A Woman’s Guide To Improving Her LoveMaking Drive

Guide To Improving Her Lovemaking Drive:

A Woman’s Guide To Improving Her Lovemaking Drive: Lovemaking is great and it feels even better when you orgasm but unfortunately, not all women enjoy lovemaking as they should. A big percentage of women experience low lovemaking drive. Low lovemaking drive or libido can be caused by stress, hormonal irregularities, and psychological disorders. This can be detrimental to relationships and marriages where your spouse has a higher lovemaking drive than you. You often feel the pressure from your partner and you may end up faking lovemaking pleasure. With these tips, you no longer have to fake it.

Here is a woman’s guide to improving her lovemaking drive.


1. Have a great relationship with your partner

Some things will turn you on and some will be a total turn off. What you like may not be necessarily the same lovemaking thing that your lady friend likes. Communicate this to your partner. Tell them what you like and how you like it being done.

2. Take honey with cinnamon

Take a tablespoon of honey mixed with powdered cinnamon every morning. Cinnamon has stimulating properties that help increase our body’s heat. This has been proven to help people with low libido problems. Honey is rich with vitamins and minerals so this combination of honey and cinnamon will do good things to improve your lovemaking desire.

3. Peruvian apple powder

Add Peruvian apple powder to your smoothies to give your body the nutrients it needs and increase your libido. Peruvian apples contain aphrodisiac properties to boost your libido.

4. Be spontaneous

Engage in lovemaking at an unexpected time and place. Lovemaking doesn’t have to be routine. You don’t have to have a timetable for lovemaking. The element of surprise through spontaneity may skyrocket your coital drive.

5. Spice up your coital life

Try things a bit different. Change the lights in your bedroom to be a bit dimmer and more romantic. Maybe you can use candles. Put on great lingerie. Not only will it make you look hot but you’ll also feel so confident and bold. You can also try costumes that you can use for role play in the bedroom like the naughty librarian or the naughty nurse. Bring your lovemaking fantasy to life.

6. Consult a specialist

There are specialists who help solve coital dysfunctions including the low coital drive. Your doctor may recommend that you get an Orgasm Shot for Women which is directly injected in the privates to make it more responsive. This non-surgical injection makes it easier to reach orgasm.

7. Eat foods that increase blood flow to the genitals

Foods such as bananas, figs and avocados are aphrodisiacs that boost your libido. They have nutrients that increase the flow of blood to the genitals. This prepares your privates for great penetration and greatly increases your urge to make love.

With this guide, you can experience exceptional lovemaking again and be among the women who get to have multiple orgasms. However, if everything fails, go to your doctor and get some tests done. There might be serious underlying health issues and low coital drive might just be a sign that all is not rosy with your body.

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