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10 Unique Gifts to Buy for your Lover This Christmas

Unique Gifts to Buy for your Lover This Christmas

10 Unique Gifts to Buy for your Lover This Christmas – Christmas is regarded as the season of sharing and spreading love and blessings because it is that time of the year when everyone deems it necessary to at least give out to people, no matter how small it is.

As Christmas approaches, so also does the preparation to make it a very colorful and festive season begins. Apart from the normal Christmas rites, it is usual that you take time out to think about the gifts you will be giving out to your loved ones in the spirit of the celebration of Christmas. Although, you might not want to do deep thinking about the gifts you are getting for family and friends, you will definitely put some thoughts into deciding what gift would be best enough for that special someone (winks).

Now, when choosing a Christmas gift or (any gift for that matter) for your lover, you should think out of the box and not just get him the traditional gifts girls are reputed to always give to guys or the ones guy are reputed to always get girls. Do some deep thinking and try to read your lover’s mind to determine what kind of gift they would love.

Putting this in mind, we have decided to help you come up with the kind of gifts that would really touch your lover’s heart. Below is a list of 10 unique gifts to buy for your lover this Christmas;


1. Cologne

If you think about it, everyone, both men and women definitely like to carry the sweet scintillating scent of good cologne. The sweet strong perfunctory smell that can lift mood and evoke emotions. Colognes and perfumes are definitely one of the unique gifts you can get your lover for Christmas. Before you buy the cologne, think about what scent and fragrance your lover would like and buy the cologne based on this. Getting a Cologne as Christmas gift for your lover is definitely a good way of showing that you really know them and what their preference is.

2. Game Consoles

There is no doubt that most men nowadays are obsessed with their game consoles. In fact, it might be safe to say that most of these men love their game consoles more than their girlfriends (just kidding).

So, if your boyfriend happens to fall into this category of game-loving men, then, you should totally consider getting him a game console. He will definitely fall in love with you over and over for this gift. Find out what his favorite sport is (probably football) and get him a game console related to that sport.

Be it a PS4 or an XBOX or any other game console, he will surely be amazed.

3. Hand-written Christmas card

This might sound super duper boring and lame to you but, it’s definitely a unique gift to give to you lover for this Christmas. Imagine getting a card written in your lover’s handwriting from your lover. Imagine reading them expressing their wholesome vulnerable feelings to you and how glad it will make you feel? That warm feeling you will get in your stomach, gladness at loving and being loved in return? That is exactly how your lover would feel when you do something like this for them. So, grab a pen, put on your thinking cap, and let those feelings  be evoked into words.

What more? You absolutely don’t need to spend a dime for this gift. Remember, it’s not about the money but about the thought put into the gift.

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4. Facial Hair Trimmer

I know it is cool having full beards and all but it’s still necessary for a guy to trim and shave those facial hairs when they get bushy. So, you can consider buying your man a facial hair trimmer for his cleaning and shaving purpose. Many girls won’t consider this kind of gift but a man would definitely appreciate it. It depicts thoughtfulness.

5. Chocolate

Girls generally are considered as lovers of all things sweet, including chocolates. Chocolates are very dear to every girl’s heart so you can also consider getting this as a Christmas gift for your girlfriend. Buy her boxes of her favorite chocolate as Christmas gift and watch her hug you over and over.

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6. Flowers

Every feminine woman out there dreams about receiving flowers from their lover. The color, the smell and the brightness all depict romance. So, send your girl a bouquet of her favorite flower as a Christmas gift and watch her ooh and ahh in delight.

7. A Romantic Dinner date

You know with a romantic dinner date, you can never go wrong. The one where you are both sitting in a cozy corner of an exotic restaurant, dimmed candles and all, champagne or any other fine wine, gazing dreamily at each other with love and sharing promises just like in the movies? Take your lover on a date like that. A gift doesn’t have to be material so a romantic dinner date definitely counts as a unique gift, especially if you don’t get to go on dates like that all the time.

8. Lingerie

Sounds a bit corny, right? But hey, there is nothing wrong with getting your woman a piece of lingerie for Christmas, especially if you have been together for long. Buy her any lingerie that would compliment her body well and let her know you appreciate everything and love everything about her, including the body. Now, this is not about being racy but about being thoughtful and showing it.

9. A Movie or Musical ticket

If you know that your lover’s favorite movie or musical is coming to town, you can buy them the ticket as a Christmas gift. Of course, you have to buy for two so that you can both watch it together.

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10. A Collection of Love Poems

Buy a book of love poems and gift them to your lover this Christmas. Every time they read the book, let a smile pop up on their face in thoughts of you.

That is the list of 10 unique gifts to buy for your lover this Christmas. Keep it in mind that these gifts are unique not because of their price,  they are unique because of the thoughts you put in them before getting them for your lover. Get started, start buying. Merry Christmas!

Do you have any other additions to the list of the unique gifts to buy for your lover this Christmas, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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