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I saw this post online, Nairaland to be precise, where a popular realist-thought writer wrote about his personal conviction about loving without reason. Can we love without a reason?

Can you love without a reason and unconditionally? What is the true definition of love?

I strongly believe that real and unconditional love only exist from God to man but anyone who believes in human love is a big dummy.

In my opinion i believe that, human love is a charade, a facade and a chase after the wind which is based on a selfish condition and if the condition is no longer there, love fades and tolerance sets in with an eventual crash.

Hmmmn! The above caption and some other interesting and controversial comments got me thinking. What is Love in itself? Is it truly overrated? Is there something like an unconditional love? These questions are infact deep and very sensitive, and the answers would shed light as to if we can love without a reason.

I went online, did my research on Quora,

Abhishek Bhowmick said in his words

Ofcourse!! It takes a fraction of seconds to fall in love with someone. Its just the tendency of people to actually realize if he/she have fallen into it! Love doesnt need a reason,it is intangible and its defination could differ by people!

I think Love is some kind of an eternal bond, you can lose the aspect but not the essence!!

Aditi Rungta

Love in itself is illogical. You can’t question or reason out as to why you love that person. You simply love them with your heart and soul.

Philosopher, Darena Thomas has this to say;

Well. . . frankly speaking. . . everyone says that one can love other without a reason. But I don’t think so . . . there is surely a reason behind everything in this world which act as a base.

Some popular online writers also gave a spiritual dimension to loving, Rahul Saxena said on Quora;

Actually we can truly love someone, only without a reason. If any reason is associated then no doubt their must be some other factors would be associated with it. I am giving answer from the Spiritual prospective. If you have ever experienced the feeling of Trans, then you can understand what I am saying. In Sanskrit, we have a beautiful term associated with it “Aahlaad”. When we experience “Aahlaad”, we feel overwhelmed & a true feeling of Love creeps in which is absolutely reason free. We can feel everything around us in the most beautiful manner possible.

I got some interesting responses from Nairaland,

Dammy said and I quote:

Yes and I will talk from my personal experience. I dated 3 guys, but the one I loved most was the last & he was d least of dem in terms of wat I want in a guy. I asked myself why, but didnt have any reason for it, but it was obvious I was crazy. Everybody around me kept asking why, but I cudnt fix a particular reason. It was absurd but dat was d reality den. It wasnt d sex cos, wen I asked myself if its cos of d sex, I realised dat I was having d same feeling 4 him b4 we had our first bleep&after dat nothing changed. There was a time he also asked me why&I told him I dont know. He was also surprised like u are, but dat was d truth. Aldo,we’re no longer dating cos he took my love 4 granted, but I loved him more dan even d first guy I dated in my life.

Nobody on Nairaland gave a contrary view to this;

The answer is No.

You cannot love without a reason. If you insist you can love without a reason, then it is possible to love every person that approaches you for a relationship. The reason for love, is that reason that differentiates him/her from all others.

Without that reason, he/she is just like every other person you come across.

The truth is we cannot discuss this, without mentioning spiritual inclinations and drivers. Which would make this conversation take another dimension. I am sure counsellors, love therapists and psychologists would have different opinion regarding this subject.

For me I would say that, the answer to this question is understanding the true definition of LOVE, which can be got anywhere online. I would say YES, we can ‘LOVE’ without a ‘REASON’. The moment you decide to love someone because she is beautiful, a good cook, an extrovert, energetic, and spiritually inclined. Then this is no Love, this is just attraction or likeness.

So when you are faced with questions like ‘why do you love him/her‘ and then you answer by saying you love him her as a result of this and that, then what is that called? LOVE? or LIKE?

I would leave that to you to decide! Can you love without a reason? I’d love to hear from you.

Yours in Love


Picture Credit: Alicia Keys

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