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“It is easy to hate, it is harder to love”; a very popular quote that highlights the battle for balance that every human faces every day, the struggle between good and evil, every choice, every decision, every single thought is a homage to either of the two.

While we all strive to do that which we think is good, we are also wooed by the other path; that path of evil, that path that leads to the dark side. Every second we face this struggle, should I do what is good which is often times the hardest thing to do? Or should I break bad and give myself to the dark side?

It might be as simple a choice as should I take John’s pen or not? Or a tough choice like do I sleep with the boss to get a promotion? One thing that is for sure is that we can’t do without these choices everyday and while we try our best to lean towards doing good there is always something alluring and enticing about the dark side, afterall it is the easiest thing to do and in a world full of evil, we are sometimes tempted to give in and win with evil.

As a sports person you wonder how easy your game will be if only you can use drugs to enhance your performance, you might even start thinking of ways and how to do it without being caught.

As an unemployed graduate you wonder how easy it will be to join your peers into yahoo scam, afterall all you need is laptop and some data and when you think of it that the whites are smarter now and that yahoo guys are virtually ritualists, you justify yourself by thinking “well they mostly use prostitutes and they probably have that going for them”.

As a pastor you might think how easy it will be for you to seduce the choir mistress, afterall she’s single, your wife barely wants to have sex with you.

As a young lady you might look at yourself in the mirror and wonder how much you’ll be pulling per night if you should join the olosho business instead of you earning peanuts as a waiter, afterall you’re very hot and possess all the assets that men want in a lady, you wonder if you can charge like 50k a night and how huge your clientele will be.

As a young guy you might think ‘what if I start holding people for ransom afterall Evans made a fortune doing that and I won’t even get caught cos I’ll be smarter.’

These are some of the dark, twisted thoughts that crosses our minds daily as we go around smiling like there isn’t a war going on within, a battle for our soul and whether we loose or win depends on series of choices that we make per day. The only way to win is to realize that even though it’s easier to do bad; good and long lasting things don’t come easy and whatever is easy to get usually don’t last.

It’s easier to get sand than to get diamond and we know which is more precious, so don’t waiver in doing good, making the right choice and though the other choice might seem quicker, remember life is a marathon not a race.

– Makinde ‘Brainac’ Teniola

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