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24 year old is too young to get married

A reader reached out on Instagram to share her story. This is very enlightening and brings another angle to the popular belief that a 24 year old lady is too young for marriage. Read on:

I turned 24 last November. 😊

Nobody seems to be hitting the nail in the head correctly. I grew up very early. I’ve often had people tell me I’m an old woman, based on what I say and how I manage people and situations.  Let’s first ask these questions. What has the 24 year old achieved? Is He/She ready emotionally or psychologically? Financially? SPIRITUALLY? sexually?

Finished school at nineteen. Went to NYSC camp two days after my 20th birthday. I was posted to Ibadan, but my family has lived in Lagos so I’ve been a Lagos baby girl all my life. Long story short, I had to get an apartment and think for myself.

I’ve been pretty exposed to many people and situations. Trust me, contrary to what people think that when you have no parents around, you go wayward, it’s not always the case. When you have no parents around, you will give your self brain. Before your parents come to save you, soldier could have beaten 10 years of your life span away, you could have been kicked out of your apartment and gotten fired from your job. You really want to ask yourself the questiom: will they always have to save me?

Will they always have to make decisions for me? Or would I always have to wait for them before key decisions that are time conscious are made?.

Anyways… this is not about the story of my life o, but I’m going somewhere with this.

After NYSC, got a job immediately and stayed back in Ibadan.  Decided to go for my masters degree while working. Tough thing!  But God helped me, I scaled through it. I had to balance and pay school fees while working, still paid rent, and got my first car 3 months before I turned 22.  No daddy Input.

Of course I took a few loans, but with it in mind that I am master of my decisions and I will be the one in prison if I don’t pay. So here I am. 24, lived alone for 4 years, have 3 years working experience managing operations for a company and tolerating and managing people in their 30’s. Taking responsibility for my actions. it’s a whole different ball game.

Last year, I went clubbing for the first time and had alcohol for the first time as well. To know myself. Do I really like these things? Or is it just cos mum and dad said they’re no good? I had to know my reason for myself! Same way you must know God for yourself. Anyone who cannot make decisions and own it, anyone who cannot apologize when absolutely unnecessary,  anyone that cannot take corrections, anyone that cannot

Got engaged in Saturday, I’m sure I’m ready 😁


What do you say guys? Please drop your comments.


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