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5 Ways to Help you Survive your Long-Distance Relationship

5 Ways to Help you Survive your Long-Distance Relationship

Once high schooling comes to an end, many school couples tend to split up, as they both have to go to different places for university. Those who form relationships at universities fear that their partner might have to move back to their hometown after they graduate. These people often end up losing some very deep connections only because of the fear of getting in long-distance relationships.

Long-distance relationships sure can be hard to maintain; however, if you stick together, you will end up with a bond stronger than ever before. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. So do not give up that easily if you think that your partner is worth it. If you are also stuck in a situation like these, here are five ways that you can survive a long-distance relationship:

Prioritize your schedules

Understandably, both of you would have different class schedules, sleep preferences, even different time zones. However, it is crucial to a healthy relationship that you prioritize giving time to each other daily. Taking time out to communicate with each other is the backbone of surviving through this rough phase.

Ask yourself questions like, “When do I feel my best?” “When can I devote my unrushed attention to my partner?” and “How do I feel about spontaneous texts?” After answering these questions and discussing them with your partner, you would be in a better position to fix a dedicated time that works for both of you the best. For some, texting is more convenient, so they can decide to text all day and call each other on the weekends.

For others, texting might not be possible because of their daily work, so they can decide to have an hour-long conversation at the end of the day. It would allow both of you to catch up on each other’s daily routine. There is no limit to the types of arrangements that can work for you, as long as you both are mutually satisfied. Be mindful that you do not choose a pattern that can cause resentment or frustration because of it feeling inconvenient and unsupportive.

While ensuring that you have time for conversation with each other, you also need to make sure that you have a quality conversation. That is why selecting the best time to talk is vital.

Do not put your life on hold

There is no doubt that long-distance relationships require sacrifice. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you only sacrifice as much as you can handle. If you go overboard with letting go of things that you enjoy doing, you will end up developing feelings of resentment for your partner.

Often, one partner might end up avoiding giving time to new friendships, interests, or hobbies in the new place they are currently residing in. They later end up regretting it and wishing that they had let themselves enjoy that opportunity more fully. Make sure that you are making the best of the time you have alone. You can use the time to:

  • Connect and spend some memorable times with your family.
  • Focus on your work or studies and utilize the time to achieve all your dreams.
  • Connect with your friends and make lasting memories with them.
  • Give time to your hobbies and try to polish your skills. You might end up discovering new things that you are good at doing.

Make rules to build trust in your relationship

Many couples face trust issues in their relationship when they are geographically distant from each other. When your partner is at a new place, and you are not familiar with their friends and the people they interact with within their daily routine, it is natural to feel insecure.

You can conquer this hurdle by investing in a smartphone monitoring app. However, you need to discuss with your partner first to check if they agree with installing the monitoring app on their phone. If you both mutually agree to benefit from it, it can turn out to be the solution to all your trust issues.

One of the most reliable monitoring apps is XNSPY. It has features that let you keep a tab on each other remotely. Using XNSPY, you can:

  • Monitor each other’s interactions with their peers.
  • See each other’s schedules to plan a surprise visit.
  • Check your partner’s location using the GPS-tracking feature. It would help if you are concerned about the safety of your partner and are unable to connect with them due to any connectivity issue.
  • Keep a check on each other’s social media profiles.

There are many more features that you can take advantage of to make the long-distance easier for yourself. You can decide which features of the app you both are comfortable with using and turn off the ones that seem intrusive to you. The app is easy to install and easy on the pocket as well.

Be creative with your dates

Do not let the distance make you think that you can no longer go on dates. You can get a little creative and plan online dates that can turn out so much fun. It would help in keeping things exciting and fun for you as a couple and lessen the frustration of being away from each other. Organizing weekly dates would keep the spark alive for both of you. You can make a plan to:

  • Watch a movie together on Skype. Play the movie at the same time and stay online so that you can hear and see each other’s reactions to the scenes of the video.
  • Play online games. It could be a fun activity that you both can try.
  • Go for a walk while you are on a video call with your partner. Show each other the beautiful surroundings.
  • Watch Netflix together.
  • Have dinner together on a video call. You can dress up formally, set up a candlelit dinner table, and enjoy a gourmet meal over good conversation with each other.
  • Send surprise gifts by courier to your partner. Little gestures like these show that you are thinking about your partner all the time.

Thinking and planning for your dates can require a lot of commitment and effort, but it is essential to survive a long-distance relationship.

You should be positive during this time

The waiting can be painful for both of you, and there would be many times that you would feel lonely. However, you must keep injecting positive energy into your long-distance relationship. It would help in keeping your relationship alive. Once the wait is over, you should know that the end would be sweet and rewarding.

One tip to stay positive all the time is to look at the brighter side in everything. Be thankful that you have someone to love and someone to talk to whenever you need them.

Cherish the little things, like the hand-made letters in your mailbox, the technology that has made it easier for people to connect, and the opportunity to test the waters of your relationship. If you both survive this, you would know that your partner is a keeper. Going through hard times like this together would make you both inseparable.

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