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How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring: Have you been thinking of how to get her the perfect engagement ring? Here are a few steps to guide you.

1. Choose a stone (could be according to her birth month) –  A birthstone is a gemstone associated with the month of a  person’s birth.  Is she deep into astrological signs? Here are the birthstones of each

January  –   Garnet symbolizes safety

February –   Amethyst symbolizes healing

March    –   Aquamarine symbolizes eternal youth and happiness

April    –   Diamond symbolizes everlasting love

May      –   Emerald symbolizes wisdom, growth

June     –   Pearl symbolizes purity

July     –   Ruby symbolizes love and passion

August   –   Peridot symbolizes strength

September-   Sapphire symbolizes purity and wisdom

October  –   Opal symbolizes faithfulness and confidence

November –   Topaz symbolizes love and affection

December –   Torquise symbolizes good fortune and success

2. Find out what ring she likes – Would she prefer a ring in White, Yellow, Rose Gold or is she so cool that she loves her black?

Not all ladies love the same kind of ring; comparing her ideal ring with her best friend’s is always not a good idea.  Does she like her stone huge or simple? Does she prefer eternity rings or would rather go for a centre stone?

3. Get her ring size – A lot of men get it wrong in this aspect and it’s quite sad. Imagine the atmosphere is right, you go on one knee, she has said yes, only to realize that the ring does not fit! Imagine how awkward that would be. Not knowing her ring size is likened to a phone with no battery – no use!

There are different ways to get her ring size; you could ask her friends for help (make sure they don’t spill). Or you talk to a jeweler at a jewelry store (We offer free ring sizers at Zavandi Jewelry.

Whichever way you choose, it is wise to get her correct and not assumed ring size.

4. Decide on a budget – Even though the idea is to sweep her off her feet and get her all emotional, please decide how much you are willing to spend on an engagement ring first.
After the budget is set, you can be sure to find a ring that ranges that will wow her.

5. Choose a stone shape – There are different shapes to choose from; Round, Oval, Pear, Princess, Heart, Emerald, Cushion, Marquise etc. The idea is to choose a stone that flatters your fiancé’s finger.

For example, if she works with her hands a lot, you might want to consider an eternity ring without a centre stone.  If she has large fingers, we would advise you to go for the heart shape. If she has short fingers, Marquise may just be your best bet as it gives an illusion of long fingers.

6. Choose a metal – If there was no metal, where would the rock sit?

There are different precious metals, ranging from Gold, Platinum etc. If she loves her Gold, you want to find out if she loves the Yellow Gold, The White Gold or the Rose Gold.  You really do not want to get her something she would accept because she has no other choice.

Now jewelers thought it would be more interesting if gold had different variants, so they came up with the white, yellow and rose gold.  None of them is inferior to each other. It just means that other materials like alloy, rose were used to come up with these colors.

Here is how you can find a metal she loves:

1. Does she love pink? Then this is a clue that she would love a  rose gold engagement ring.

2. Take a peek into her accessories box, what are some of the prominent metals there? If most of her bracelets are in white gold, go ahead, you’ve got a clue!

3. Bring up a conversation around precious metals and listen to what she says. Keyword, listen!

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