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Amazing Gift Ideas for Fantasy Lovers

Amazing Gift Ideas for Fantasy Lovers

Let’s be real for a moment here: we all know that what fantasy lovers would really want for the holidays is to soar on a dragon above the medieval political power struggles. Stumble through the wardrobe and have some time with a talking bear, or a ring that would magically transport them from a location to the next.

You’d love to make that happen but you probably don’t have the means. But, there are amazing gifts you could actually give them – and it will mean as much. Be sure to know what they truly like. If someone doesn’t have a stuffed Hedwig in 2020 it’s probably because they don’t want one.

We’ve researched some of the most popular gifts that every fantasy lover is likely to find so thoughtful. The gifts on this list are for all the fantasy fans that enjoy ethereal elves, sword fights, and the vocal in the group about certain popular HBO shows. So, get your magically minded friends and family these fantastic gifts.

Middle Earth Leggings

These are a true fantasy for most fans that are excited about maps. With these leggings, you can walk around with Tolkien’s map on your legs all day. Do you need a reminder of where the Shire is in relation to the Gondor? You just have to glance down. They are pocket-friendly. Plus, their comfy and cute appeal will get even non-nerds excited about them.

Dewey Decimal Ring

For that fantasy lover that keeps their obsession on the DL, this ring inspired by Dewey Decimal is the perfect gift. And, make sure to check the details. 823.087 is the fantasy and sci-fi section of Dewey Decimal. With one incredible piece of jewelry, you can rock your love for filing systems, libraries and show your love for fantasy.

Dragon Bedding

When getting fantasy lovers some gifts, you have to consider the fandom they belong to.

But, if your friend is a Game of Thrones die-hard aficionado, it couldn’t get any easier. Tons of incredible gifts will get Khaleesi and Jon Snow fans pleased. For instance, with the “Mother of Dragons” duvet from, winter will not only becoming, but it will be here! An awesome collection of Game of Thrones memorabilia for fantasy lovers will make their holiday in ways nothing else can.

Some George R.R Martin, Really

The World of Ice & Fire is a great gift. Sure, you know about Westeros and the seven kingdoms but do you know about Ninepenny Kings and The War? Do you know much about the Kingdom of Yi Ti and the policies of Ib?

Worry not. The World of Ice & Fire is a detailed and well-illustrated volume that will tell you all there is to know about Westeros and the Lands Beyond. That friend that keeps on complaining about the stuff they left out of the HBO show version will appreciate this.

Fantasy Book Purse

We know what you are thinking. Look, we don’t condone cutting up classic literature. But, these purses are so incredible we can make an exception, right? Each bag is made with your choice of handle and button and is made of hardcover. With this, fantasy lovers will have their favorite adventure with them all day and can store gum inside it.

Stardust by Neil Gaiman, Charles Vess Illustration

We all have wondered if we can pay Charles Vess to illustrate every aspect of our lives – especially with the fairies and whimsical adventure. Neil Gaiman’s Stardust has an incredible take on traditional fairies on its own, but with Charles Vess illustrations, it becomes a gorgeous art fantasy. For artsy fantasy lovers, this is a must-read.

Neverland Necklace

One more fantasy map. We were all reading Peter Pan’s Neverland adventures before we graduated to battles and hobbits. This tiny pendant captures the colorful map of Neverland and is perfect for nostalgic fantasy lovers everywhere.

The Last Unicorn Quote Print

This timeless gem from Peter S. Beagle comes with advice for us all “Unless you can be a unicorn, always be yourself.” This inspirational quote hanging on your wall will remind you to be yourself (but it’s much cooler to be a unicorn).

Bronze Sword Bookmark

Amazing Gift Ideas for Fantasy Lovers

We all want to dramatically pull a tiny sword out of a book at the end of the day. That’s the objective here. This little bronze sword will have you feeling like a pirate or a knight every time you read a chapter.

Like most holiday gifts wish lists, this one is endless. But hopefully, this helped spark some creative gift ideas you could get for fantasy lovers on your list.

Medieval Cape or Cloak

Anyone who joins fantasy live-action role-playing (LARP) games knows how useful capes and cloaks are. That’s because lots of fantasy characters wear them.

If the fantasy lover in your life enjoys LARPing, give them a quality medieval fantasy-inspired cloak or cape that they can use for their hobby. They’re sure to love the thoughtful gift.

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