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Long Dirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy

dirty text messages to send to a guy

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Where are all the lovebirds? Get your phones in here and begin to change the game in your relationship. Here are beautifully crafted dirty text messages to send to your man to get him craving for you over and over again.

You can spice up his dirty imagination by simply sending him a sexy message. He could become restless just thinking about you and wanting to be with you, physically. Imagine the effects of sexting.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only slept together once, or you’ve been sharing a bed for years, sexting in this way can bring a spark into your everyday lives and keep a connection going long after you’ve parted to achieve the things you need to do in the day-to-day grind.

The cost of getting dirty text messages from here? Zero, truthfully! Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Short Dirty Text Messages to send to a guy

It is not as dirty as the topic, but a romantic way to express how you feel for your man. The guy in question, as I wrote the article could be your husband too. This is defined so in other to respect the feelings of those who may not like it so.

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1. You are a sweet guy and your lips are as sweet as honey. I like the way your heart beats whenever we are together. Your face is as shiny as a lovely precious pearl. I don’t know why I feel like to hold your hands to persuade you to hug me from behind so that I will feel the flow of the love you have for me.

2. If there is anything called chocolate, then it will be found in your kisses. Talking about a warming oven, it is your chest that answers that. I love everything about you and the way you appear always is a kind of special super sparkling experience that turns me on whenever I see you.

3. If I could tell any good thing about you, I will start from the way you make me happy whenever your hands move around my chest. I know what you are thinking but may be wrong. Just know that your body sends me to a land called pleasure; it brings endless joy to me.

4. You are a kind of love I cannot share with anyone. I have tasted the sweetness of your love, I can’t dare let any other woman know this secret. Whenever I see you, I feel like melting down like candlelight. I get so moved by your touch.

5. The soft touch that comes from your hands makes me mad. I do feel a deep pleasure that runs like blood in my body. I wish myself all the best in this world because you are the very best I am talking about. I love you, my angel.

6. Your eyes are like the pitch of love and romance. I love the French kisses you give to me. You are the pleasure I enjoy tasting his lips whenever I am in the mood. How I wish I’m close to you, I will have kept you warm all day.

7. Your sweet soft touches are like paradise to me. I love it when you grab me from behind. I love it when you fondle me like a pillow. This unusual touch gives me a kind of satisfaction I can’t explain. You are just like a human massage machine.

8. I’m so happy because I have an experienced guy like you as a husband. Your exposure in the matter of romance is as sweet as a strawberry. I love the way you make me mourn whenever I’m in the game with you. After every round of our wrestle, I fall more in love with you.

9. Strong men are not known by the muscles they gathered; they are known by the hour they spend in the bed while in the mood with their women. You have passed this test; I love you for this reason like never before.

10. I don’t know if you understand my point; I love men with a sweet and strong hand to handle me like a master deals with his slave girl. Don’t even spare me for once. I love it when I go through pain and pleasure it makes me run mad in romance.

11. Anytime you move your hand around my waist, I already know the endpoint; I feel like to collapse on the floor because I know the pleasure that will come with it. I love the way we closely touch each other feeling the sensation of the bond between a man and a woman.

12. Your kisses make me tremble, all my body shakes whenever you hug me. I can’t possibly withstand the pleasure you give to me when you are aggressive in your touch. I know I won’t die but the joy I get from your advancement is close to death.

13. Anytime I want you, the way you look at me is already a great move to get me back down in the bed. I am your wife, so you have all it takes to do what you want. I want you to make me scream like a baby. Don’t have pity on me at all.

14. With the love that flows in your eyes, I build a palace of passion in my heart that gives me pleasure that I want. You are my love, my joy and the most interesting person that my eyes have seen. You are like a mountain of fun; I am always satisfied sharing any moment with you.

15. Having you around me is more important to me than eating my food. You are the food I love eating. You are the tea I love taking every morning. Your smile makes me run mad whenever you smile at me. I am always been turned on upon sighting you.

16. Your walking steps are fabulous, just like a prince, you step majestically. This alone makes me wish you just hug me straight forward. I want to bere the pain of pleasure that comes after the hug. I want to feel you inside of me.

17. Just give me all it takes to be a woman. I am ready to be yours forever. I love you so much that nothing can stop me from allowing you to do whatever you wish to do with me. To me, you are like the most handsome man ever seen.

18. I need a man who will understand how to make me happy. I need a man that will give me the sensation that washes away my sorrow due to none stop pleasure. I need a ma that will make me cry like a baby when we are in the mood together.

19. What makes a wife loves her husband is also part of s*x. If you want me to love you better, take me down slower and better. Cause a tremor of love in me; let me beg for a rescue though I wish such help never comes.

20. I have been so sweet with you just like an orange; you squeeze my assets without even a single time to breath. You never give me that chance to relax and this is what I want. I want a husband that will give me a kind of satisfaction that I want.

