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Will You Delete Your Social Media Accounts To Save Your Relationship?

Delete Your Social Media Accounts

Will You Delete Your Social Media Accounts To Save Your Relationship? – Will you do just that?

I saw this post on Nairaland and decided to share on here. Of course we all know that Social media has now become the new trend = addictive, awesome and amazing. A lot of business make transactions through social media, and they smile to the banks because of this.

Truly, social media has been a blessing.

This is not to refute the fact that it also came with its evils as well. A lot of relationships have been broken due to the complete misuse of social media. A lot of people can even decide to go broke and hungry just to have enough data for use on social media.

The social media has also brought its increase in fake lives; people displaying wealth and creating the illusion that life is truly rosy on their side, oppressing people and making it look like there is no poverty in the land.

From the singles to the married people, everyone is now trying to get attention over trivialities in order to gain follower-ship, likes and cheap publicity. A lot of married people have had to wash their dirty linen in public through social media. Marriages have been destroyed, cases of infidelity has increased through the use of social media.

In fact, in recent times, there have been rising cases on issues relating to trust between loved and the married through the use of social media. A lot of partners do not trust themselves because of the way one or the other make use of social media. Allegations and counter allegations have been made about marital infidelity through the use of social media.

Relationships have broken up on and through social media, teenagers are not left out of the social media frenzy with various categories of the under aged engaging in coitus and video streaming of amorous activities on social media.

Just recently a lady broke up with her boyfriend on social media and the next thing the guy did was to splash her nudes all over the internet.

People prefer to go to the internet now to discuss their personal marital or relationship issues rather than solving these issues amicably between themselves offline.

Social media has really gone bonkers in recent times. It has become so addictive that people are beginning to find it difficult to leave social media completely. A disadvantage that people think it is an advantage!

Now the question is;

Should social media become an hindrance to your relationship or marital stability, will you shut down all your social media accounts and leave for good?





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