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I congratulated them and made my way to my house. I decided I was going to attend another church.

I couldn’t help crying still but I quickly put myself together, sitting down to analyse the whole situation was not going to help my resolve to start over with my life and thought of the next thing to do, instead of spending time regretting and wishing I was Tade’s wife to be.

I put my thoughts together and decided to start an NGO for hurting young ladies. I was going to channel my hurts to reaching ladies who might have been in my shoes or worst shoes.  The NGO would provide mentoring and support to ladies in such situations. I went to see Mrs Agnes and told her about my plans, she provided a lot of encouragement and she even introduced me to some women who could provide me with more information and support.

It had always been my dream to have a NGO where I’ll nurture hurting people, especially ladies but I thought it was something I would later in my life but it was time to start. I spent all my savings planning, registering and launching the NGO.

Through the help of Mrs, Agnes, I got some volunteers and sponsors.

There was no longer time to sit down and cry and regret, I had to make something out of my life, and fast before the clock was ticking off on me. On my 29th birthday, the NGO was launched with several volunteers and mentees to start with. I had messed up my early life but now it was taking shape and form.

I had found my purpose what I was passionate about, I changed my church, met new people and it seem like a new page of my life was turned open. I didn’t even bother about not being engaged. All I wanted to do was focus on reaching out to and helping more young ladies…..

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