Crazy Dirty Text Messages to send to a guy

21. I like you more than a honey machine because you are as sweet as strawberry, precious like a treasure because you are the most wonderful prince ever met. I love the way you dress as you look smart.

22. If you want me to dance for you, I will dance for you; if you want me to wind for you, I will wind for you. if you want me to steal for you, I will empty the entire passion in the world for you as you have stolen my heart away.

23. You smile alone can send me to comma of passion, I know I cannot withstand the kind of love you shower on me as it is baked from a divine river no one has seen before. I love you more than goody goody.

24. Your love is like a precious stone that should be kept in the deepest part of the heart. Day and night are not enough to think about you. I am for you always. As you are part of the reasons why this life is sweet.

25. I had the wildest dream last night and you were the key actor because I kept seeing you smiling face all through the sweet dream.

26. I hate being far away from you, I should have been somewhere around you cuddling you and keeping you warm.

27. Nothing will stop me from loving you because you are as special as a precious stone; I miss you like the last chocolate I hate last night.

28. I don’t know why I just can’t sleep without thinking about you. I miss you as if I should just die and then come alive again to miss you.

29. I am prepared to make you happy all your life; I am prepared to give you all the best I can so that you will realize how much a prince you are to me.

30. Whenever I see you, a smile of love and passion overwhelm my heart. I cannot stop thinking about you in this world.

31. Thank God for all the best thing you have done in this world. I love the part you took to show you amazing love to me. Thank you sweetest baby.

32. Whatever it takes to show you that you are the most precious person in this world, I will let you know you deserve the best from me. You are more than enough a lover but your love never ends. I miss you.

33. Let your precious smile shine on your face so that I will also enjoy it beyond this world. I love the way you smile and the things you do are the most beloved in this world.

34. I saw a passion in your eyes running like firefox, I can’t bear the pleasure any more, so I decided to run away so I will not misbehave.

35. Take me to the land of love and shower me with all kinds of love. I will never give up on a cute gem like you.

36. Others may have betrayed their prince, but as for me, I dare not do so because you are the air I breathe and if I betray you, I have betrayed myself.

37. I love the way you touch me, it sends some neurons to my brain that I have been touched by the most blessed hand in the world.

38. No matter how the distance is, that power smile you cast on me the last time we met has been the companion I cannot do without remembering.

39. Your handsome face is enough to feed a nation. They need no food to survive in as much as you are around. I love you my sweet heart’s robber.

40. I will slowly cuddle you tonight to show you that my heart now belongs to you forever. I want to feel you inside of me.

Fun Dirty Text Messages to send to a guy

41. Get me to the world of pleasure by handling me the way I want. Give me all the styles you have so I will respect that you are a real man.

42. Much love for those who deserve it; you are part of the rare gems that someone should love until eternity. I miss you so much.

43. I just want to spend every day of my life thinking about the sweetest guy in my environment. Girls are dying for you but I am here to make you smile.

44. Come and let me see how much you have improved on your look. I so much like your muscles as they remind me of the world’s strongest man.

45. Your skill in making a woman happy is far been the best ever. I cannot do without thinking about every sweet moment we had together. I love you so much.

46. My heart will always be there for you because you are my passion and the oxygen that flows in me. This means, without you, there is no me.

47. If I can lie down beside you, it will be better than reading a newspaper that does not hard for my pleasure.

48. Maybe you are the one meant for me. I said this because I realized I cannot even think straight anymore. I love you.

49. Many reasons why I cannot stop loving you. you are cute, handsome, nice, hard-working, precious and nice to be with.

50. Your handsome face can make me go mad as it is created with a light of a great passionate experience. I miss you.

51. Thank God for everything you have done in my life. I will always live to appreciate the entire love you shower upon me.

52. There is love in the heart but it will only be manifested when a woman has seen the man she cannot do without thinking about.

53. I felt like this world will end because there is no way I can get you out my heart, in fact, my love for you has increased to the point that I cannot even stop loving you.

54. I am right now in my bed, lying down to think about someone special. I will imagine a lot and also dream a lot about you.

55. I have been given the best love in this world and it is you. I miss you so much that I cannot do without your love. I love.

56. If love is chocolate, it means you are the chocolate and I will eat you to the end. I will not give you a single reason to breathe at all.

57. I want to cuddle you tonight but realized that I am on 30 days fasting without sin. Have a sweet night dream.

58. If I were to show you the kind of love I have for you, this world will have been set ablaze as a result of the burning desire to have you all for myself.

59. I will be yours anyhow anytime because you belong to me. No one can make me talk dirty unless I am referring to you.

60. The reason why I have not called you before now is that I am writing an exam, less I l=write I love you on my answer sheet; I need to avoid your sweet voice.

