Five Ways To Identify An Olosho In A Club Or Bar

How to identify an Olosho

Witty, Controversial and Creative Writer, Ogbeni is out with this interesting piece on How to identify an Olosho in a Bar or Club. Read on:

It is never about how they look but what they do.

1. As a convention, Oloshos mostly flock together. They might later split but generally, they sit in threes, fours, etc at the bar. And somehow they won’t meet you at the bar, it is mostly the other way round. I know this is tricky as any group of independent babes could as well bring their asses to the bar for flexing. But this takes us to number

2. No matter how expensively groomed an Olosho appears, she’s either on that table drinking water or smoking cigarettes. If she’s a Mary Slessor, she’d occasionally visit the loo to shine her face. She came to hustle not to flex. If she’s well packaged, you might find a bottle of beer but because they mostly sit in a group, be assured the beer won’t go round. That’s your clue.

3. Olosho like I’ve identified are at the bar to work and not to flex. One of the ways they advertise their hustle is to attract your attention with provocative dancing. Normal babes will be shaking their bodies on the seat but not our sisters with focus. They’d leave their table and start dancing with themselves. You only need a few alcohol in the system to start fantasizing about getting a lap dance when Oloshos start humping themselves in the name of twerk.

4. Because it is their regular hangout for preying, you can also identify Olosho by how familiar she seems to be with key staff of a club or bar. Is she fraternizing with the manager like they are related? Is she flirting with the bouncer? Is she patronizing the barman? Customer dada ni. If you’re the shy type, once you see her with the second staff of the bar or club, Just walk up to the staff. Tip and get the full download.

5. Finally, you can identify Olosho at the bar by walking up to where they are clustered. Once you approach her, she’d try to isolate herself with you from others because it is competition out there.

You: Hi, are you here alone?

Normal babe: *smiles* Not really. Here with my girlfriends. *points at them*

You: Hi, are you here alone?

Olosho: *tries to guide you away from the others*


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