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Nigeria Independence Day Celebration

Nigeria Independence day

Happy Independence day Nigeria. The Nigeria Independence day is here again! How are you celebrating? I am celebrating the Nigerian Independence day here with you by the way, unless you are ready to hang out with me anyway.

The Nigerian Independence day 2017

What date is the Nigerian Independence day 2017?

Sunday, October 1 2017

Oops!! Lest I forget I have a relationship hang out gig at Karim Ikotun, Victoria Island on the Nigeria Independence day 2017. A perfect way to celebrate Independence, isnt’t it?

What do you know about the Nigeria Independence Day

A National day celebrated every October 1st. It reminds us of our independence from the British rule on the 1st of October 1960.

Brief history of Nigerian Independence Day

The Influence of Europe in Nigeria started in the 16th century when the first explorers came in from Portugal and Spain. They began trading with the Nigerians, a situation that led to massive developments in the country. Due to the increased presence of the Europeans in Nigeria, a dominating influence started up in the Lagos region around the 19th century. The British became a huge influence in Nigeria via the Royal Niger Company, and resisted all attempts by the German to dominate the region.

The territories controlled by the Royal Niger Company in 1900 became the Southern Nigerian Protectorate. This was later merged with the Norther Nigerian Protectorate in 1914 to lead to the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria, and this became the basis of the modern day Nigeria.

The modern day Nigeria can actually be traced back to the period when the British ruled our country. As at the 20th century, the call for liberation and independence swept across the continent and the whims of the British empire reduced in certain countries. This led to the granting of Independence to Nigeria on the 1st of October 1960. A constitution was carved alongside a parliamentary government.

Nigeria therefore became totally independent from Britain when it became a federal republic and a constitution was adopted on the 1st of October 1963, having Nnamdi Azikwe as its first president.

How do Nigerians celebrate the Independence day

The Independence day celebration is declared annually as the National day of Nigeria and a public holiday therefore comes after.

What does the Independence day mean to you

The Independence is just more important than waving the Nigerian flag, parades and partying everywhere. It is a moment to reflect on how far we have come as a country. The Independence day should be seen as a special day of sober reflection for everyone; from a child to the elderly. It is a day to declare our unwavering patriotism for our country, and indeed it is also a day to be happy that we are now in charge of our country through the civilian system of government.

This year’s Independence day is on a Sunday and a Monday is definitely going to be a Public holiday, making our weekend long and enjoyable. Let’s celebrate the Independence day by asking ourselves this one question.

How have we fared ever since our Independence?

On Sunday October 1, 2017, in Nigeria and abroad, we will all roll out drums in celebration of the 57th year of independence from the colonial masters.

I will always acknowledge the fact that in the last 57 years, Nigeria have made progress. From the military rule to the civilian rule, we have really come a long way. But you and I are aware that this progress has been affected by the issue of corruption, political instability ranging from the insurgents in the North, the IPOB issue in the east and a lot of others national problems stremmed from the political elites.

I know and I believe truly that Nigeria will be better again. Or what do you think?

Nigeria celebrates its 57th Independence day: Traditions and Activities

This day in history Nigeria

The Independence is celebrated all over the country; from Abuja to all the other 36 states. The day commences by a live broadcast of the President on TV and radio. There will also be a flag raising ceremony in honour of the country. Armed forces parade will follow after with the cultural troupes doing their cultural dance. Singers, students and well wishers all over the states also take part in this celebration. On the Independence day celebration, Nigerians pay homage to our soldiers and other important National personalities and leaders who gave up everything, including their lives to ensure that Nigeria is freed from the colonial rule. The Independence day celebration provides the perfect opportunity for Nigerians to come together as one, away from the National issues we have facing in recent times.

Nigerian Independence day SMS

1. Freedom is what we have in our minds. We keep the faith in the words we speak and we are proud to be Nigerians. The memories of the past will never leave us. Let’s come together to celebrate the nation on its birthday. Happy Independence day Nigeria.

2. Millions laid down their lives in order to make our beloved Nigeria see this day. Today is a gentle reminder that we should never forget the sacrifices made. Happy Independence day Nigeria.

3. Remember to take a pledge that till your very last breath, you will fight anything that has to do with terrorism and protect our great nation, because it is all our collective responsibility to protect this country. Happy Independence day to you.

4. We need to look beyond our present happenings and focus on how to make Nigeria better. The future of the country is in our hands, We must do whatever we can to make the country better than yesterday and today. Happy Independence day to you.

5. Other might have forgotten the struggles but I will never forget the National pledge to my country. To protect Nigeria with all my strength. Happy Independence day to you all.

6. I hope and pray that our dreams of a better tomorrow comes really soon. I am truly passionate about our country and I know Nigeria will be great again. Happy Independence day to you.

7. We owe the nation a collective responsibility to take a stand against all necessary evil, cases of terrorism and corruption issues. Nigeria is our home and we must strive to make the country better. Happy Independence Nigeria.

