Buying a Stroller? Here’s What to Look For

Buying a Stroller? Here's What to Look For

A stroller is one of the most significant investments you could make towards your baby, but, unfortunately, some parents consider it overwhelming when purchasing it.

While it could be a challenge to decide on the right stroller, always remember that it would be a gadget that houses your baby and where you get to place all the baby stuff as you stroll with them.

With the right guidance, you will save on the time taken to search for a stroller. This guide will enlighten you on the right features that you should consider before you purchase a stroller.

Locks and Brakes

Look for a stroller that enables you to lock the wheels at the handle. Besides, you can settle for one with a lock or a foot brake that will ensure the baby’s security.

Most three wheel strollers have an extra wheel lock at the front that provides additional stability when walking.

Baby stroller specialists at babyandco.com/collections/maclaren often recommend reviewing the best pushchairs and buggies before settling for one.

It would help if you identified a stroller supplier who is at the forefront of style and safety, preferably, one who is trusted by parents.

The Wheels

There are different types of stroller wheels. The stroller wheels are essential in ensuring the safety of your baby. If you intend to have walked with your baby or you plan on walking on gravel roads, an all-terrain tire would be best for the stroller.

Besides, if you plan on using the stroller while jogging, a three-wheeled stroller would be ideal for your situation. You should also know that big wheels are perfect and that the plastic wheel tends to wear down fast, and they never absorb shocks.

Consider finding a stroller with tires filled with foam or air.

Space for Grocery and Diaper

You will frequently find yourself strolling with your baby, and most of the time, you will be visiting buddies or running errands. A good baby stroller has a basket underneath the seat, although some strollers may lack them.

Find one with ample storage space and cup holders where you can place pacifiers for the baby, water, and other essentials. You should not overload the space underneath the baby seat since the stroller can tip over, and you know how disastrous that can be.


Some strollers will allow you to use different seats such as bassinets or car seats for the infant. Some can also be converted into a double stroller that you can use if you have more than one kid.

Others have footrest features extendable seats that ensure maximum comfort for your baby. Consider purchasing a stroller that allows room for other chairs or skateboards.

By investing in a multipurpose stroller, you will save on finances when you have more kids.

The Weight

Depending on the stroller’s purpose, you should consider the size and weight that it can support. For instance, umbrella strollers are lighter than all-terrain stroller counterparts.

Ensure that the caregiver won’t struggle with the stroller’s size and weight when lifting or pushing it. Consider the weight of your baby and the extra stuff that you place in the compartment when purchasing a stroller.

Possibility of Folding

For families that only use the stroller or walking the baby, a foldable stroller would be inappropriate. However, if you intend to carry the stroller in your car, you should find one that can fold.

If you find yourself wrestling with the stroller as you attempt to fold it, that’s an indication of future problems. Find a stroller that locks when folded and test all the buttons when it’s folded before purchasing one.

Shock Absorbers

A good stroller has shock absorbers that offer comfort to your baby. You will go through rough terrains, and during these moments, absorbers will come in handy since your baby won’t feel the impact of the shocks.

Your Budget

Buying a Stroller? Here's What to Look For

Even before you set foot in a stroller store, you should have made up your mind on a cost-effective stroller for your baby.

Sometimes, you might be overwhelmed by the price or the choice of strollers at your disposal. Therefore, you should perform an online search from a trusted online source and determine the best deal you can get for your budget.

When finding a stroller, it would be best to prioritize the infant’s safety and comfort. As earlier stated, a stroller is the most significant investment that you could make for your baby, and it would help if you performed a search on trusted online stores before deciding on a stroller for your baby.

The ideal stroller should have all the above features; therefore, take your time and find one that fits your budget.

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