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Why Straight Women Should Use a Chat Line

Why Straight Women Should Use a Chat Line

Why Straight Women Should Use a Chat Line: Today there are so many ways for women to meet eligible bachelors. There are dating apps, meetups, happenstance meetings, etc. It’s great in theory; however, all of these options lend themselves to women having a hard time finding exactly what they are looking for. This has largely to do with the fundamental differences between men and women. Men are generally interested in bypassing the emotion. This is why on dating apps, for instance, many men will adopt a copy-and-paste introduction method.

In other words, they will craft what they believe to be the perfect opener and copy-and-paste it blindly to as many women as possible. Then, they simply wait for a bite. To be fair, men are often pressured to initiate the conversation. That notion combined with the male predisposition to find the fastest way to get from point A to point B is what gives them the bright idea to treat a dating tool like a factory line. But, although some men like to blend cars and females, women are not Model Ts.

Most women, on the other hand, have a bountiful supply of emotional intelligence. As a superpower, women are able to use their emotional intelligence to asses whether or not a man is being genuine. However, internet dating has made that a lot harder. Reading emotions within a bubble of text is not the same as listening to a man’s voice or conversing in real time (without curated responses). This is how douchebags on dating apps (excuse the french) are getting past round one and making it to the actual date. On that initial meeting, a woman will likely know within minutes if anything said on the chat was genuine. Ain’t nobody got time for that sh*t!

Also, if a woman is looking for something that is more sexual than it is emotional, dating apps can prove to be both slimy and unsafe. It’s perfectly healthy for a sexually-charged woman to be looking for a hookup on a dating app, despite the social expectation that it’s a table reserved for men. Women who are into a do-not-pass-go, do-not-spend-$200-on-the-date, go-directly-to-fuzzy-handcuffs fuckbuddy situation (was that a lot? That was a lot), also have a hard time on dating apps. Primarily, this is because men sense the desire and nonsensically start sending dick pics (has that ever worked?), or, they get creepy and make a woman feel unsafe. It can be argued that the number of women looking to fuck on a dating app is low because it’s an actual health risk.

Luckily, there is a way for women to comb through their options from afar, safely, while maintaining the ability to gage a man’s authenticity and motives: a chat line. It’s fairly new in terms of its popularity and it’s not a magic wand for dating, but it does provide some awesome perks. For readers who are unclear on what a chat line is, lean in.

A chat line is like a regular localized dating app; however, communication involves actual speaking through a telephone, and the visual or written content is eliminated. Rather than a visual profile, you’ll set up a recorded greeting that details who you are, what you are looking for, and any other information you’d like to divulge. Then, you’ll safely skim through the greetings made by potential suitors. If you are into someone’s greeting and he is into yours, you’ll match and have the chance to either leave a message or speak to each other over the phone!

Here is why chat lines are awesome for straight women…

1. Goodbye robotic chat bubbles!

Men are forced to react to you in real time, giving you the opportunity to read their authenticity.

2. Sianara unwarranted sexts!

This is completely about your emotional connection over the phone. You control whether or not the conversation moves in a sexual direction.

3. Ciao photoshopped images!

You won’t need to worry about uploading the perfect images to a profile. Conversely, you won’t have to wonder if a man’s abs are real or fake. In a world driven by unrealistic and fake visuals, chat lines might be one of the last ways to dive beneath the surface.

4. Goodbye slimy and creepy connections!

This one is easy. Creepiness is way easier to asses in the way someone speaks over the way someone looks. If someone is giving you bad vibes… next!

5. Dating in pajamas is here to stay!

Chat lines maintain all the great things about dating apps in that you can chill at home in your PJ’s while you find your man.

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