Dirty Paragraphs And Freaky Paragraphs of Love Poems

dirty paragraphs and freaky paragraphs

Do you need a good s*xting paragraph of love? Then you can jump in here to check out the dirty paragraphs and freaky paragraphs of love poems, s*x paragraphs, dirty sensual poems, freaky paragraphs to say to your boyfriend, to be freaky examples, long paragraphs to your boyfriend, simple poetic freaky paragraphs of poem, s*xting paragraphs to pass to your woman, long freaky paragraphs for her copy and paste, freaky paragraphs of poems that you need to send to your lover.

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We all need to get freaky sometimes, do something way out of the ordinary and normal. Make our love show in an exquisite and sensual way. S*xting is good for romance and these collection of freaky paragraphs of love poems will do just fine what your the lover of your dreams.

Freaky paragraphs of love

1 I want to come over and see you in your kinky lace waiting for me
I want to see that your are all soaked wet and ready
I want to kiss you and  make you want to call my name
I want to tweak all the switches in your body
And take you to the highest of the mountains
I want to eat up everything that deserves to be eaten
But I know that I cannot do all of these now
I just have to be patient

2 I wish I could tie you in fake punishment
I wish I could be stopped from kissing you
I wish you could tell me NO and YES at the same time
Only if you can see how much I am into you
And how much you make me feel
Loving you goes beyond all the sensual feelings and s*x
Loving you is all about loving the real you
And not the physical attraction that I notice

3 I have had 5 hot showers and I have not been able to get you off my mind
I just want to take you up to the heavens this night
Everything single hair of your body get me turned on
I dreamt yester-night and it was all about me erotically involved with you
I felt your soft fuzzy skin against mine
I felt your warm body on mine
I had the feeling you were going to scream so loud
So I used my left hand to cover your mouth
Now I am awake I wish to invite you to come over for the week
Are we sure we would not do the dirty dance?
I have a lot of dirty thoughts in my mind about you of late
And I get to think freaky things to you as well
Could we get freak with this freaky paragraph?
I would crave your freakiness today and tomorrow my love

4 Let’s get freaky
There is this amazing babe that I have been dreaming of lately
She gets me so much distracted thinking about her
She makes me want to love so much that I get distracted at work
Her amazing body mesmerizes my eyes
I only want to see her naked by my side in bed
I wanna wash my tongue all over her body
And make her want me each day
Guess who the babe is?
Your guess is as good as mine, my love!

5 My wild baby, I want to get freaky with you
Let us go for a treasure hunting party
Let us revel in each other’s body
Let us feel good in each other’s company
Let us send freaky paragraphs of love to each other
Let me feel your cute and s*xy lips against mine
I want to use my magic stick on yours and
Get you to use your magic lips on mine
Let us rest a little for our energy will soon be sapped
Let us pin ourselves to the back of the huge Iroko tree in the forest
Let us see whose moan will be the loudest when we do the dirtiest
And freakiest things to ourselves

6 I am sorry I have not been as freaky as you want me
I am sorry I have not been as crazy as I ever wanted to
I am sorry if I come home too quickly
I am sorry if I had not put my mouth on yours of late
I am sorry if you want me to tear your clothes off and I haven’t in recent times
I am sorry if I have been unable to touch you in those really crazy places
Now I am ready to touch you on all parts of your body
Now I am ready to take your lingerie off with my teeth
Now I am ready to spank you and make you feel my harsh hands on your bums
Now I am ready to do all sorts of things to you
Just tell you when you will be ready and where the location will be
Car? Kitchen? Chair? Couch? Outside in the garden? Anywhere?
I will get freaky with you whenever you want

7 You are my cute little thing
You are the air that I breathe
You are the food that I eat
You are the one person
That I want to make scream my name
You are the only one that
I want to drive my hands all over her body
You are the person I want and crave for
You are y cute little thing

8 Hey Baby, let your schedule be light tomorrow
We will dance in the bedroom till the morrow
You will chant and I will moan
In full union of our love and passion
We will come together as one
I will slap your behind while you make pleasure noise
You will be the inspiration for all the dirty thoughts
I will do to you

9 I know you may want to be spanked
But licking is crazier
The good girls crave for licking
While the bad girls beg to be spanked
So I will make you my good girl
And spank you later like the bad girl that you are

10 I was really turned on today
That when I saw the thick button
On a colleague’s white blouse
I thought they were the thick little groundnuts
Always dancing ‘skelewu’ on your chest!

11. I love the way you just grabbed me and rolled yourself around me. I like it when you suck me and gets all the water out. I love the way I refresh you whenever you put your lips on mine. I am your BOTTLE OF COKE and you are ADDICTED to me.

12. Do you want to get her drooling over you once again? These dirty talk paragraphs will help you to achieve your aim and make her horny. At the beginning of this game, she may feel uncomfortable reading these sexy texts but don’t be afraid! When she develops a taste for it, she will enjoy these messages a lot.

13. Sorry about your sore lips. Join me at work and let me kiss them and all the soreness will go away.

14. “It’s so hot to imagine you tying me up and yanking my pants down. Run your hands all over my body.”

15. Tonight I’m gonna work my way all around your body, and I’m going to save all the best spots for last…it’s going to be painful…I can hardly wait!

16. I am going to take in every inch of you and make you moan with pleasure. You’ll love all the things I can do with my tongue.

17. Push me up against the wall and do dirty things to me.

18. I can’t get my mind off thinking about really s*xy and dirty things I am going to do to you. Can you help me out?

19. Nothing would feel better right now than to run my hands and tongue all over your body, make you beg for more.

20. When you touch me—even just graze my skin—I get a tingling sensation down there.

21. I’m so lucky that I get to feel those sexy lips against my body.

22. Are you coming over this night? Even if you say no touching, I doubt if I would be able to keep my hands to myself. They would be all over you.

23. It’s very useful to be spontaneous from time to time and do some unusual things to your sweetheart. Of course, flowers, candies and romantic dinner should be present in your life but sometimes we all want to experience hot love. Feel free and say these wild freaky things to your dear girlfriend, which will perfectly express your affection and desire through text.

24. You want to feel my hands caress your naked body all over?

25. I am going to push your hands down on the bed and take control.

26. Have you thought to get into a deep and dirty fantasy with your girlfriend? Definitely, yes! In this case, a naughty paragraph is one of the best things that will make her wet. Pick up the option that suits your relationship from our set to create a relaxed atmosphere. Let your sweet girl feel happy and desirable to you!

27. I want to grab your neck from behind, suck it with little nibbles of bites to get you moaning my name. I want to spread my wet kisses all over your thighs and make you drag my head such that I am kissing your lower region all over. I want you to moan in ecstasy as I try the crazy new things I have learned

Now these are the dirty paragraphs and freaky paragraphs of love poems that you may send to your woman to get her wanting and craving for you in the craziest way possible.

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