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Birthday Prayers For A Child

Birthday prayers for a child

Birthday prayers for a child: Are you looking for the best birthday prayers for a child? Tired of checking out content on birthday prayers on the internet? This one we have here for you will get you hooked! Trust me.

Great Birthday prayers for a child

1. Happy birthday to our newly born bouncing baby boy, he is so cute, sweet and beautiful. We love him.

2. What a beautiful baby girl, she is cheerful, lovely and cries less. What a nice and beautiful gift from God.

3. I just want to congratulate this beautiful little baby, she is the cutest girl born in her time. Enjoy the grace of God.

4. I wish you a wonderful and precious birthday my darling little baby girl. I need today to remind you of how adorable you are to me.

5. Our sweet little baby girl is plus one, we are happy to announce this to the world to cheer her up. Happy birthday, cutie.

6. Wishing your little princess long life and prosperity. May the Lord in His infinite mercy protect her forever.

7. May the true destiny designed by God to this child reach him, may his life be full of good fortunes.

8. I beseech the mercy of the Lord on this precious child and pray that her life is endowed with the mercy of God.

9. Lord, I call upon your Holy name, I ask for your infinite favor and mercy on our child. Happy birthday to our new prince.

10. She is innocent, pure and faithful. Lord, we lay her life on you to protect from all evils. As she clocks, another year, may her life continue to be seen as a good example.

11. May the life of this little child be blessed in a special way that will bring joy and happiness to the parents.

12. You shall live to reap the fruit of your labor on this child. Your effort on him will not go in vain. Happy birthday.

13. Your honor shall come to locate you soon, every single day of your life will come with ease for you to achieve your goals.

14. Your dreams shall be realistic as you desire, you will always be happy in anything you embark. Happy birthday.

15. You are a good child, as you clock another year today, may you find life easier than you expected. Happy birthday.

16. The Lord shall protect this child and guide his entire life. He shall be blessed and everything he desires shall be granted.

17. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of a good child. I commit his life to you; guide his ways and affairs. Happy birthday my son.

18. My child is plus one today, I pray for his progress in life; may his expectations meet up with the standard that will favor him and everyone around him.

19. You are the light of my eyes, I commit your life affairs to the Lord to handle, may you live to enjoy your life.

20. Happy birthday to the most beautiful child in the world; as you serve me, so shall your children shall take good care of you too.

Birthday Prayers for a child to live long

21. May this child live long and prosper in life; may his destiny be designed to reach the epic of success.

22. Lord, I thank you for everything you have done in my life, may the gift of child favor me from you.

23. This child shall see no evil all his life, the predicament of an accident shall befall him and he shall live to do great things.

24. I ask God to answer your prayers as you clock another year today; may the new chapter of your life come with success.

25. You shall be blessed all your life; everything you need shall come in a perfect manner for you. Happy birthday, friend.

26. I wish you all the best in this precious year of yours, you shall always be protected in all you do. Happy birthday.

27. I hand over the life of my child to you O Lord, please, beacon it with love, success, joy, and happiness that will last forever.

28. I bless this child in your holiness and pray for his happiness forever. Lord, as he clocks another year, protect him.

29. May the mercy of the Lord descend on you forever; may the blessing of countless success be yours forever.

30. Dear child, you are plus one today, may your destiny and existence continue to favor you until the last day.

31. May your days be blessed by the Lord the highest; may you smile at the end of every job you are doing.

32. Happy birthday to the best child ever, your intelligence amazes me and I am happy for everything.

33. Your Lord will not forsake you at any time, you shall be called an excellent child. Happy birthday my beloved boy.

34. Dear sweet daughter, I don’t want you to feel too lonely where you are, may you be blessed abundantly.

35. Have your day blessed, may you live long to witness many more to come. Have an awesome birthday.

36. Congratulations on your birthday, may your heart feel all the sweetness of this blessed month. Thank you, my daughter.

37. I wish you a sweet and precious birthday, may your success continue to grow forever. You are the best child in the world.

38. Never panic, anything can happen but the bravest people are the most successful people in this world.

39. May your life to celebrate another year. May your mission in life be accomplished for you by the Lord.

40. Lord, you shall be worshipped forever and there will be no one beside you forever. I beseech your holiness on my child. Grant him long life and fruitful life.

Special Birthday prayers for my baby

41. Lord, protect my child, bless him, achieves his dreams for him and protect him against his enemies.

42. Wishing you long life and prosperity; may you be loved by everyone you come across; may you receive favors from where you don’t expect.

