WAEC: Please save a soul!!

Is WAEC conflicting result an error or a deliberate act?

I wish to commend WAEC’s role in terms of the academic impact made so far in the West African student since its inception in 1952.

However, I find it so disappointing that this body that is expected to uphold its integrity is deviating from its role in doing that.

The mission of WAEC is

  1. To maintain internationally accepted procedure
  2. To keep providing qualitative and reliable educational assessment
  3. To keep encouraging the youth in getting academic excellence
  4. To keep promoting sustainable human resources development, mutual understanding and international cooperation

As a law abiding citizen and an ambitious lady who aspire to impact positively to my immediate environment and the world at large, I am quite saddened to say that the foremost examination body has truly deviated from the above mentioned mission due to the ineptitude and inefficiency of its workforce.

I bought the WAEC form  in may/june 2008 at Our saviour’s standard college Efon Alaye, Ekiti state with examination name Olowoyeye Oluwanifemi D. and examination number 4140208099.

I prepared and read rigorously, burnt some night candles and studied hard for the exam and all glory to God, I passed all subjects.

Afterwards, I printed the result online after checking and proceeded to my secondary school Our saviour standard college Efon alaye Ekiti state to receive my statement of result and finally obtained my WAEC certificate which had my complete result stated on it.

I then proceeded to Ekiti state University Ado Ekiti. After securing admission for a University degree.

To my utmost surprise, after four years in the university and waiting for my final clearance and subsequent NYSC mobilization, I discovered that my Economics and Chemistry result in WAEC had been cancelled for no reason.

During my struggle to get it resolved, I went on to WAEC headquarters in Yaba, Lagos to complain about this weird situation and was informed to write a letter to that effect.

I did this, submitted to the necessary office of WAEC ICT department and was told to go online at a given time to check, that they would have effected appropriate correction since the mistake came from their end.

Since then WAEC became my second home and I visit their website to check every day to confirm whether the changes have been effected. Unfortunately, the situation remains the same; WAEC has not made the necessary corrections.

I am passionately appealing with WAEC to release my result promptly in order to move on to the next level in my life.

I have already missed the March batch of 2016 NYSC. I cannot afford to miss the next batch.


I am Olowoyeye Oluwanifemi D. of Our saviour standard college Efon Alaye with exam. Number 4140208099 of 2008 class.

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  • Reply
    March 6, 2016 at 6:54 am

    What is this country turning to.
    Ehn after how many years.
    All these exam body are not ready to perform their duties.

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    March 6, 2016 at 10:15 am

    This is ridiculous. however, the affected person should endeavour to have a key contact in waec that can help monitor the progress of her issue. I had a similar issue which was resolved in about a year.

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