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Black Friday 2017 – Nigeria’s Best Online Marketplace With Good Offers

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017 in Nigeria – The concept of Black Friday has been a very interesting one. Who would want to miss out an opportunity to get more at a cheaper rate? Definitely no one!

The concept of the Black Friday has been as interesting as exciting, where there are opportunities online to take advantageof the biggest sales to get products at great discounts and affordable prices. Remember the Konga Yakata  and Jumia Black Friday in 2016, set unprecedented records with respect to volumes of discount and sales made in the year. This year’s black Friday is just around the corner and there are mouth watering discounts on products ranging from mobile phones from to brands, electronics to kitchen and home appliances.

The Black Friday avails online buyers that huge opportunity to buy whatever they budget for at huge discounts. On the Black Friday, you can get up to 90% discounts on sales of your preferred gadget online. Now that prices are on the high end, and the economy is not exactly helping matters, now is the time to take advantage of the Black Friday 2017 to make your acquisition. Don’t miss the Black Friday 2017 for anything in the world.

Now for a lot of newbies online shoppers, you may have problems identifying the best best place to shop during black Friday. You will therefore find below are 5 online stores that gives best offers for Black Friday that you won’t want to miss out on in no particular order:

1) Konga – Konga Yakata Black Friday

Konga has made it’s name as one of the prominent online stores in Nigeria. In order to retain and obtain customers, they also partake in Black Friday sales.

They slash their offers and leave it at the slashed rate for a period of time. They make delivery very convenient with their doorstep delivery. Konga is surely one of the divine places to shop during Black Friday.

Konga made this official post about the 2017 Black Friday:

Black Friday Yakata Sale on Konga is the biggest online sale of every year and is here again! Yakata Konga’s version of Black Friday will feature deals across all categories ranging from phones and tablets from top brands, electronics such as audio systems, televisions, home theatres, DVD players, camera and other electronics bundles. You don’t want to miss out of the ridiculous lowest prices on games and consoles like PS4, PS3, Xbox and Nintendo games. Get the best deal on home and kitchen items like washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners and other kitchen bundles.”

See below some of the discounts on the Konga Black Friday:

Konga Black Friday Deals Up-To 50% Off On All Deals
Konga Tablets Deals Up-To 60% Off On Flash Sales
Konga PS4 Black Friday Deals Up-To 50% Off On Deals
Konga Laptops Black Friday Deals 40% Off guaranteed
Konga PC Accessories Black Friday Deals 50% Off Across All Accessories
Konga Camera’s Black Friday Deals About 50% Off On Camera Deals
Konga Smart Phones Black Friday Deals Up-To 50% Off
Konga Clothing Black Friday Deals Over 70% Off On Clothing
Konga Television Black Friday Deals Over 60 % Off
Konga Washing Machines Black Friday Deals 50% Off On Washing Machines

When is the Konga Black Friday 2017 date?

Konga Black Friday Yakata sales will commence from the 6th November to end on the 10th November 2017.

Now is the opportunity for you to take advantage of the Black Friday 2017 to get your long awaited electronics and items at huge discounts.

2) Jumia:

Jumia and Konga are easily mistaken, as they came into existence around same time. Likewise Konga, they also offer same services during Black Friday with wide range variety of products. With their delivery system that makes you get your products under a week, they make one of the best places to shop.

When is the Jumia Black Friday 2017 sales date?

Getting set to make your purchases at discounted price already, but you don’t know when the Jumia Black Friday will commence? Well, here is the date for you to mark in your calendar.

This year’s Jumia Black Friday will start from 13th November till 13th December 2017. This year’s Black Friday bumper deal will be on the 24th November 2017. Make sure your bookmark this page or share on your social media profiles so you don’t forget the date for the Bumper Black Friday on Jumia.

Black Friday 2017

Jumia Black Friday calendar

This was how last year’s black Friday looked like:

Day 1: Home appliances – up to 25% off

Day 2: Kitchen & Groceries – up to 45% off

Day 3: Father & Son – up to 50% off

Day 4: Mother and Daughter – up to 50% off

Day 5: Explore New Horizons – up to 30% off

Day 6: Toddler’s Treat – up to 55% off

Day 7: Enhance Your Phone

Day 8: Games & Entertainment – up to 30% off

Day 9: Smartphones & Tablets – up to 20% off

Day 10: Laptop Discount – up to 20% off

Day 11: Beauty & Makeup Kits: up to 30% off

Day 12: Last Deals Unlocked

This will help you as regards what to expect on this year’s Jumia Black Friday

3) JiJi Black Friday 2017:

This is one of the online stores that has tried to make a name for itself. Despite their amazing black Friday sales, there’s still some controversy regarding privacy contact. Amongst all these, their offers are still amazing.  It might not be exactly prominent, but they have come a long way with respect to the online sales and e-commerce industry in Nigeria.

Since Black Friday takes place just after thanksgiving, it means Jiji Black Friday 2017 date is November 24. You can get more information on the Jiji 2017 Black Friday here.

Remember to book mark this page or share on your social media handles so you don’t forget the dates of the Black Friday on the different platforms.

4) OLX Black Friday 2017:

This is also another online store that gives amazing Black Friday deals. This year OLX has stated that they are putting all measure in place for customers to have a seamless and fast transactions on the platform. This is good news from the e-commerce site considering the various issues arising from making online sales on the website.

black friday 2017

Check out the LOX website here for all you need to know on the Black Friday 2017.

5) AliExpress Black Friday 2017:

AliExpress is a good place to shop during Black Friday. Delayed delivery and scam is one problem that can be experienced with the AliExpress as dealings are made with various sellers not directly with the company.  Despite all, they surely make good offers you won’t want to pass up on for Black Friday.

black friday 2017

You can check more about the AliExpress Black Friday deals here.

Or better still, you can check below for all the deals on AliExpress for Black Friday 2017.











Do you have other e-commerce sites that we all can enjoy good deals on Black Friday 2017? Then feel free to add them below, or better still bookmark and SHARE this POST on your SOCIAL MEDIA handles so you don’t forget the black Friday dates. They are very important. Don’t miss out on Black Friday 2017 in Nigeria.


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