43. May the Lord in His infinite mercy bless your new age, I am happy for you my beautiful daughter. Happy birthday.

44. I wish you a belated birthday, I ask the most precious God to protect you and take care of your daily needs.

45. Lord, you are the greatest, you are the most reliable, I commit the life of my child to your holiness. Purify his heart and make him a good child.

46. I beseech the Lord for the gift of a blessed child, I ask the Lord to always guide his life with angels of mercy and blessing.

47. I am happy to say happy birthday to my child, my happiness and the only gift I have in life. May the Lord see you through in all you do.

48. Every single day of your life will be better than the previous one; you will never live to regret all your life. Happy birthday.

49. Your life will remain in good condition till eternity; you shall not in any way be disrupted in anything your focus is upon.

50. God Almighty, I beseech your holy name upon my child; bless and select her among the smartest children in the world.

51. Hard time is certain in life, we beg the Lord to protect our child against the odds of life. Happy birthday.

52. Many days have passed and many things have happened but when you have a good child, all that happened is not a big deal. Lord, protect her for me.

53. I am begging the Lord to please, take good care of this child for me; Lord, you are the most merciful, blessed God, protect my daughter.

54. Our beloved daughter is plus one today, may his new age favor him in all ramification of life; happy birthday sweet son.

55. There is nothing you need in this world, may the Lord make it easy for you; your life will be protected above all evils.

56. Happy birthday to my child, I handed her life over to the greatest God, the one mighty in power and might to navigate her life to the right path.

57. As the clocks a year today, I offer him to the mission of the Lord; may the Lord accept this sacrifice and make my child a man in His faith.

58. May the blessing of this wonderful day you were born to be a precious one upon you; happy birthday to the best child of the year.

59. As you celebrate this wonderful day of your life; may your success be celebrated soonest; I just want to say happy birthday to you.

60. The Lord that blessed me with you this day shall always bless you until eternity. Happy birthday to my beloved son.

61. I never believed that my child was born on this valuable day; have all the best in this world in your favor. Happy birthday.

62. I love my child better than everyone. You are the best for me and I will always praise the Lord for giving you to me.

63. You have been making me proud, forever and ever, your Lord shall guide you to the most precious things in life. Happy birthday.

64. I just want to say happy birthday to you; may you find peace, joy, success and endless joy in your heart now and forever.

65. Lord, there is no one as special as you are; your presence in this world will be of great success for you. Happy birthday.

66. I am giving this child as an offer to the Lord, I want you to guide him to your ways, have mercy on him and make him a great man tomorrow.

67. Your Mercy is infinite, your love is powerful and everything about you is marvelous, I call upon you to bless my child forever.

68. The living will not be hard for you and your success will be the best among your peers. Happy birthday to you my beloved.

69. May your new day be a bight day in your life; you shall be protected against all evils. Happy birthday to my good child.

70. Lord Almighty, the best and the most beneficent, may the Lord in His infinite mercy always be with you all your life.

Birthday prayers for a child from father

71. May this life favor you in an abundant way, may you find endless peace in all that you are doing. Happy birthday.

72. I call upon the Lord to protect my child, have mercy upon him and grant him the kind of success that he really deserves.

73. There is no one like the unique God. He made everything perfect, may the Lord perfect your achievement as you grow. Your destiny shall never be manipulated by evil people. Happy birthday.

74. Many love for my beautiful daughter; I am committing you to the Hands of the highest God, the excellent God. May He bless you every single day and put a smile on your face. Thank you, my beloved angel. I love you, my baby girl.

75. The Lord of success shall see you through all struggles in life, the perfect God shall bless you every day of your life.

76. May the Lord of mercy rain mercy upon you; may the most beloved Lord bless you in an abundant way. Happy birthday.

77. Lord, you are the greatest; there is no one like you. I beseech your favor upon my child. Protect him from all evils. Your eyes shall see no evils until the last day. You will be celebrated beyond your expectations.

Happy birthday to my little child

78. I praise the Lord in His infinite mercy, I ask Him to give me the honor that will leave my name respected forever through this child.

79. You are the one that gave me this child, come and take control of his life for me. Let him excel where he equals excel. Let him find his heart desires fulfilled for him. Bless his hustles and bless others through him.

Happy birthday my sweet son

80. I accept the mercy of the Lord, I honor it for it is a great gift everyone needs. Lord, take care of this mercy for me. Bless her for me. encourage her in anything she is doing. Protect her entire steps in life and make her a good child for.

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