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Love letter to my love

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I want to write a love letter! To who? **Grins**, not it’s not my Mom obviously; it’s a love letter to my love.

I hear someone mutter in the corner! ‘What love’? Thought you were single! Okay then, not my love, but potential Bae. Fair enough?

Valentine is just so around the corner. ‘Yaaay! All the love birds are happy. Who wouldn’t be? I know that word Val has been over bloated and over-commercialized, but who said it will never be a time to let our little sparkles of love shine?

My friend Charles asked me

‘What ideas do you have for me on this Valentine ’s Day to my girlfriend’

Two things I replied.

First is:

Get some valentine gift ideas for her, from here you could use some of the gift ideas that was stated in the post and share same ideas with her as well.

I also said it will be important to scribble thoughts and convictions either through the electronic media or on a piece of paper and accompany it with your gift in whatever way you want to gift her for valentine.

Yes Love letters.

People say it is one of the left-behind series, old-school mode of sending love information and pulling emotional traction but I say No! It is still very much in existence, infact people adore love letters.

Ask the pretty babe and the handsome young man beside you.

Hey Love, do you still appreciate love letters, I advised my sister on a case of a prospective boyfriend who asked her out on a date by writing a love letter.

Families, relations, husbands, wives are not left out of this frenzy and you should realize that love never goes out of play and as it never goes out of style, writing love letters will never go into extinction.

Okay, so you don’t have that time to compose a beautiful piece for your man or woman? Not to worry I can assist you as I am just about to do that here!

You can also think outside the box and compose a beautiful love poem for the one you love.

For the ladies, composing beautiful love poems for him may be that one thing he may need to finally validate your thoughtfulness and the fact that you are indeed a love struck, sensitive and passionate lover. Who said love isn’t a beautiful thing!

Love letters may be too long, too boring and totally unnecessary! Love poems may be a bit technical and time consuming. Yea right, it could be, but who says you can’t do love phrases?

Scribbling on a card to accompany the love quotes and phrases headlined in the pieces of art adds is the latest fad in town and adds a little extra extra sensitivity to your display of love.

You truly are a lover, you believe in love, you preach it to your man and woman. Now is the right time to truly pass across a timely piece of valuable information to the person you have always made professions of love to!

Some people may not see it necessary. What about you?

Love letter to my love

Okay, so let’s get to it! I am going to share 10 beautiful and sweet love letters, 10 beautiful love poems and 10 romantic love phrases for that one person you love!

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1 Dear,

I feel the flow of true and mutual attraction and beautiful love feelings whenever you are with me.  Infact words elude me when I think of the most appropriate to let you know you mean the world to me. There is this heavenly warmth that surrounds you whenever you are around. Your hearty smile and awesome demeanor envelopes me almost choking me into the beautiful heaven where I know you are.

Your love has shown me pure affection and your dedication to our love has left me wondering how I came to love such a wonderful person like you.

This is my special love letter to you my love

2 My Love

If you ever wonder why I love you so much, don’t think too far baby. I have been overwhelmed by the love you have shown me. I have been hurt, heartbroken, let down and defeated by people who claimed to love me. Yet you have looked beyond all of my past and shown me that beneath your personality lies a lover so in tune with what love is and understands why love is the greatest gift of all.

You are the today of my present life and the tomorrow of my future. I love you so much that I cannot explain. I remain totally your lover forever.


I have searched and searched for the perfect words to describe how I feel right now. But I just decided to do this to show how I have fallen crazily in love with you.

You are my special lover and I truly appreciate how much love you have shown me.

D – edicated to this our love cause

E- very single day, I live for you

A- ppreciate you a lot

R- evel in the awesomeness of your affection

L- ove everything about you

O- nly you is who I crave for

V- ast is my love net to you

E- everything is you

4 My Best Man

I haven’t been able to sleep for long. You know why?

Ever since we met, I have been unable to get you foo my mind. Your image keeps re-occurring in my head. Right now, the question that bothers my heart is how on earth did I get an incredible lover like you. You could have decided to say yes to any other person but you chose to be stuck with me. Right now, I am hopelessly and helplessly in love with you and in all honesty, seeing you happy makes me feel excited.

You know all those times I get angry and act like I don’t care, they were just lies, you do not have an iotaof idea about how happy and grateful I feel, and how your love has transformed my life. You are a natural and that is why love keeps increasing daily. I can’t wait to have around me forever.

You are the soothing balm in my pain and struggles, the support for my body. I sincerely hope that you smile after reading the letter, and be rest assured that my love remains with you today and forever. I sleep with your thoughts on my mind and I wake up with your thoughts on my mind. You are the best thing that has happened to me. You are final piece of jigsaw in my puzzle. I adore you so much my love.

5 My Sugarplum

What will I do without you? How can I love you this much? Why am I so crazy about you?

You have been supportive through the years and your love has made my eyes open. People say that love is blind but with you, love makes has made my eyes open to see beautiful things. Things I failed to see with other men. You are truly special and you are God sent. Remember this, I will always love beyond what you think and I promise to stand by you through thick and thin.

