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rules of first date

The rules of first date.You met in the mysterious way possible (online, bus park, office, eatery, link-ups), he is a darling, she is fun to chat with or call; soon the date is fixed – the first date.

You are anxious, what am I going to wear? How do I talk to him? Hope I won’t bore her on this first meet up? All these questions are turning your inside out. Fear not, here are the rules of first date:

Rule 1: Be Punctual

Punctuality they say is the soul of business, and the business of dating requires punctuality to dates and meetups especially if that’s the first date. Don’t keep your partner waiting too long or at all, remember he/she has feelings too.

Rule 2: Be Observant

While it is alright to be lost in the world of each other on the first meeting, always be observant of the vibes your partner is passing on. While not been too edgy and popping out quick answer, be calm, listen and discuss issues of common interest (especially guys) as this will make both side relax and chat away. Make sure the atmosphere is conducive for your partner and you too, if not hightail it from the location quickly.

Rule 3: Be Confident

This is one rule that is very important on a first date, been confident. Be yourself, respect your partner on a date and avoid saying things that are not necessary or boastful.

Words like: As I was getting here I saw a car like my uncle’s – OK we don hear say your uncle get ride. Be nice and courteous, be calm and do your thing like the real player/diva that you are. Make a good impression however, don’t try to impress

Rule 4. Don’t Over Dress

While making a statement with your outfit on a first date, easy does it, okay?. Keep it simple and straight. You could make an entrance with a nice plain pants, check shirt and a nice shoe while for the divas, a knee length gown matched with heels and a cute purse to accentuate your carriage. Don’t dress to kill o, if your dressing kill each other my hand no dey.

Rule 5: Smile

Yes SMILE!!! While keeping it real on a first date, don’t be all stone faced and straight like you are preparing for a night with Mayweather. A smile on your face will warm the heart of your date and help you relax too. And remember, smile not that “baba akande” kind of wide mouth, all 32 showing kind of smile, let your smile be gentle and eyes welcoming.

With this, your first date can be a lasting memory. What do you think about our rules of first date. Got any additions? Feel free to drop in the comment section below.

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