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Long Marriage Poems To Share With People

Long Marriage Poems

Long Marriage Poems are just what you to celebrate your loved one getting married. You should check this collection of love marriage gift we have for you, and use as much you like.

1. Today is your day, please try and make a hay

It doesn’t matter what the town says

The most important thing is that you are a woman today.


2. Definitely, in life, there is no way you can dodge a light

Today, a light has come and the darkness has to go

Enjoy your wife, she is all your to kiss and hug

You are the best for her and she is the one for you


3. I have no grudges against you because you are a better you

Is today not the day you fix to be happy and joyous?

You have finally achieved it and now there is no need to say I don’t care

My man, you are now a man, so enjoy your wife.


4. Who doesn’t know how much you mean to me?

Come out let me ask you a little kind of question.

I don’t know if you know my brother is now a man

He takes good care of his wife as a real man should do

I guess you understand my point. I need to say a happy married life


5. I had a say, you didn’t like to hear, and then I said

Show me your wife, and then you came and proved me wrong

Now you are a husband, strong and healthy. This is my mistake

I took you for granted.


6. From today, never give up again. You are the main man

Take good care of your wife, she can err and annoy, but still remain a man

Whatever she says, she is only showing her woman nature

In the nutshell, she was taken from her father sea shore so take good care of her.


7. I don’t think marriage will last without a fight

If you don’t expect a blow, you may be blown away

Your spouse is a human; definitely, there will be a fight today or tomorrow

All you need is be yourself and settle your way to stay in bed together and tonight.


8. Do you know why I am happy? I want to let you know you are the glow

The glow in my sunshine when I wake up in the morning

I can deny you as my brother and now I say

Happy married life.


9. What is the meaning of an institution you can’t finish?

I guess is call marriage

Every day you learn and every day you adjust

New things come and old things go

Marriage ‘my friend’; and marriage ‘my sister’


10. My dear brother, truth is bitter but I must say it

If you think marriage is easy, please opt-out of it and stay alone

I have seen many, and many have seen me

I said hello, how are you coping with your marriage

They reply patience we have been coping with our spouse


11. The goddess of marriage, where have you been

The earth is crying, there is not enough water to grow the crops

What should we do in this situation?

The One in heaven should have mercy upon this house

Bring forth water to feed the children at home.


12. If we fight and fight what shall we say about these innocent children?

You are the most truth of them, I expect you to take care of your home the best

Nothing good will be too hard for you when you resolve to unite

A marriage is a school to learn wisdom and patience.


13. How is your anger helping your marriage?

You have broken the jug that gives you water

The time has come for you to turn a new leaf and fix the broken bone

Marriage is all about joy and little or no fight


14. Heaven(sky rains) cries, there is a need of warmth for the owner of this household

She is getting tired and wants to be alone in the garden of love

This should not be allowed to occur, she will be too guilty

I need your effort as her husband to sweep the broken glasses


15. I make a loud noise, and I said, is awesome

Somebody asked, what is awesome? And then I said

Your marriage is awesome and should be always and forever


16. It baffles me that the whole world is yet to learn from your marriage

A legacy set from the river of truth, sweet to taste, warm to a cold body

An institution established with true love and continuous patience


17. I thought I will be able to make you laugh the other day

Until I realized you were more furious than ever

Now that you are married, I see smile all over your face

Congratulations to my brother, congrats to my brethren


18. I wish you all it takes to find a diamond

You have found your own treasure that has been waiting for you

You are blessed, blessed than ever because he who finds a wife

Has found a good thing


19. I see you smiling like a newly born child

I guess you are now a man with a woman smiling at you

When you reach this point in life, every night become a pleasure


20. I don’t know where to start the jubilation from

Now that you are holding a part of the duty of a man

I need you to be strong and show love to your spouse

Indeed, in a marriage, we know who the real leader is

21. I have been in love for so long and saw ups and downs

Dear son, you can’t escape it either

But how did I manage to stay with your mother up till this moment

I understood the women and then left with her the way she is


22. Marriage is an amazing fruit because it can only be built by a patient man

A patient man is rare and amazing; you have to choose this same path

It leads to freedom and happiness in the end

Happy married life my brother


23. The beauty of marriage is a good thing

In no time you enjoy what it takes to be in it

Marriage is a blessing to those who made it

It is a lane you can’t give up so easily

When you have it, please keep and never get tired

Happy married life, have a splendid moment with your queen


24. The best is here for those who understand

Let know one be scared of what it brings to you

You are prepared in the first place so don’t run away

There is no doubt you will enjoy your wife

In no time, everything will be fine and there will be no need to cry

Have a sweet marriage with your prince and love will be nice


25. There is no way to make you smile as a mile

You are the best in this world for each other and there is no doubt

To the most handsome friend in the world, you are special

You can always be the best you want to be.


