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How To Transition Into A Relationship When You’re Used To Being Single

How to transition into a relationship when you're used to being single

How to transition into a relationship when you’re used to being single – Ask anyone who is single what they enjoy about their status and they’ll most likely produce a considerable list, featuring everything from freedom and independence, to being able to watch TV in their pants surrounded by takeaway wrappers.

But in all seriousness, humans are naturally sociable creatures and a fair number of these singletons would love to shack up with someone. When this happens it can be a shock to the system, especially if you’ve grown very used to being your own boss. So how do you transition into a relationship when you’re used to being single?


We all have different expectations and this is particularly the case when embarking on a new relationship. So a basic ground rule is that you need to let the other person know where you stand … on pretty much everything. Are you looking to move in together anytime soon? When this happens how will you manage the finances? How often do you expect to have date nights? How frequently will you spend time with your own friends? Do you like to have an occasional cigarette after a meal? How do you feel about alcohol or recreational drugs? What about children?

Perhaps the last consideration is something you wouldn’t necessarily broach at such an early every stage but it does illustrate there are many questions to be answered as you ease into your relationship.

How often to see each other

When you are single you get used to your own space. But as soon as you become part of an item you have to think about how much time to devote to each other. This is something that has to be treated very carefully because any imbalance can cause friction.

If one party is seen to be more demanding about wanting to see the other all the time it can have a detrimental effect. But in most situations compromise is always the preferred option and as couples get to know each other this is the kind of thing that will just happen naturally.

Getting on with their friends

An important aspect of any relationship is the fact that you are not just becoming acquainted with a person, you are joining their wider friendship circle. So you will have to be fully prepared to get to know all their buddies and embrace their social activities.

It will not reflect well on you if you do not show the same degree of enthusiasm when it comes to your new partner’s passions. And if you should have personality clashes with any of their best friends this will be another source of conflict.

Meeting family

The same can be said for meeting their family, except it is even more important that you get on. While it can be a fraught experience to be invited to meet parents and receive a degree of grilling about yourself and your intentions, it will not bode well if you cannot develop a good relationship with your in-laws.

Getting physical

One of the most obvious aspects of a new relationship is you will suddenly find yourself in a situation where regular sex can become part of the agenda. This is not something that can ever be taken for granted it as it is one area where people can have very different expectations. Again, as with any other aspect of transitioning into a relationship, the keyword is communication. It doesn’t matter where you met, through a free online flirting website or via an introduction by a mutual friend, keep explaining to one another the things that really turn you on.

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