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Freaky Girls Quotes For Your Girlfriend

Freaky Girl Quotes are usually good for you and girlfriend if you intend to get freaky with your texts or quotes. What do you think Why not check out the freaky quotes I have for you below.

1. Your bright face is more beautiful than the most gorgeous rose. It will always be my pleasure that you have this face that is rare. A shining face with an uncommon beauty, a pearl with straight legs that walks majestically with respect.

2. To you my sun, you are shining like a pure bliss. You are so beautiful, and your face does not have a single stain. I love you beyond the sky and my heart is always attached to you because you are my happiness.

3. Night and day, I think about you. Your face is as bright as the most beautiful star in the sky. God Has made you as the fountain of my passion, and since then I have not been able to love any other lady but you.

4. If I cannot see your face on a day, I feel so sad. I cannot stop loving a gorgeous lady that has all what it takes to make a man happy in life. Indeed, you are a wife material, sweet, nice and good to be with. I love you.

5. You are the most beautiful treasure in the whole world. Let me tell you, no one can stand your beauty. Your walking steps drop endless pleasure on the floor for everyone to enjoy. I love you my jewel.

6. I have always wanted to be where you are; I don’t know why but the truth is that you are always on my mind every single microsecond.

7. Do you know that you are my chocolate whose taste does not end? Do you know that you are the sweetest lollipop ever tasted? I love you beyond a reasonable doubt; I cherish you more than the most beautiful tree.

8. I see you as my happiness because anytime I see your smile, I feel good in my heart. I can’t possibly stop thinking about you; my greatest gift ever. Your face is turning me into something else.

9. A one in a million jewel, how I wish have known you fifty years ago? How I wish you are my love for the past twenty years so? Perhaps, I will have being the happiest man on earth. I love beyond the sky.

10. With you, my heart beats faster and healthier. You are my garment of pleasure and passionate feeling. Your chocolate smile keeps my body active and warm. I feel the sensational touch that emanates from your beautiful smile.

11. Sweet dream my beloved angel, I want you to put smile on your gorgeous face. Always be happy with yourself.

12. Whenever I am sad or I’m lonely, I quickly close my eyes so that your face will be seen to console my heart.

13. I have been so sad since the day you left; this is because a beautiful lady like you should always be found around.

14. Anytime I see you sitting beside me, my heart beats faster and then I am somehow restless. I don’t know why it is so. I love beautiful girls.

15. If an angel like you is around me, what else do I need in life? You have been the most precious love in my life.

16. I just want to say goodnight gorgeous baby; make sure your night is full of fantasy; dream of roses and jewel because you are more valuable than they are.

17. Do you know what? You are always my last thought before I go to sleep. When I wake up, I still wake up with your thoughts.

18. Have a sweet dream with bunches of my kisses surrounding your body. Feel me as though you are been punched with passion.

19. Take good care of your gorgeous body, it is my wish to see you being happy every day because you are worthy of being loved with complete sincerity.

20. I may not be the kind of boy everyone wants, I may not be able to make everyone smile, but in as much as I can make you laugh, it is my pleasure.

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21. You are the most cherished lady that keeps me happy; my precious love and a pearl that is indispensable to me.

22. Whenever I see your face, I see nothing but a spacious land full of light that brings endless passion to the heart.

23. I have thought of many things in my life, and then I realized that most of your time spent with me is the most enjoyed one. Thank God for meeting you.

24. If I can buy the entire world for you, it will not take me more than a minute to do so because your love is such an amazing discovery.

25. If I want to be yours forever, I will be. If you want to belong to me for the rest of your life, you will be. It is the matter of the heart and soul, blood and passion.

26. It was only in you I discovered a weird thing for the first time; I was shocked that it is possible to have the mixture of blood and passion (i.e a strong love that may lead to s*x)

27. The best day of my life so far was the day I met you; it was easy for me to express myself because you gave me a good courtesy.

28. You are my heartbeat, my pearl and the silent success of mine whom many don’t know about. I love you specially.

29. Great things have happened in my life but the best is the joy I derive whenever I set my eyes on you. Good to hear from you.

30. I may have climbed the highest mountain, I may have seen the beautiful things of life but I’m sure that I have never met an angel like you before.

31. My heart cannot withstand the power of your love, so I needed to use my brain to live with you. Truly, it has been my pleasure that I have a jewel like you.

