…..Now if you are the one that came out on the positive end of it all, you better be glad but also, don’t think it is all well as yet, the fight is settled, you both have calmed the raging storm but the battle continues and of course yet to be won. Your partner is not out of it, and so are you.

Checking through the history of the relationship will probably show that the damaged one usually was the better half from the beginning. The one that is most loving, caring, paid attention to everything and sacrifices more, but now it’s just silence.

If well checked, He/She is stuck, can’t walk out of the relationship, because as it stands, you both have no reason to, the fights are over and what is left is just silence.

This is the real challenge, everything is OK now, just you. There is such incredible improvements from the other side that you don’t seem to now understand anymore how to act because you are having it hard to be ‘good’ anymore.


If you intend to keep the relationship and happy again, don’t tell him/her, at least not yet, he/she might not understand why you are still carrying along that wound.

First, talk to someone really elderly and mature in mind and character.

My opinion would be someone both of you are not particularly friends with at the same time. Someone whom can be referred as a Mentor. Someone who can coach you, a therapist, yes a therapist if need be.

It will take a while, but you will come out, when you are getting better, your coach can advise that you should bring your partner in and there and then, you will be able to manage things more clearly one-on-one.

If you don’t seek help, you will make mistakes and at the end, you will be blamed, you will lose and will take a bigger hit because that relationship might come good at the end and that is something you never can tell only if u put in some great amount of work to be sane again, be good again, be alive again and also to fall right back in love with him/her.

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