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Christmas Holiday in France – 10 Interesting Destinations

Christmas Holiday in France

Christmas Holiday in France – France is regarded as one of the world’s top holiday destinations. This is because the country is blessed with the breath-taking beauty of nature. French cities are a delight for tourist to visit because of their collection of great historical buildings such as the ancient castle buildings of old, the magnificent cathedrals and palaces, and most importantly, the aura of romance and the charms.

Since Christmas is almost upon us and many people are trying to come up with Christmas destinations to go for holiday this season, we have decided to come up with 10 of the most interesting holiday destinations you should consider visiting for Christmas this year.


1. Vacation in Paris

One of the best places to spend your Christmas holiday in France is Paris. Popularly referred to as the city of lovers, almost everyone is familiar with the name of this city and the report of its grand beauty even if we have not all been there. Known as the home of the popular Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysees that has the breath-taking Arc de Triomphe at its rear, the enthralling Notre Dame Cathedral, the beautiful side-walk cafes and the classical bridges across the Seine, Paris is truly a great holiday destination for anyone to go to. If you ever decide to visit this city for your holiday this Christmas, be prepared to have the memory etched in your head forever. You will sure have an amazing experience filled with lots of adventure!

Christmas Holiday in France

Picture credit: Telegraph

2. Lounging in Versailles

Versailles is actually one of the best places to spend Christmas holiday in France.  The spectacular and overwhelming Baroque Chateau is situated not very far from the city of Paris and it is considered to be the most elegant of all French Chateaus.

Reputed to be the home of French Kings long before the French Revolution, the magnificent palace was built by King Louis XIV. Versailles contains so many glorious and spectacular spots such as the pink marble of Trianon, Marie-Antoinette’s estate, beautiful gardens of nature, prominent falls and many more. Versailles will be a really great destination to visit for anyone spending their Christmas holiday in the French country. You are sure to have a memorable time in this French palace.

Christmas Holiday in France

Picture Credit: Her Campus

3. Antibes – The Jewel of the French Riviera

A beautiful resort located between Nice and Cannes on the Mediterranean coast of France, Antibes is definitely a wonderful Christmas holiday destination in France.

Populated by so many ports, fishing cargos and luxurious yachts, Antibes also hosts many luxurious mansions of wealthy and famous Europeans who started settling in this lovely place from the 18th Century. In Antibes, there are about forty-eight beaches and sixteen miles of Mediterranean coastline which makes it a tourist favorite. With the abundance of restaurants with great food, the many festivals and different attractions, you are sure to enjoy every of your holiday stay in France. Antibes is also popularly referred to as a jewel of the French Riviera.

Christmas Holiday in France

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4. Beaujolais

Known all over the world for its soft, fruity wines, the scenic landscapes and the aesthetic vineyards, Beaujolais is situated in the north of Lyon. The stunningly beautiful French province has delightful stone villages, towering ancient Roman churches, and striking palaces and chateaus such as de la Chaize, du Basty and de la Salle. Inside Beaujolais, there are many luxurious hotels built as castles where you can spend the night. While there, you can also visit the vineyards and get a taste of their world-famous fruity wines.

Christmas holiday in France

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5. Cannes

A lavish resort town located on the French Riviera and popular for its film festivals, Cannes is positioned in such a way that it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is flanked by sandy beaches. The resort town is regarded by the affluent and wealthy as their play station. Cannes contains so many exotic and expensive boutiques, grand and palatial hotels and a very beautiful harbor filled with luxury yachts. There is also the delightful ancient Le Suquet where you can take a stroll to savor the richness and the beauty of the town.

Christmas holiday in France

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6. Chambord

The royal Chateau de Chambord is a magnificent and grand French castle with a renaissance style of architecture. The Chateaux is located in the village of Chambord in the Loire Valley. Built by King Francois 1 and completed by Henry II in the year 1547, Chateau de Chambord is really a place to behold for its stunning and elegant style of building. Reported to contain 440 rooms, 282 ornate fireplaces and 84 staircases, Chateau de Chambord is flanked by a park and a hunting reserve with a 20 mile long wall. The castle has eleven towers and three kinds of Chimney. It is said to look more like a modern city than a building.

Christmas holiday in france

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7. Lourdes

Situated in the foothills of the Pyrene in south-western France, Lourdes is a small town that was famous for the stunning Chateau fort de Lourdes. In 1858, a young girl reportedly sighted the Virgin Mary at the Grotto of Massabielle. This made the town become one of the world’s biggest pilgrimage destinations. Beautiful and natural mountains such as the Gavarnie Falls also serve as natural spots to feast your eyes upon.

Christmas holiday in france

Picture credit: JoeWalshTours.

8. Strasbourg

Founded about 2000 years ago, Strasbourg is an historic ancient town built by the Romans. This town is located at the border between France and Germany. This historic town house the European Union headquarters and it has a feel of the medieval period. There is a gothic cathedral located in the middle of the old town. With the colorful townhouses, the culture, the language, the unique food and the winstubs where you can try the local goodies, you are sure to have a whole lot of fun and adventure visiting Strasbourg.

Christmas holiday in France

9. Nice

A lovely coastal city located on the French Riviera between the blue Mediterranean and the Alps, Nice attracts million of tourists every year. Know for it vast sandy beach, the exotic restaurants, huge shops and different kinds of hotels for tourists to lodge in, Nice boasts of a perfect sunny climate, ancient buildings, the Mediterranean waters, breathtaking buildings and excellent French cuisine. The beauty of Nice is truly mesmerizing. Nice is actually one of the best locations to spend your Christmas holiday in France.

Christmas holiday in France

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10. Lyon

The third largest city in France, Lyon is a modern and classic 21st century city that boasts of many museums. In fact, the whole city of Lyon is considered as one big museum with a rich heritage of history. The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere and the stunning square Place des Terreaux with Fontaine Bartholdi are many of the places to consider visiting in the city of Lyon. Of course, there are excellent French cuisine available in any part of the city. Want a Christmas holiday in France? Head over to Lyon!

Christmas Holiday in France

Picture credit: TelegraphUK

Here are our list of top ten places to go for a Christmas holiday in France, so get your traveling bags and go have fun with your lover and family! Have you been to any of these places before, and you’ve got amazing experience to share? Please feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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