photos, and videos. And if all of these are gotten access to, I think you know the rest.

So, in a nutshell, know the kind of applications you would be downloading on such a device.

3. Know Your Partner

After internet security and scrutiny of applications installed, the next bullet point to take note of is your partner him/herself.

Know who you’re about to chat with. Know the person’s history – do some background check. Is he a criminal? Where is he from? etc.

You are doing all of these just to ensure you are in safe hands. Just to be sure, even when the website doesn’t transfer any of your activities to a third party, your partner is not doing so too. You’re doing all of these in other to be free from blackmailing. In other to be immune from denting your public image.

You get the point?

4. Find the Best Spot

You wouldn’t want to start making funny sounds or gesture in a public place, right? Hence the need to find just the best spot for your cyber activity. this should apply irrespective of the form you’re engaging in; video, messages, exchange of pictures, etc. because, you can’t tell, your arousal might reach its peak, and you might eventually lose control.

Doing this in a public place is a no-no. Find the best spot for your online encounter! You would even love it more – the freedom, privacy, et al.

5. Make the Time

Although this is usually overlooked, it is very much important. Asides the safety, it also makes you enjoy yourself more.

Don’t just rush into it. Take your time. Make it a step at a time, enjoy the moment, instead of rushing into climaxes. Pump in more efforts as much as your partner is. Firstly, it breeds trust, and freedom with one’s partner.

6. Do Not Be Over the Top with your Contents

They are many out there – hackers, looking for their next prey. They would steal your pictures and then use it for their porn sites.

As much as this seems to be more deflected to the female part, males fall victims too. Hence, the need to be extra careful. Don’t just post anything anyhow on the net.

7. Clean Up When You’re Done.

Not just your body, but the device used too! Clean up everywhere, leave no traces.

See, everything still boils down to the security issue – no one wants his name dented, you know. Therefore, you need to keep everything in place back after your online coital encounter.

8. Seek Legal Action

Should you have followed all of these steps, but you seem to have found yourself in the position of a victim, then the next option to do, in other to be safe, is to seek legal action. Report to the necessary bodies. Attack legally first!


Truth be told, internet lovemaking, whatever it is that you call it, is interesting and fun to do (when done the right way). However, it is very addictive and should be handled with care and awareness.

Do you have questions, or you would love to share your online coital encounter with me? Then let’s meet at the comment section. I also love to answer all of your questions and also share your stories with you.

I await.

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