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I pondered all night on what I could do until I hatched what looked to me like the perfect idea but before I took actions I decided find out from Mr Mark what his plans were.

Everything started to die away. At work, he was very cold to me. Later in the day I went to his office and asked if we could eat the lunch together, the tables were turned against me and things happened the other way round.

Earlier, it was Mr Mark asking to have lunch with me; I had become the one begging him for a lunch. He agreed reluctantly.

During the first few minute of together, he kept quiet without saying a word except for ordering for his food. I broke the silence by commending his new haircut.

It was not that I so much cared about it, I was just trying to open communication lines and start a conversation; beyond that he was looking well-trimmed and tidy unlike before. Then he gave a reply that threw me off balance. He said his wife had suggested that he had a new haircut.


I thought she was supposed to be a soon-to-be ex-partner. I couldn’t hide my shock. They had gotten so familiar that they discussed something as trivial as haircut; I thought the only discussion they were to be having should be about divorce.

I wanted to scream but I tried to keep my calm. I asked him what was up with the divorce process.

He explained that he was still confused about it; his wife had become an entirely changed person. She had started doing things she wouldn’t dare before, like tidying the house, cooking his meal and relating with him humbly like his woman.

She had also quitted the job she did that had caused so much rifle between them, it and gotten another one that took less of her time and was close to their home.

She had stopped all her nagging and sudden disappearances. She was now like the woman she had fallen for in the first place. And that he wasn’t sure how sincere she was about the change in attitude.

He said he doesn’t know how to bring up anything about divorce after she had refused the first time. He owned up to be part of the reason why his wife turned out that way. At some point their lives, he was carried away with work and hadn’t cared for and spent time with her and their son.

For the first time, I realized how much of a fool I had been giving up everything I had and was for him. No matter what we shared he wouldn’t love me as much as he loved the woman that was his sweetheart for eight years and had married for ten.

We had barely known each other for a year. They even had a son that joined them together. I wish I didn’t abort the baby. He definitely had feelings for me when he was going through stress in his marriage and was vulnerable; it was his wife he loved. I knew the game was over and I was the loser.

Just when I thought I have had enough, something more tragic happened……

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