What New Drivers Should Remember When Driving On A Busy Road

New Drivers Should Remember When Driving On A Busy Road

Becoming a newly qualified driver is an exciting moment. Suddenly you have the freedom to jump in your car and travel wherever you want across the country. It is liberating, exciting, and thrilling. On the flip side, it can be a little daunting heading out on the roads all by yourself, with no instructor by your side giving you warnings or hints.

This feeling can strike suddenly, especially if you find yourself on a busy highway or city road. So, we’ve put together a handy list of tips for what new drivers should remember when driving on a busy road.

Be Aware Of Other Drivers

It may seem obvious to say, but the first thing you need to remember is that there are other drivers on the road. People drive differently, sometimes erratically, and you need to keep your eyes on what other drivers are doing.

Sadie, an expert attorney from https://usa-law.org/truck-accident-attorney/ told us, “We meet so many clients who have had accidents due to lack of awareness on someone’s part. The best advice is to be aware of what is around you at all times.” It is a challenge at first, of course, to maintain your own driving properly and be aware of everyone around you. But, it is the most important aspect of a new driver’s learning.

Avoid Distractions

Following on from awareness, a key part of this is to avoid distractions whilst driving. The key distraction these days is mobile phone use. Really, using your phone at any time whilst driving is quite a big distraction.

On a busy road, the distraction of your mobile device could be more costly than ever. Especially when it comes to texting, do not let a text message distract you on a busy highway. There are so many variables on a highway with people changing lanes, sudden traffic, and high-speed corners that losing focus to write a text message could cause disaster.

Remember To Signal

This is a simple one. When you are on a busy highway or even an inner-city street, it is vastly important that you remember when to signal. Any lane changes or turns off the high street require ample signaling before you make any moves.

Also, remember to check your mirrors and blind spots before making those turns. Your signals help keep you and everyone around you safe as they alert your fellow road users about your next move.

Keep Your Distance

This is important on any road, even more so on a packed highway. When moving at a high speed it can take you a huge distance to slow down. If someone has to suddenly brake to avoid an accident or hazard, you will have a very short amount of time to stop behind them, especially when traveling at 65mph.

This is where the ‘two-second rule’ comes in. If you keep your distance behind someone for two seconds, you double your chances of reacting in time for a sudden stop or swerve. To check if you are two seconds behind the car in front, watch them pass under a bridge or by a sign, count to two seconds before you pass that landmark yourself.

Expect The Unexpected

As we said earlier, every driver is different and can behave in very different manners on the road. You have to remember to expect the unexpected from other drivers. Some forget to signal, some pull out too quickly, some will drive aggressively. Aside from other drivers, you have a few other potentially unexpected hazards to watch out for.

On country roads or highways, animals could run out and cross the road in front of you. On city roads, you might have pedestrians jaywalk in front of you. Stay alert and be prepared to stop or swerve at any time.

Don’t Panic

Finally, and following on from the unexpected, you should remember to keep calm. No matter what happens, there is no need to panic on a busy road. Panicking can cause you to make mistakes, drive slower than necessary, or even drift off the road.

Panicked drivers doing these things can also anger other drivers and therefore heap more pressure on you. If you are concerned about anything, don’t panic, just find a safe place to pull over and take a break.

Remembering these six things will help keep you safe on busy roads when you start driving. Try not to panic, keep your eyes on the road, and be aware of everyone and everything around you. Believe us, it gets easier. Once you’ve traveled the bust roads a few times this will all become second nature.

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