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Boo Finding Strategy 2020 by Maureen Alikor

Boo Finding Strategy
Maureen Alikor is the convener and founder of Demystify Abuse Campaign, an outreach with a vision to put an end to rape, sexual abuse and every form of stigmatization against victims. A survivor herself, she loves to share her story hoping it inspires more people to own their story and chase their dreams in spite of their experience.

Strategy isn’t only important for business, work and moneymaking venture. Your relationship is also a very important aspect of your life and must be taken seriously.

So lay down your own boo finding strategy. (it’s very important)

Start with asking yourself WHY you want the Boo. (without answering this question, you will take and accept anything or anyone that comes and it’s dangerous)

When the boo you want finds you, will the boo be happy they found the boo they were looking for too? (Many times we focus on the boo and forget we are the second person in the equation.

Boo can be good, ripe and awesome but you are the opposite, it will still end in tears.

How do you want your boo? Identify HOW the expected boo should be packaged.

– Pay attention to the areas that are important to you, because Las Las, na you and boo go live together ever after.

P. S.

I must add, make sure you are not wrongly influenced by Instagram and the photos your friends have posted as perfect photos of an ideal man or woman.

P. S. S

Build your personalized version of your ideal man and do not seek to compare spec, it may end in tears, ask Dear Joro and “From my inbox” series.

✍️Recognize WHERE you want the boo to come from. (where entails career line, interest group and if the state of origin is your bother too, be conscious of this and why.

👍Be very aware of WHAT boo would do in and for your life and WHAT you would do in and for his life.

– You are just going to go on dates, take ice cream, buy clothes, go on vacation and have sex; except that is the type you sign up for. Be specific about the terms.

-There are other pressing matters involved in long term commitments ( ask the elders who have gone before us in the marriage matter).

🤔Do you want a headache in your relationship or peace? Choose your choice wisely.

😜A relationship is a serious matter, don’t intentionally hook up with someone who doesn’t want to be hooked up and least of all with you.

Especially if you want a different kind of relationship from the painful and annoying type that is peddled on Dear Joro, Blogs, Instagram and all the “From my inbox” sob stories.

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