Consider These 4 Factors When Choosing A Pre-Med School

Choosing a pre-med school is one of the most important aspects of getting an MD. These are some of the 4 factors to consider when choosing a pre-med school that will improve your odds.


Understand the requirements

One of the first things that any pre-med student needs to know and understand is the requirements. Most importantly, all of the pre-med students need to have a certain core, science class. (there is a list of requirements for each medical school in the country published by the AAMC – The Association of American Medical Colleges).

These core classes always include general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and physics. In addition to these classes, they also often include psychology, sociology, and statistics/math. These classes are already included in the requirements for a major if a person has a natural science major.

Regardless of the major, a future pre-med student needs to make sure to meet with their pre-med and major advisor at least once per semester, so they can confirm they are on the right path to graduate.

In addition to this, you should keep them both informed of any changes you end up making to your schedule. Working alongside these advisors will help you make your course selection smoother, and the whole process much easier.

MCAT score

One of the factors that should not come as a surprise when choosing a pre-med school is the MCAT score. For short, the Medical College Admissions Test or MCAT is one of the main requirements for getting into a pre-med school. As seen on https://www.transizion.com/best-pre-med-schools/, pre-med programs are quite competitive in nature and tend to turn out students with higher MCAT scores.

However, this could also be attributed to the students’ dedications that do get accepted into these top programs, not the programs themselves. One of the critical things to remember is to begin preparing early. It’s recommended by the MCAT experts that students should begin prepping for the MCATs at least 1 semester before they would prefer to take the exam.

There are many MCAT exam dates in a calendar year, and if you flunk your first MCAT score, you can always take the next one, just be sure that there is an exam fee and be mindful of the application dates too.

The course type

Another thing that you need to consider when choosing a pre-med school is the course type. There are three different types of courses – the traditional, integrated, and PBL courses. You will need to do plenty of research into each of the different types of courses to find out which one might suit your needs and habits the best.

Some ways to figure this out are by talking to other students, going to university experience days, and considering the pros and cons of each type. The more questions you ask, the better the chances of your understanding of which course type will suit you best, and the better understanding of what each of the types would involve.

Ensuring that you have selected the course type that best suits you is what will either make or break your university experience. This is why it’s so important to do your research and to get it right, so you don’t end up regretting it down the line.

Will they help you match with residency programs?

Even though it may seem early to consider when choosing a pre-med school, it can significantly pay off if you consider it. Most students don’t know for sure what specialty they will want to pursue during residency, but you can still assess which schools have more successful residency placement.

Especially for the fields you are considering and in places, you would like to live and where you would like to complete your training. Unfortunately, not all of the medical schools in the country are equally successful at helping their students become doctors.

However, most of the US MD schools do have a solid match list. This factor may seem easy to consider, but how will you know which schools are the best in placing their students in competitive residencies? This is why you should pay special attention to the U.S. News and World Report because they cover some of the top-matching schools. This is a great place to start, aside from the websites of the pre-med schools.

Be sure to consider these 4 factors when choosing a pre-med school. However, you should also be aware of the best pre-med schools in the country, and shoot for the best you can, after all, this can determine the course of your career.

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