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Friday Morning Prayer to Start your Day

friday morning prayer

The perfect way to start your Friday morning is with the Friday morning prayer. You need to thank God for waking you up and for the grace to allow you see the last working day of another week.

After checking the scripture for great passages to meditate on, set your mind to the throne of grace as you start your day. Ask for the directions of God as you commence your day. Pour your heart as you try to reach to God in connection through your Friday morning prayer.

Friday morning prayer(s)

Even when I walk through dangerous valleys and shadows that reeks of death, I know that you are with me. I commit my day into your hands today again. take perfect and absolute control of the day, dear God. I leave it all to you. Take charge of the rest of my week.

Friday morning prayer of praise

1. Dear king of glory, I give thanks to you for the grace to see another day. I thank you for your numerous uncountable blessings for me  and my family. To you be all the praise and thanksgiving, because you have made this day again and you have given me the opportunity to bask in the glory of sunshine. Thank you lord for this Friday, as I am sure I will plenty more Fridays on the surface of this earth. Thank you for everything.

Friday morning prayer of thanksgiving

2. All glory is to you oh Lord. All honour to your holy name. I am nothing without you dear God. I no longer focus on my past because it is no longer important to me, because you are definitely in charge of my future. Good morning Lord.

Friday morning prayer of thanks

3. This is the day you have made oh Lord. All glory and honour be unto you. You are truly worthy of my praise. Thank you for everything. I adore you Lord.

4. Bless my morning oh Lord. Send your angels to protect and guide me as I step out today. Lead me in the way that you want of me. Be my comfort oh Lord and take away my sorry and worry. provide for me needs oh Lord and give me the grace to see many more Fridays. Thank you Lord.

5. I have come to you this day dear Lord. Search my heart and remove anything that draws me away from you. Bless me today and forever and cast me not away from your presence. Cover me with the blood of Jesus Christ and protect me from the evil of the morning, noon and night. Thank you Lord for I know you have answered my prayers.

6. I put myself in your hands today dear Lord. I lift your name high and commit today into your hands. Let your will be done in my life. Amen

7. I give praises to your name God for making me see this day. I thank you for healing me of my sickness. I commit my family; immediate and extended into your hands. Take charge and take control of everything oh Lord. be with all of us and protect us in Jesus name. Amen.

8. My merciful God so heavenly. I give my thanks to you and i lift my hands in praise to your holy name. You have a lot in my life and I appreciate you for this. Search me from within and take away anything that does not belong to you. Create in me a new heart oh Lord, and renew the right spirit in me. Restore unto me your love and use me for your work. Let me fulfil your purpose in my life. Have your way in everything I lay my hands on, and use me as a point of contact to other christians, that they see what you do in my life and want to move closer to you.


9. Oh Lord, search me from within. Search me in my heart and give me a clean mind and pure heart. Grant me wisdom, and understanding. Renew my faith in you and let be remain pure and chaste in you.

10. Good morning dear God. I thank you for ushering in a new day and morning, and for making me see this beautiful day. I am here to ask oh lord that you make me brand new just as this Friday. Forgive all my sins that I committed yesterday and give me the grace to try to walk in you again. I know that I can’t do a lot on my own and so I pray today oh Lord, that you make me do right by you. I cannot walk this path alone oh God, please walk with me.

11. Oh Lord, I offer my prayers today. I am thankful for the gift of life yet again. Please father forgive me of my iniquities and let me rise yet again. I commit this Friday into your hands, take perfect control of it.

12. I adore you king of glory. I love you with my heart and soul and I thank you for the gift of creation and life. I thank you for making me a christian and for keeping me to see another Friday. Let your will be done in my life oh God. Save me from sin and all the evils of this world. Let your grace be with me always. Thank you for everything, I will always praise you till the end.

13. You have given me another day to love, Thank you Lord. I pray that today you watch over me as always. I start today with the prayer of thanksgiving to you, please accept my prayers. Please send your holy spirit to guide and protect me today. Send the holy spirit to teach me how to walk in you according to your will for my life. Let me be more and more with you and live in you oh God. Thank you for everything.

14. Help me remember oh Lord, why I need to make you a priority in my life. Bless me just as you have always done and let your grace live for me and with me. In Jesus name. Amen!




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