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Independence Day: Happy Malaysia Day Messages Hari Malaysia

happy Malaysia day messages

The Malaysia day is here. Happy Malaysia day to all Malaysians in Nigeria and all over the world. September 16 is a day to celebrate the Malaysia Day with happy Malaysia day messages every year. Join me on the blog as we celebrate together. Happy 59th Independence Day Malaysia, Happy Malaysia day 2017, Hari Malaysia Day 2017.

The Malaysia day is known according to Malay language as Hari Malaysia, and this day is celebrated by all Malaysians all around the world.

Happy Malaysia day messages

happy Malaysia day messages

1. The progress of this nation is not only in the hands of the government, but also in our hands. We need to build this country together, through our social ineraction and mutual trust and concern for another, Malaysia will be greater than before. Hari Malaysia to all my family and friends. Congratulations.

2. It is time to celebrate those that have lost their lives fighting for the good of this country Malaysia. It is time to remember those that really and truly fought for the freedom we have now. It is time to revel in the past glories and also focus on the future glories to come. Have an amazing independence day public holiday. Hari Malaysia day to everyone.

3. We should all contribute to moving the country forward. This indeed key and important to the success of the individuals and the country altogether. We need to check how we behave, and see how our affection affect all citizens of the country. Have a wonderful Independence day celebrations. Happy Malaysia day.

4. What have you thought of today, that will make this beautiful country greater than the way it currently is. We should just think about the celebration alone, but also think about how we can individually and collectively improve on the good of the Nation. Congratulations on another anniversary. Happy Malaysia day 2017.

5. As we come together to celebrate Malaysia’s independence day today. I wish you and your family the best that life has to offer. Happy Malaysia today to you all.

Do you intend to drop happy Malaysia day messages to family and friends as well? Wish them all in the comment section below. Happy Malaysia day to you all.


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