How to Build a Small Sauna in Your House

How to Build a Small Sauna in Your House

The majority of individuals enjoy going to a sauna – not only this is extremely relaxing, but studies also suggest that there are many health benefits associated with this activity. Some of these include flushing toxins out of the body, support with weight loss, stress relief, increased circulation, and better-looking skin.

However, this is not something that can be done frequently, as you may not have a sauna right next door to you. Many people avoid going to a sauna because of the potential interaction with other semi-naked strangers in the same room.

If you enjoy going to a sauna and would benefit from it but do not have the opportunity to go often or would like to avoid the company of naked strangers, you may decide to build your own small sauna in your house, and in this article, we will provide you with the steps to achieve this.

Pick a Location and a Size

Not everyone has a whole spare room at home where they can build a sauna, therefore before you start to build it, you must think about where it will be and how big you want it to be. There are different factors to consider, depending on your individual and unique circumstances. Some people prioritize having a space big enough for the family, whilst others prioritize having a nice view from the sauna.

Some individuals may build it inside their house, whilst others may build it away from the house so that there’s some distance between the two. Ideally, your sauna should be at least four by six feet, as this will be able to fit two or three average-sized adults. However, how big it is will depend on how many people you intend on having over and again, the space available to you.

Decide on Your Type of Sauna

When we think about saunas, we tend to think about the traditional ones where there is a big wooden room full of steam – but there are actually other types to choose from. The different types are discussed below:

  • Finnish Sauna – this type is the traditional one we are used to and more familiar with. The room is lined with wood and the heating source consists of heated rocks and a bucket of water. The steam is created by pouring water onto the rocks.
  • Dry Sauna – This type of sauna is similar to the type discussed above, in the way that the source of heat is the same. However, it produces lower levels of humidity and it is usually found in gyms or sports facilities.
  • Steam Rooms – The main difference between this type of sauna and the ones already discussed, is that the heating source used entails using a generator filled with boiling water. The water temperature is lower and it produces much more humidity than the previous types, making it feel like the temperature is much higher than it actually is.
  • Infrared Sauna – Infrared sauna are less popular, solely because people do not know much about them and it differs greatly from the traditional type of sauna, since there is no humidity and it uses light as the heating source. The wellness experts from Neosauna.com suggest that this type of sauna has a wide range of health benefits to the user and provides the user with a more intense experience. It is also easier to use them, especially for those that have difficulty breathing for prolonged amounts of time in highly humid environments.

Get Your Materials

The majority of individuals build saunas using cedar as this material is resilient to moisture, making it more durable, however, it can be expensive. In order to create the foundation, you will need concrete and frame the walls and roof of the sauna.

When it comes to the floor, materials such as concrete, wood, or tiles will work and the chosen option will solely depend on what you want. It is important to remember drainage and insulation as this may make the difference between a high-quality sauna, and a place where mold grows constantly.

Evidently, this is a job that may require a set of skills that you may not have. This needs to be done correctly; therefore hiring a professional to support you with this step may be a good idea.

Add Your Own Design Elements

It is important to think about the decoration of your home sauna. As we mentioned previously, some people may want to have a nice view from inside the sauna, therefore windows would need to be included and considered when constructing this project.

Additional features to think about is having a bench inside the sauna, where people can chill comfortably, as well as how low the ceiling will be, as this can play a significant role in how much heat stays in the room.

Many people enjoy a cold bath after or in-between sauna sessions, and this is thought to have great health benefits. If this is something you would like, having a bath tub or another source of cold water near the sauna is a great addition.

Going to a sauna is a great activity to do either on your own or as a family. It may be difficult to go to a public sauna, particularly in current times. However, you can put yourself to work and follow the above steps in order to build a small sauna in your house.


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