Silly Dirty Text Messages to send to a guy

61. Love has blinded my eyes and now I cannot before not see clearly again. The only thing I see the sky and earth is you. You have become the man I adore.

62. You deserve to be loved with the most sincere heart because your romantic lifestyle is simply the best for me. I miss you my darling.

63. I just want to be yours forever. I don’t know how to tell you how much you mean to me because the content will be as large as this world itself.

64. I will never give up on you until you realize how much I love you. I will cry, face embarrassment, be humiliated yet I will not give up.

65. I have not seen a guy as cute as you are, maybe in another world, such a nice guy like you will exist. I miss you, my blessed guy.

66. You always make me feel at home and that’s why I just want to dwell in your heart for the rest of my life. I want to be the angel you will not do without.

67. Your handsome face makes my heart want to leave my body. The pressure of the blood is rising in every micro-second due to the aura of your beauty.

68. I have come to realize that you are the smartest guy ever. Do you know that your dresses drive me crazy?

69. I just can’t do without loving you. You are my beloved joy and the most interesting guy I can trust when it comes to passion.

70. What is the meaning of a life without you? Miserable, boring, rejected and unfortunate. I love you beyond what you think.

71. Give me some part of your heart for me to survive the power of your beauty. Except I did not set my eyes on you, I will not be restless.

72. The way you make me feel these days cannot be calculated by the world smartest professor of mathematics. I have become so attached to you as butter is attached to the flower.

73. Anytime I see rose rising, I know you are around to cuddle the life out of me. I miss you more than a hunter misses his target.

74. All you need to get me turned on is to smile at me and that’s all. Your powerful smile is more important to me than the food I eat.

75. If you can kiss me tonight, I will have been the happiest woman on earth. I love you so much that you cannot even escape my dreams.

76. I had a dream last night that we were kissing and when I woke up this morning, I have to go and clean up in the restroom.

77. Much love for the boy that I cherish unconditionally. The brightest lover in the world. You have got a celebrity way of life. I miss you.

78. Your voice is the nicest thing to listen to every night and the sweetest chocolate to taste every minute.

79. Whenever you kiss my lips, I am happier than ever. I wish you are here to make me happier than you used to.

80. Now I realized that the reason why there is no love in my heart before I met you is that you were not in my life.

81. I cannot live without you, it is highly impossible. I will miss you more and more and will not be able to do any other thing except that you are around.

82. There is no peace of heart without you and there is no joy except that you are around me. I miss you more and more and can’t do without thinking about you.

83. I am so impressed with the sweet love you show to me. It revives my heart from pain and then elevated it to peace.

84. Having found you, I found the treasure that I have been searching for. I love the fact that you are the boy I cherish most.

85. The pillar of true love I found in you is bigger than the biggest mountain in the world. You are a rock-star and the most blissful heartfelt prince.

86. I miss your precious kisses because they keep me warm all the time. I love you beyond what you can think about except God.

87. There is nothing I can do unless I see your smiling face. It gives me endless joy whenever I set my eyes on you.

88. I miss you all because you are always the best for me. You took me to the land that lacks no passion and the highland that flows with love.

89. Getting into love with you has changed my life, now; I can be called a happy lady because you give me all the attention I need.

90. I miss the love that emanates from the coolest heart ever met. I am so much in love with the sweetest gem in my life.

Everyday Dirty Text Messages to send to a guy

91. What if I offer you three wishes and grant them all? What would you like to do in bed tonight?

92. I want you so badly… Can you come over right away?

93.  I had a wet dream last night.  Can you guess who was in the dream? A small hint, I am sending him a text right now.

94. I am dirty and going to have a shower. But when I return, I want you to make me dirty again…

95. You’re such a huge distraction. I’ve not gotten anything done, I’ve been thinking of you so much.

96. You are lucky that you’re so handsome. I only give the time of day to hot men.

97.  I’m heading out to hang with my girlfriends. Don’t be surprised if you get some sexy drunk texts later. I’m warning you ahead of time!

98. I would rather be with you. In bed. Right now.

99. It’s about time to try out the new position you were talking about.

100. I’ll be wearing ONLY heels tonight.

101. Those things we did last night – Olympian. You are a sex God.

102. Do you really have to work today? Why don’t we spend the day naked in bed, or better yet, let’s fly off to Tahiti and make love in the sand.

103. I can’t stand it. I need you. Like right this minute. I’m losing my mind thinking about everything we did last night.

104. I haven’t been able to stop smiling all morning, just thinking of how wonderful you are.

105. Life is so different with you in it. . . like a cup of hot chocolate on a winter day.

106. I can’t think of anyone who makes me feel as loved or confident (insert compliment) as you do.

Do you want to add more dirty text messages? Do so in the comments.

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