You are my life, my world, my love, my perfection, my solace. You are everything to me. Darling, I love you so much more than anything in this life. My sweet love letter will not complete without me saying this very special ‘I LOVE YOU’ Sweetheart.


6 Darling

You are my queen, my lovely damsel and the best thing in a long time. You have shown that you can be trusted and highly dependable. No one has gone to this extent and shown me a love so true until you waltzed into my life. You are my definition of perfection and I know I couldn’t have asked for a more considerate and selfless woman.

You are a kind, compassionate, empathetic, and considerate woman and for this your value just became invaluable. I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

7 My Love

Let your love envelope me in full delightfulness, let your affection fill me to the brim like a keg of palm wine, let your support be like imaginary third and fourth legs. You are an example of God sent down to us. The true definition of a love so true. A personification of the direct blessings of God on earth, and the ture meaning of love in all its essence. You are my sweet love letter to the whole world and your love remains special and forever with me.

8 Hey Babe

You have showered me with your love likes unimaginable gifts. I wish this roller coaster of ours will never end. In fact I am going to work on us and ensure this enjoyable moment never ends. I want to be with you forever and I pray to God to answer my prayer of affection. Thank you for being an extraordinary lover. You are my gift from God after a turbulent time and a chaoticyear. You are God’s blessing to me. I love you my sweet love.

9 My Love

I pray to God everyday to keep you hale and hearty, with deep strength and vigour to continue to be the love of my life. I ask God for a wonderful person and he brought you around. I live for you, breathe for you in all circumstances and I love beyond all explanations. Thank you for being the special one for me. I love today, everyday and forever.

10 My One and Only

having you belong to me is something I cannot even describe, the feeling of exhilaration, the utmost exhaustion from too love deep breathing of love. Your tactfulness and thoughtfulness is beyond what I can truly explain. That is why I have written this sweet love letter to you, to show you how grateful I am for having you in my life.

God bless our love.


11 My life

My today

My tomorrow

My forever

Loving you gives me joy

Loving you brings me happiness

Love you is what I need

Today and forever

I love you my pumpkin

12 As I drop my eyelids

To close my eyes

I felt the your watery lips

Brush against Mine

The time stood still

And I wish it will be still forever

I love you when you kiss me

And I will forever love you

When you are loving me

13 My love for you is as high as the sky

My love for you is like the earling morning sun

Shines so bright and cares so hard

That it illuminates everywhere

My love for you is forever and a day more

14  As the day gradually turns into the night

I feel the breath from your body so mild

As your speak the ‘ I love you word’ from your lips

Your voice resonates like the guardian angel sent from God’s hips

Your presence gives me beautiful butterflies

Butterflies in my tummy that flies so high

15 When the day has gone to bed

And everywhere is so silent and red

It is your comfort I always long for

As I wish that you hold me near

When everywhere is hushed and I lay all alone

I always pray to spend the rest of my nights with you

16 I stare into your eyes

All I see is love filled with laughter

I stare into your eyes

I see a beautiful hope of the tomorrow I thought was higher

I stare into your eyes

I see your amazing support that is super

I stare into your eyes

I see myself in you my provider

17 In my dreams as a girl

I had always wanted a prince charming on a princely horse

Growing up as a lady

I realized my prince charming was no other person than you

And the princely horse was your amazing aura and personality

Your love makes me complete

Because you have been my beginning and will be a part of my journey

As you have made life worth living in every way

18 I will love you till the end comes

Everyday our love grows

Weeks pass by and our love endures

Months go by and our love remains rigid

Years disappear and our love is undying

I live for you baby

You are the best thing to ever happen to me

19 You are my happiness

You are who I look forward to

You are my future

You are the true definition of love

You are the special one

20 I think about you everyday

You have become the yearning I crave for

I want you to be the one to follow me to the promise land

I want you to make my thoughts reality

Because my love for you remains unchanging

You are the best love ever


21 You are the tomorrow in my today

22 Listen to the violin that plays in my heart, as they chant beautiful harmony in unison.

23  In your arms, I found solace and peace

24 The only thing I know is that I am in love with you

25 I will hold your hands through the day, and sing the love song with you through the night

26 Kiss me once, twice, kiss me once again, please don’t ever stop kissine me

27 My peace, my heart, my love, my hope is who you are

28 I will sing it to the whole world, that you mean everything to me

29 Your focus melts away my distraction

20 I trust you because you are so warm and so kind

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  • Reply
    February 11, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Lengthy and interesting…. Nice work Deedee.

    Truth is, taking your time and energy to write a Love letter to that special person in your life shows how you value him or her.

    These days and with the availability of modern technology such as emails, mobile phones etc which has given rise to many social platforms, has taken the place of love letters which still remains the original way of expressing love.

    Also, an individual who values the partner and wants to show it, will do it more with a love letter. The receiver if really matured will value it more than one of those love text messages through the phone or social media platforms.

    Love letters can be saved for decades and even centuries when properly kept, but the same can not be done for other means of expressing love.

    • Reply
      February 16, 2017 at 10:18 am

      Thanks Brenda.

      Very insightful comment.

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