Dee’s Inbox: My Pastor Said I Cannot Marry My Fiance

Cannot marry my fiance

I am confused right now. I don’t know what to do, the pastor of my father’s church just told me I cannot and should not marry my fiance. April 2017 made  it 5 years we have been dating. It was also the month he proposed to me which I gladly accepted.

5 amazing years and it has been pure bliss. Not that we don’t have issues but we get to resolve these issues amicably. I have never had any course to regret this relationship. Our families both are cool and comfy with each other, and I had already started dreaming of a life together with him.

Until the bombshell dropped by my pastor saying he is not the man for me.

The pastor also went ahead to say that the marriage will be very smooth at the beginning but will be sour at the end. This part got to me and I was scared. Even to talk to him now is much of a problem, because I don’t know what to tell him.

I confided in some of my friends and was informed of the story of a man who was told not to marry his wife by a Prophet, that he is going to lose the woman, but he went against the instructions of the Pastor and married the woman. After the 5th wedding anniversary, she started falling sick. She fell sick and was bedridden for 5 years before she gave up the ghost on their 10th year of marriage.

One of my aunts also shared her story with me, that prior to when she got married, she was told by a Pastor not to marry her fiance, and broke up with the guy before she went to another Pastor who told her she should never leave the man of her life for anything in the world. This made her quickly run back to the man and now they have been together for 10 years. Marriage is waxing stronger.

I have tried praying to God being a strong christian to give me signs on knowing whether my fiance is the man as my husband or not, but I have not seemed to see any signs from God. The only thing I noticed was his calm, faithful and trustworthy nature which have been a part of him over the years.

Please I need help, what do I do? Our marriage is slated for November 2017 and I am torn between my personal convictions and the vision of the Pastor.


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