26. Cute you are my beautiful sister, you are now a married lady

There is no means to reach you now but I will send you the best of accolades

You are a queen worth being celebrated now and forever

I wish you all the best now and forever.


27. What a beautiful day of your life

Marriage is a big achievement and in the end, you are achieving it

I have a lot to tell you about this wonderful day

You need to cheer up for you have the day for you alone

I am happy to celebrate you more and more all your life.


28. I can tell you that you are special, sweet and nice

Your wedding day shall profit you as you want and put a smile on your face

I may not be rich enough to buy you soap, but happy enough to say congratulations.


29. No amount of gift I present can replace all the good things you have done in my life

A lady like you deserves lots of love, respect and gratefulness

May your wedding day serve as a great blessing to you and your loved ones?

May you find peace and harmony in your new home?


30. I am using this opportunity to make you smile

Don’t worry; you are the best for me and nice to hear about

Happy married life to the most important friend in the world

You are all the best I can be proud of.


31. Congratulations to the best friend in life

He is to me as gold is to the miner. You are the best one

Do you know marriage is grace from God?

Never take it for granted for any reason


32. Your day is here flowing with joy like a rich does

Your face is shining like sunshine interface

What exactly can I do to show you how joyous I am

Today is a beautiful day with lot of fun

Congratulations my sweet lovely sister


33. I don’t know why you are so special in my heart

Your face glows with the light of joy, sweetness and endless success

As you celebrate your marriage anniversary, I am happy

This is the only way I can make you understand how much you mean to me.


34. I love this day because it brings joy to your heart

Congratulations to you my dear lovely friend

Your day will always be crowned with  peace and harmony

Your home will be designed with patience and understanding


35. Congratulations on your wedding day

You are now a man capable of controlling respect in society

I beseech the Lord to protect your home for you as you lean on His help

Have a good time with your queen for she deserves your attention most

Happy married life.


36. It is my pleasure to say congratulations as you celebrate your marriage today.

It has always been my hope to witness this day every year so I will be glad that you made it.

Having good home demands lots of efforts. I love your courage.


37. How do we know a responsible man?

We know him by what he puts forth, one of which is marriage

You are now among the respected men. I wish you all the best.

You are the most precious brother anywhere wherever



38. What will I gain if I don’t wish you a very big happy married life?

May your new journey be well equipped with the necessary tools to make a successful sail

Congratulations my dear sister.


39. I heard you are now married.

May the Lord of mercy shower it on you and your wife

You are good for each other, well compatible.

Happy married life my son may you live long with your wife.


40. Twinkle, twinkle, the star shines and smile at you.

I looked into the sky and saw that the sky is dark full of light

When I looked around and saw you both—something sweet has just occurred.

I am sending a happy married life for both of you.


41. What can I say to make you smile?

Today is your wedding day and I need to say

Congratulations to the latest couple in town.


42. How do I reconcile my body with my soul?

I am overwhelmed with joy by what I heard

No matter what it takes to be a man, please do it

It worth it to make hays while the sun shines.


43. There is no need to play again for you are now married

Marriage demands responsibility and concentration

You should understand this as a means to make a day special

When your wife is in need of one or two things, it will be easy to give.

Congratulations, you are now a man.


44. I smile whenever you shout and clap.

Now you can experience the joy in a marriage full of love

I miss you like never before because you are my twin sister

Every day I think of you and tears drop and roles on my cheeks

Although, I will say congrats on your wedding day.


45. Your life is complete since the day you meet your missing rib

Try your best to keep her tight and make her happy like never before

You are special and I pray you finally put a smile on her face

My dear friend, your wife needs you badly so don’t take her for granted.

46. Indeed, you are married to make things works together

Tell me who can be more joyous than you are today

This is what I needed you to do the other day so you will enjoy a marital life

Your life will be full of life (your wife’s love) and she will take good care of you.


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