Boost Your Brainpower With These Engaging Exercises

Boost Your Brainpower With These Engaging Exercises

The brain has a vital role to play in almost all human activities. Like all other body parts, it needs care. Brain exercises or brainpower boosting activities help enhance brain functions like focus and memory. Giving their brains the due stimuli is especially important for older adults. But that does not mean that people from other age groups don’t stand to benefit by exercising their brains.

As per medical research, you can choose one or more available methods to keep your mind sharp and keep your brain functioning usually and healthy. Some types of brain exercises serve to give your memory a boost, others let your focus and concentrate, and while others help you achieve both and keep your mind as sharp as a knife. The top brain power boosting exercises are as follows:

Word Games to Enrich Your Vocabulary

An extensive vocabulary doesn’t merely make you sound better and write with more engagement and flair. Still, it can also be a means to stimulate your brain’s grey cells. Such use of cultivating a large vocabulary again has the backing of medical research.

So, experts at UnscrambleX.com advise regular sessions of word games to keep your brain function fine and sharp. Scientists have found that vocabulary related tasks call for several brain regions’ functioning, especially the areas responsible for auditory and visual processing.

Solve Different Jigsaw Puzzles

Are you busy putting in place a Mona Lisa puzzle running into thousands of pieces or solving a humbler 100-piece Aladdin picture? Either way, it is your brain that stands to benefit from the puzzle-solving exercise.

Please don’t make the mistake of taking my words as hyperbole as it isn’t. Solving puzzles involves several cognitive functions and works to protect visuospatial cognitive aging, which has been proved by medical research. When you work with a puzzle, your mind is trying to create the complete picture by looking at the small pieces and how they fit in. It serves to challenge and exercise your brain.

Playing Cards Can Be Healthy For Your Brain

No, I’m not kidding you! Playing cards can prove to be good for your brain health, which is a scientific fact. A 2015 research examining activities that stimulate adults found that a quick game of cards can fire up the brain volume levels in several places.

Such card games can also have other mental benefits like potentially enhancing memory and aiding in thinking. The study further found out. The following battle-tested and popular card games work exceptionally well in boosting your brainpower:

  • Bridge
  • Solitaire
  • Poker
  • Gin rummy
  • Crazy eights
  • And hearts

Dance To Your Brain’s Delight

As per the health authority Centers for Disease Prevention and Control findings, your brain loves to dance away those blues. Yes, you heard it right, you can enhance your brain’s processing speed and make memories stronger by learning new dance moves. The following types of dances are beneficial in this:

  • Learning tap, salsa, contemporary or hip-hop dance by attending classes
  • Sign up for a jazz exercise or Zumba class
  • Learn cool new dance moves from YouTube videos
  • Get hold of a partner and explore the beauty and romanticism of a ballroom dance
  • Practice line dancing together with your friends

Remember To Use Your Senses

Another research undertaken in 2015 indicates that the brain gets stronger when you use your senses. Therefore, you can give your brain a workout by taking part in activities that make use of all of your five senses. It need not be necessarily that complex.

Only tasks like baking cookies, visiting farmers’ markets, or going out to dinner at a new restaurant will do. You need to ensure that the senses of smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing are simultaneously used.

Pick Up A New Skill

Picking up new skills is an exciting and enjoyable proposition on its own. But it emerges that they also serve to make brain connections stronger. A 2014 research further revealed that acquiring new skills can also boost memory functions among elders.

So, if you want to learn horse-riding or coding or something more homely like cooking, remember it’s a great way to flex those grey matter muscles of yours. Doesn’t it make the whole proposition all the more attractive?

Brain health is critically essential for leading the typical day to day lives. When you boost your brainpower through the ways mentioned in this article, you stand to improve different brain functions like concentration and focus, mental agility, and memory. You can choose to exercise your brain, and you will have better cognitive skills irrespective of your age. Here’s to your healthy brain!

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