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Fiction or Non-Fiction: My Supernatural & Meta-Physical Experience

metaphysical experience

It was 7:00pm that fateful Sunday, when I left Oriental Hotels Eti-Osa to Sandfield busstop to get a bus heading to Costain, I was there for 30 minutes waiting for the bus when I suddenly felt a nudge on my back. I thought someone tapped me only to realize it was the breeze of the Osa River that blew across my shirt.

Looking at the river, I suddenly felt the urge to walk towards it. Like there was someone there beckoning at me to come.

I hesitated for a while and then later walked down to the bank of the Eti-Osa. I just felt the need to sit and enjoy the breeze of the river as it slaps my face like the tender palms of a 3-month-old baby.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to talk to Edumare, to look down on me and bless me in the new year.

I felt that deep spiritual awareness that Oluwa was really staring down at me and anything I need, he would provide.
Caught up in a little trance like state and lost in my thoughts, while reveling in the calmness of Osa, a tap on my shoulder jolted me out of my reverie.

I was surprised to see an 80 year old woman smile at me, her teeth seemed to have gone with the tides of time, leaving only bits that summed up her old age.

She told me she needed my help to make her sit beside me, while making a joke of how I had occupied her seat by the river bank.

I quickly apologized and made to stand so she could seat at her ‘spot’, but she declined and said, it was fine! She would gladly sit beside me. There was something eerie about my new friend and seat companion.

I suddenly felt so cold, and my body was shaking in heavy spams, I could not place a hand on it, it was a deep metaphysical feeling but I did not really pay attention to it because I was more concerned about making Mama comfortable.

Mama Khadijah, as she introduced herself told me the spot I sat was the same spot she sits as well, said she sat there whenever she wanted to speak to Oluweri! She told me she clocked 80 years a day earlier and she needed to come to Eti-Osa to thank Oluweri for sparing her life.

She continued and said Oluweri did amazing things for her because, when she had issues in her first marriage, Oluweri took away her pain and gave her a better man, in her late husband. I never really understood what she meant by pain taken away and never asked!

Mama also continued that she had 6 children and all of them left paid employment to start businesses for themselves, she then said if I was a businesss man, it was the perfect time to ask Oluweri what I wanted!

I smiled and told her I don’t worship Oluweri but Eledumare. She laughed and told me Eledumare sent Oluweri to govern things in the water and beyond.

She further told me she made a pact with Iyemoja to come to the river bank every day in appreciation of the goodness she has received, and she feels her time is up. The pact she had with Oluweri was to put herself up as a part of Oluweri’s kingdom at the golden hour of a particular day when she clocks 80.

But before anything she wants to bless me because she felt the urge to. Mama asked me to kneel before her, and told me to make a wish.

I told her I wished to see the Iyemoja she mentioned bless me with the support of Olorun. She smiled, and patted me on the back, the same way I felt a breeze touch me at the back when I was at Sandfield Bustop.

Mama Khadija told me all the prayers I prayed earlier on had been answered.

I felt that deep shudder and cold yet again, and while I was saying ‘Amin’, Mama walked slowly into the river.

I wanted to scream for “HELP” but I was rooted to the spot, mouth sealed as I could only make a feeble cry.

Mama Khadijah glided slowly towards the Osa River, and I saw two ‘mysterious’ women come to the surface to pull Mama into the waters.

Beads of sweats broke from my face down my body and all of a sudden I stood up like I was in a trance and walked slowly towards Sandfield Bustop. A force beyond comprehension stayed with me till I entered into the next available bus to Costain. I checked the watch at that time, it was 11pm.

Have you had any metaphysical or supernatural experience before? Share with ME!

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    Ayoola Gold
    December 30, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Hmm, metaphysics… The story of the gods

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