32. I am so pleased with you because of your tenderly smooth face. I appreciate your love in my life because you are my happiness.

33. The matter of love needs sincerity and it is the reason why I decided to love you for the rest of my life. I love you my superhero.

34. With your kind of love, I am sure that the world will become a better place for everyone to dwell. Your heart is good.

35. Truly, you are not bad at all; just like an antelope, tall and beautiful; you have a colorful heartbeat that affects mine.

36. You are simply an adorable angel and I can’t deny the truth about you. I love your smile, it gives me a kind of comfort that mesmerizes my heart and then set it on a passionate blaze.

37. The trees are clapping because of the aura of your love; anytime you are walking, a special breeze comes along as a sign of true love.

38. Whenever I set my eyes on you, I see paradise. Whenever I am happy with you, it is because you are with me.

39. There is nothing I can deny you because I have already told you how much you mean to me. Please, ask me anything, and I will do it.

40. Your eyes are like the stars, shining with excess beauty. Your chubby cheeks are like a soft sofa, good to touch.

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41. The softness of your heart cannot be comprehended without a true love. This means, you deserve much love than expected.

42. I am yours forever; therefore, I will do anything for you. You well built body makes me happy whenever I see you.

43. I will never stop loving a blessed pearl that puts smile on my face. She is my happiness and the most beloved angel.

44. Your slim hands, reminds me of the tree of curry with sweet odor and wonderful taste. Your smile reminds of a castle built with the brick of love.

45. If this world can be a better place, it is because there is possibility that you are alive on it; ok, this is reality, you are in the world.

46. I have never been able to reach out to you because you are the most beloved angel I have ever met in this world.

47. I have thought of many ways to make you happy but all were in vain, until I understood that all you need is a continuous kindness from me.

48. How I wish you know the value of your love in my heart; how I wish you know how lucky you are that I gave my heart to you.

49. Anytime I see beautiful ladies, I grow mad in love but since the day I set my eyes on you, every other lady is nothing but bugger.

50. Happiness is when you actually find the right person for you. Truly, you are the woman of my life and I will stay by your side.

51. A fresh lady like you is rare in this world. You are my blessed love and the most important person in this world to me.

52. The beautiful lady that makes me smile; the flower that shines like fire insect, cute, portable, adorable, nice and organize.

53. The sugar that adds taste to my heart, the chocolate that makes me smile, the most beautiful lady in the whole of the universe.

54. I can’t deny the fact that you are a super girl, you are the prettiest rose in the garden of love and whenever I look at you, I see paradise.

55. In your eyes are the bricks of gold; beautiful, shining, and above all lovely. I see nice things in your eyes will never deny.

56. Your irises are like a brim of light that make an object easily seen early in the morning. Good morning to my baby.

57. Whenever I look at your shining teeth, I see a bright silver treasure that attracts my heart to you. I love you.

58. The most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me is the fact that you are here with me. Your presence alone enough a comfort for me.

59. There is lots of joy in my heart because I have you around me. You are my endless love, my best friend and the most beautiful love ever.

60. The best way to make the right decision is to have a beautiful and adorable girl around you; your heart will be free to take the right steps.

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61. I love you that I told you, does not contain even a slight lie. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

62. I barely sleep when you are not around; this is because my heart is now attached to yours, the only way for me to sleep is to see or hear from you first.

63. Whenever I am feeling too lonely, I pick up my phone to watch your pictures. This is the only way to make myself happy.

64. The love of my life is plus one; a beautiful lady whose powerful walking step can bring endless joy into your heart.

65. I will always be yours no matter what; whether you are in the dungeon of danger, I will come to you because you are the air I breathe.

66. You are the oxygen of my life; without you, I won’t survive in this world because you are my best friend and the most interesting love of my life.

67. I will never stop praying to have you all my life because your happiness will always be the reason for my joy. Not having you around is like a voyage of sorrow.

68. Whenever you smile at me with your seductive eyes, I feel emotionally embarrassed and then wish you never stop eying me.

69. You are indeed the cutest rose in the garden of rose, spread with adorable intention. The smoothest of them sings a song of your body fragrance.

70. I love your lips; they remind me of the world’s most beautiful girl. I love your stature, so slim like figure one. Your rolling sweet, beautiful waist will not kill me.

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