5 Times You Should Never Give A Lady Head

Times You Should Never Give A Lady Head

I try not to talk about giving head most times because I don’t want people to carry it on their mind when they meet other people.

Because I don’t and would never advise any guy to try that shii with just anybody. I’ve spent too many years in Med School to know that many, many girls have an unhealthy vaginal flora.

I’m not just about your sexual satisfaction. I’m about your sexual health too. I think I might be one of the few sex writers on here who actually went to school to learn about the human body and how it functions. So if you get Hepatitis tomorrow, e go pain me.

So, guys before you give any daughter of Maazi Amadi head, ensure you’re 100% or at least very sure of her health status before you put tongue.
Your preeq is relatively harder to catch an infection, but your mouth – 2 seconds, everywhere don swell up. It is extremely easier to catch an infection via oral than penile penetration.

Before you agree to give head, check for:

Yes, the cathole is not a rose flower and has its own smell. But as an experienced alaye that you are, you should know how your partner’s veejay smells normally and when it’s not normal.

5 Times You Should Never Give A Lady Head

1. After a long day

When she’s had a long day and just gets back from work, giving head is not a good idea. Let her take her bath first Nna!

2. Early in the Morning

I know it sounds sexy to give head early in the morning when she’s just waking up but that shii is for the birds. The flora and vaginal lining shed at night and thickens. So, she’s likely to smell a bit stronger by morning. Always allow her to have a bath first or use a wipe if the bathroom is 2 km away.

3. When She is Menstruating

I know a lot of you are freakish that way. Having sex on menses is not all that bad. It’s an aphrodisiac for some of the kinky ones amongst us. But giving head on menses is not good biko. It’s not just blood you’ll be taking in. Lots of deteriorated tissues too. It’ll have adverse effects on your health. If she’s bleeding, you can fuck her if you are used to blood the way I am. But head, alaye no reach there.

4. When She’s Having Discharges

It’s normal for a girl to have one or two infections in her adult life. But when one or both of you know there’s an infection and you go on to continue to give and receive oral, God bless your immortal soul. Avoid sex altogether if you notice she has any kind of infection, even if it’s a minor yeast infection. The holding of hands should be your love language until treatment is done.

5. When She’s not taken her bath since the previous day

Sounds preposterous? Many ladies do not take their bath unless they are going out. Guys too. So it means if they stay indoors for 2 days, the cathole will be uncleaned for 2 days. Please, if your partner is not too keen about the bathroom, when you visit, always start your lovemaking from the bathroom. Clean her up and make her ready for the master’s use.

All those times you’ve been reading that I helped a girl take her bath, you think I was doing it out of kindness? Nna, I was preparing my food to my taste. I am literally an expert in washing catholes now I should think.

I’ve mastered how to wash the labia, the fold of skin in-between, the mons pubis, the inside only needs clean water and a wipe. Then the butt and feet need attention too. Under the breasts too, the armpits, around the ears and the edges of the scalp if she has a bonnet on.

I have mastered it all.

About the Writer - Harrison Emu

Harrison Emu is a graduate of Medical School from Delta State University, Nigeria.

He currently works as a Project Lead for Youth Network for Community & Sustainable Development, Nigeria (YNCSD). Harrison is passionate about young people and innovation. He is a serial entrepreneur with 3 different startups under him around the country. He has won several awards both personally and representing Nigeria - most recently at the AAIN awards in Dakar, Senegal where he was shortlisted as one of the top 15 young agro-allied youths in Africa. He currently lives in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria. emuharrison16@gmail.com 09031232625

Harrison writes primarily to entertain. He feels good seeing different people laugh on a piece. So his work serves 3 main purposes; Education. Diversity. Entertainment.

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