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How to Celebrate Relationship Anniversary

relationship anniversary

Make your relationship anniversary far from lame with these interesting ways…

Relationship anniversary is indeed a very big deal because your first year or any other year with your love is a major milestone. Anniversaries offer the wonderful opportunity to relive lovely memories, show love, express gratitude towards your partner, and above all, strengthen your bond.

It is necessarily alright to think outside the box when it comes to figuring out different ways and ideas on how to celebrate this special day – whether it is one year or ten, it is always worth celebrating.

In some relationships, these special days came and went without any ballyhoo. It is either both of you got too busy with work, family problems, the kids, or maybe one of you forgot. Nevertheless, it crucial to make some important days of your relationship feel special as this can make or mar the health of such relationship.

Unarguably, anniversaries offers that fantastic opportunity for you to do something different and new together as a couple. Which will certainly be a memorable one.

If planning for your first year anniversary has got you reading this article, then this is really really for you. At every first year of every young relationship, anniversaries celebration sparks up the reassuring love from one to the other.

It is a day that should be spent carefully and remarkably with your partner.

So is your anniversary with your sweetheart coming up? Whether your relationship with him or her has gone three months, two years, six years or even more, celebrating an anniversary is a very interesting way to rekindle the old flames and remind each other how unique your relationship is.

The most effective way to create a memorable anniversary is to come up with ideas of new and exciting experiences, activities that you both will enjoy.

Of course, you do not need to go broke to make a remarkable anniversary, or ordering a luxurious dinner or going on a fancy cruise. In fact, you both can enjoy each other’s company at home in a very special way.

One important thing I never fail to tell couple as regards anniversaries is that, it is not all about enjoying your chosen anniversary activity, keeping a positive attitude to make your partner happy throughout the day is also an important factor.

You should not bring up a topic that has always struck up an argument between you both every now and then because a single disagreement on the day of the anniversary could ruin the whole day!. You don’t want that, do you?

In this article, I will be unraveling to you some interesting ideas on how to celebrate relationship anniversary. These steps I am about to give you has worked for so many. With these steps I’m about to show you, mind-blowing testimonies had came from people who had written off fun-moments with their partner.

Definitely, there were once like you, searching for the best way to be the best. But you need not to worry as you’ve just walked into the right place.

Before you continue with this article, I will like you to understand that you ought to know the type of partner you have. Some activities could turn them ‘off’ or bring back unpleasant memories from their already-forgotten past.

So you should be careful that while you both catch fun, you do not over hype the whole thing.

The goal is to keep it simple, interesting, memorable and super romantic.

So are you ready? Journey with me as I take you through the ways that will definitely make your anniversary celebration so far from the word lame

How to celebrate your relationship anniversary in a special way

To help you out, I have compiled a list of activities that are romantic, classic, and fun. The effort and price required to actualize them may vary, some are simple, while others are pretty much involving. The most important thing is that they all worth it.

These ways will make you both romantic and financially smart. Here are ten exciting new ways to celebrate your anniversary

1. An evening with no tech

This is applicable if you both have decided to stay in together.

Meaningful conversations are, in a way, restrained when both of you are busy with your technology – smartphones, laptops and the likes. Try spending the entire evening of you’d anniversary with no technology, Just the two of you and maybe a deck playing card or board game.

Trust me, this is great fun if you can do it well. Whether you admit it or not, it is difficult to keep ourselves away from our phones and computers long enough to have meaningful conversations with our partner. But this is a day that is worth such sacrifice. Rekindle your relationship by making a rule that no one uses tech throughout that evening.

If you both enjoy dancing together, why not do it in a very romantic way. Go on YouTube, download some dance tutorial that you both can try out together.

Drinking together is also a wonderful idea. If you enjoy drinking together, this is a fun activity to try together. You both can make wine or beer, then learn something new about each other. Just make sure you have bought all the necessary equipment beforehand.

Come up with love-related Q&A games, and play along with a open mind. These conversations will help spark up intimacy that will lead to some real honest moments.

To make it more active, cook together or play some games.

In this class, all you do is to have a lazy day,a romantic and fun-filled one.

2. Head back to the spot where you two met

relationship anniversary

Well, I can not really debate the comfort of the place where you two met in the very beginning, but I am pretty sure that it is a good way to share wonderful moments.

Whether it is a bar or a beach or a library, head back to the scene where you two met. Show your partner that you vividly remember when and where you were when the course of your life changed forever, supposedly.

