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This is a very true saying and pure a word of the sage as crystal. But how really does it stay in the reality of existence?
How does diamond-like stories sharpen our days through life? What tune does it play with each passing day? Lastly, how do we define the ‘forever’ we profess??

Tayo was a young, intelligent and promising lady. She has what you can call a perfect family-a listening and loving father, an encouraging mother, a twin charming and sweet siblings. She is that girl you won’t misplace as a force to reckon with in a few years down the lane.

Her ‘modelly’ body won’t be mistaken for ‘Miss Figure 8’ contestant. Her simple smile will change the stone heart of Pharaoh at the pursue of the Israelites. Her soothing words of encouragement will peacefully make the devil go to God to seek repentance. Her silence will sure make a storm take a second thought at its decision to keep raging…

Aside her family heritage, she has done exceedingly well for herself through her truthful, sincere and open minded relationship with people everywhere she goes. She is most adored for her humility even with her enviable beauty.

She sees all she has as a privilege and a gift to humanity and not as a tool of oppression for those who has not. She won’t mind going the extra miles to put a charming smile on the face of a troubled passersby. She can’t keep a straight face at the crash-landing of a housefly. She see helping people as a secret calling by divinity, little wonder she is most adored by every young boys and girls in her neighbourhood.

As days grew into years, the girl became a lady still booming in the glory of a shining future. She grew of age and just like a perfect life she has, she met that man-just like love found in the least zones of the world.

This man is that one you won’t be crucified for naming him the perfect ‘Mr Right’ for her future. He caters for her as an egg, treats her like a queen, adores her like a model, pampers her like a baby, assures her like a father, respects her like an elder and anything you can but imagine. He would go burn his head to make her happy, drown in a cup of tea to see her charming smile but would never withhold the truth from her irrespective. This stance of his makes him the dream come true for her because many men hid the truth just to get her heart.

But ‘Perfect’ isn’t really perfect, is it? The journey of life isn’t an easy ride. We all have our share of ups and downs. The jolly ride isn’t really jolly, is it?

Neither is the merry-go-round a perfect definition for life. She took ill someday, which seems to death. Admitted to the finest of hospitals, luckily, she has a doctor as her man. Who gave every care in the world to her, attends to her as his first priority and bury silently his Hippocratic oath at the altar of his love for her.

Steadily, after a few months, she began to recuperate and felt life coming back to her body. She could see the smile on her face coming back to its charming form. She was grateful to God for the blessings – the man in her life, her family and the gift of life.

Then someday, a journey of no return set its path for someone and the way back became a mystery to all and sundry. Who could it be? What effect does it have?

Was the diamond made to last ‘forever’?

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