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“There Is No Perfect Man Out There”: This Inspiring Naija Love Story of Seun & Mary is Everything

inspiring naija love story

We know you love to read love stories, and here is one for you to cop up, read through and drink down. This beautiful and inspiring love Naija story of Mary and Seun who met in the Federal University of Technology Akure 8 years ago is goals!

This beautiful couple took out time to share their inspiring Naija love story with us, and we are excited to share with you. Love is indeed beautiful and it truly lives on the best relationship blog in Nigeria. With a creative wedding video of Shola Allyson’s Adura Ololufe that went viral online, this wedding story is a must read for you.

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We met in school when Mary was starting her Pre-Degree program in FUTA and I was going to 400L at that time. She stayed with her big brother – Damilola in the same lodge where my friend Tolulope stayed, so I met her for the first time outside the lodge. Lodge mates gathered outside, as usual, talking to the freshmen about FUTA in general until the gathering remained just two of us. I talked about my girlfriend to her until there was nothing more to say. We then became pals from that point, nothing significant really transpired.

Until now that Mary just told me that she saw herself in a wedding gown that day, but she couldn’t conclude the vision towards me because she was not even thinking towards relationship direction as at that time.

We kept a light contact afterward, the second semester; we got closer when I left for Industrial Training Program because she was available to run errands for me when I was not in school.

I thought she was naïve and young. She hasn’t yet experienced any negative energy. She seemed brilliant and academically strong. Her intelligence, competitive nature and independent mindset are mind blowing and that was one of the first reasons I was attracted to her.

Was it love at first sight?

Not at all. I liked her personality, but it never was love until years after.

Relationship issues and challenges?

Yes, there were issues, but they are more of our personal differences considering the fact that I was not innocent and she was so innocent… I was not a good person in our relationship from the start because I just got out of one in a messy way, she had to understand where I was coming from and helped me to heal, and thereafter, we got along very well.

A typical example was when I needed to set an example of how I wanted my family and extended family to relate with her with the respect that she deserves as a woman that holds my heart. She did well to make her own statement and I also did well to make the facts clear to everyone. It is a complex and long story.

Knowing the right time to propose came as I was already working and knowing she had already graduated from school and also getting professional experience somewhere. We also had dated for seven years and mentally, we were both ready for the next phase of our relationship. Nothing was stopping me from putting the “BIG QUESTION” to her.

Seun’s definition of love

The ability to express the good will of God to people without losing oneself in the process is my own definition of love because God himself is the originator of love. In my own opinion, love is not fantasy; it is more real than human. Love is sacrificial and giving from both parties.

Advice for people in love relationships

My advice to lovebirds is to try to be more realistic with each other rather than staying only in the fantasy world that is clouded by deceit, it helps in creating a perfect bond because your partner knows who you are and accepts you the way you are. That way, there won’t be a reason for unnecessary emotional stress.

Mary took her time to share her version of their love story

Seun is a faithful guy but too sophisticated and full of prospect and I was attracted to his high level of reasoning and also the fact that he was very supportive during my darkest times.

He asked me out July 2011 on 2go, before he said it physically. I said yes on the 20th of November,2011 after several questions and findings from my elder brother too. I discovered he was real with all, I love realities than fantasy, so I said YES.

Relationship Challenges

Well, there is no perfect relationship. Challenges are meant to be faced as we are from different homes and background with our different beliefs. One I could remember vividly and that took a while was the apology side. His belief is when you are wrong and the other party is aware, just move on. Whereas, I’m from a home that you say ‘sorry’ when you are at fault no matter your position in the family. It was really a major one but we were able to trash it out and he apologizes more than I do now.   That was one of the reasons why we have been together for Seven (7) years, One (1) month, and Two (2) days before he proposed on 1st of April,2018 on his birthday

Why did Mary say Yes?

I said yes because the answer has been there already, I know what I want and I have all in him. There was no reason to say no

Mary’s definition of love

Love is felt most when it is genuine. Love is all about sacrifice. When you love, you will be able to give all just as God loved the whole world and he gave us his only son. Love is patient, caring and kind.

Advice to people in love relationships

My advice goes to the ladies, there is no perfect man out there, they are mostly players but when you know how to play your game too (by giving him peace of mind), you will keep the same guy they call a player and he will stick with you forever if he is truly yours. Patience and contentment are needed.






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