8. We are not perfect, no nation is. For us to strive towards perfection we need to contribute our quota to the development of our country. Happy Independence day Nigeria.

9. We should appreciate the gift of God through Independence to us. We should never take it for granted. Happy Independence.

10. I am wishing you a terror free Nigerian Independence day. Happy Independence.

11. I am wishing a ‘boko haram’ free Nigeria Independence day. May God be with all of us and protect us. Amen.

12. I am sending my best wishes and prayers that our dreams of a better tomorrow will come to pass. I pray that we will continue to live in peace and as one in this country today and forever. It’s the Nigeria Independence day. Congratulations and happy Independence.

13. I will always remain a proud and dedicated Nigerian. I will uphold the flag of the nation up high and won’t ever forget the men who gave up their lives to make our country a better place. Happy 57th independence day

14. Remember to honour the patriots. Ignore the politicking and tension everywhere. take your time to revel in the freedom that we have now. Appreciate the men who gave us this freedom for without them, we will still be in the dark. Happy Independence day to you.

Nigeria Independence day: Happy 57th birthday Nigeria

15. I am sending my best wishes on this amazing occasion. It’s the Nigerian Independence day. I pray today that Nigeria will move forward and progress in all situations. I pray that someday the whole world will be proud of how far we have come. Happy Independence day Nigeria.

16. The Independence day is here again. Hurray!
Let us raise our guns up and fire in the name of freedom
Raise your flags up in true patriotism
Support the green-white-green today and everyday
Celebrate the Independence day with family and friends
Happy Independence day

17. Are you aware that without our Independence and freedom, we don’t really have a name. Our coming together as one nation with a single identity is the force we need to push us forward as a country. Happy Independence day Nigeria.

18. Learn to be patriotic everyday and not only on the 57th Independence day. I am wishing you the best of the Nigeria Independence day. Happy Independence to you.

19. It has been 57 years since Nigeria got freedom from the British. We should use today to remember all the brave ones who assisted us in gaining this freedom. We should remember the fighters who gave up their lives for the well-being of our country Nigeria. Happy Independence day 2017.

Nigeria Independence day: Happy Independence day status

20. Just as Nigeria celebrate its 57th year of freedom. I am sending my best wishes and regards to you today. I hope you are proud to be a Nigeria and you carry Nigeria in your heart and sleeve. Happy Independence day 2017 to you! Enjoy the holidays.

21. I am proud to be a Nigeria, and I remember all the martyrs who laid down their lives to make our country what it is today. I thank them for giving us the history to talk about and a future so pure and better. Happy Independence day Nigeria. I love my country.

22. We are a country that is wealthy in terms of culture, heritage, history and tradition. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, tradionalist or even atheist, you must ignore your religion preferences and celebrate the birthday of Nigeria today. Happy independence.

23. You can never buy freedom with money. But you can remember the struggle of the brave ones who fought for our liberation. Let us celebrate them and forever. Happy Independence day Nigeria.

24. I am in love with her, because she means everything to me. I am so crazy whenever she is celebrating her birthday, Now she is 57 and I am so so proud of her. Happy birthday Nigeria.

Nigeria Independence day: Happy Independence day greetings

25. Others may have forgotten and ignore our gallant soldiers who fought and lost their lives, but I will never forget. I will fly my flag so high in commemoration of the Nation’s birthday. Happy Independence Nigeria.

26. The Nigeria Independence day is here again. How have we fared over the years? Whether or not things do not seem the way we want it to be right now, we can always know that Nigeria will be better in the future. It is left in our hands. Happy Independence day.

27.  The Independence day provides the perfect time for us to assess our progress as a Nation. It is time to really examine ourselves. Where are we and how did we really get here. Happy Independence day Nigeria.

28. It is time to take a decision to protect our Nation.  We should never for once ignore the sacrifices that gave the liberation that we bask in. It is our moment to reform all element that turns against the progress of our nation. Happy 57th Independence day Nigeria.

29. Celebrate this day with me, whether you are in Nigeria or outside the country. Now we have the freedom to speak, act and write. We should be happy  for the liberation that came our way. Happy Independence day to you and your beautiful family.

30. It is time to celebrate and revel in the freedom to live wholly and independent in our Nation, Nigeria. We remember our National heroes today and we celebrate their lives as well, as they laid it down to make us live happily, cheerfully and hopefully. We celebrate how they suffered to give us this freedom we live in right now. Happy Independence Nigeria.

31. I will forever be grateful for being able to write, speak and talk freely. I know that this was beyond me and I appreciate those that made this happen. This is to continue to re-affirm my firm commitment to the good of the country. We should do all we can to make the country better and not try to bring the country down. We owe the country we live in a collective responsibility to make her better. Happy Independence everyone.

Happy Independence day everyone on this Nigeria Independence day. Best wishes from DeeDee.













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