3. Recall your first date

relationship anniversary

Still in the vein of going back to the blooming beginning, you can ace your relationship anniversary by reliving your first date. It is often said that unimaginable things happen on every first date. You can recall these moments during your anniversary.

You may need to check your social media posts or diary to remember the exact dates. But if you use this clue, you are a winner for ever.

If you are married, you can relive the wedding ceremony and all of the wonderful event that took place that day. Get down on one kneel, hold two hands, and renew your vows. Plus, do not invite all the relatives here.

4. Visit the spa together

Relationship anniversary

Why won’t you try a couple’s massage? She should be used to the pampering she deserves, you know.

As a constantly working couple, spending a relaxing day at the spa is the best way to loosen up. If you both aren’t used to couple massage, then you can get your own personal treatments and ice the cake with a relaxing dinner afterwards.

5. A boat cruise

Relationship anniversary

Luckily, your relationship anniversary has fallen around summer time. There is no other better way to cruise than to go on a boat.

Find a boat around you that provides cocktail while cursing around the city. Bring your swim trunks and camera, It is a boat cruise, baby!

6. Hit the Karaoke bar

Relationship anniversary

Nothing is impossible, nothing. So long as you believe in yourself. Try out the “purple rain” by prince or Marvin Gaye’s “let it rain”.

You don’t have to be a good singer or have a band. Just make it fun, she is gonna love it.

7. Go on a Motorcycle ride

relationship anniversary

If you don’t have one, rent one. Two hundred miles away from home, slicing past roads and whooshing past moving vehicles with her arms tightly wrapped around your waist and a jazz song in play. What else could be more exciting?

A plus for you if you are a very skillful rider. Wait to see her screaming and laughing hysterically at every tough drift.

8. Spend some time in concerts to see a favorite band

Relationship anniversary

Visiting a particular concert to watch a band you both love is one of the best ways to celebrate relationship anniversary. There is a reason why music just sound so better outside.

9. What about a cooking class together

Relationship anniversary

Spice up your relationship anniversary by learning something new – something fun and actually useful. Enroll for any cooking class with him or her.

“I’m not all that good with cooking”. You don’t have to be good because you are just about to learn.

Besides, some unprofessional things you do in the kitchen may cause her to close her eyes tightly and reveal her set of teeth.

10. Hiking is a great deal

Relationship anniversary

Getting out in nature has sure values. If you decide to keep the whole thing cool and natural, hiking is a perfect thing to do on your anniversary.

Rekindle the fun moments, make them memorable by going for a hike.

11. Write your love story

Relationship anniversary

Have each of you write your own or write it together. Bring them together to create a very interesting piece of both side of the story format. Don’t forget to decorate your home with a dressed-up French cottage, add some flowers for more beautification. Having done this, you are almost perfectly good to go.

12. Your favorite bottle of wine and candlelight

relationship anniversary

In this class, you get to learn new things about each other. You don’t necessarily need to get an expensive wine.
Talk about the future together, this may sound everyday and random. But you both can imagine how you want to spend your retirement together.

Blow off the candlelight after some bottles and chats, something wonderful should happen, you know.

13. Head to a Art gallery or Museum

Relationship anniversary

Prior to your anniversary, planning trips can be romantic and exciting. There are tons of museums, scenic centers, home and abroad, that can serve you both right. Go look at something amazing together.

14. Sit by the pond lake, or river

relationship anniversary

Couple taking cell phone selfie on blanket in park

Life can be really simple. Sometimes, a fresh breeze from sitting by the gushing waters and enjoying the freshness of nature is all you need.

15. Do it in the back seat of your car

Relationship anniversary

Let’s not feign it here. Making out is actually the romantic part of the day. Just make sure people are not around to peep on you. **chuckles**.

16. Hit a club, a dance club

relationship anniversary

Happy couple of people at a karaoke party singing and having fun partying

Throbbing beats and beers. Rock the dance floor and turn the tables. Above all, discuss about past years.

17. A romantic picnic

relationship anniversary

This is one every interesting way to catch fun as couples. All you need is a grassy place and some good cheese. Get wine too. Oh, and a blanket. Take along with you a blanket.

Bringing few friends is also a good idea if you want – few friends. This is your anniversary, not a hangout.

As I wrap it up, Let me spell it out here that celebrating relationship anniversaries are serious attempts. Ensuring that your anniversary goes swimmingly isn’t exactly hard with these steps. And, acing this special day rekindles the sparking love of your relationship.

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