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Great Wedding Text Messages To Send

wedding text messages

Congratulating a friend or loved one for their wedding should no longer pose a problem as here we have made a combination of some wedding text messages you can forward to them as text messages or even on a greeting card.

1. Warm words of love and tenderness have been passed to you today; you have even said unto your partner many of them. So, today, on this great and happiest day of your life, I want to wish you never stop saying words of love to each other. Congratulations on your wedding!

2. Everyone needs someone who will show to them love, care and trust. I’m really happy that my best friend has found this special person. Congratulations on your wedding and may your life together be a never-ending honeymoon!

3. Love is the only one thing precious which you can give to each other. You will surely be okay if you keep this in your hearts. May the love you share for each other be eternal. Congratulations to you my friend.

4. Let me tell you that you both are the happiest and sweetest couple I have met and seen. Never ending joy is what I wish you too as you embark on this life journey. Peace and much harmony will always be yours my dears. Congratulations!

5. An amazing life full of great joy, fun laughter and adventures is what I wish you today and always. May your home always be wonderful. Happy married life my sister

6. May your feelings for each other be always lighted up and the flame burns stronger till the end of your lives. May every day in this new journey be as exciting as the first date. Your life will be filled with the right ingredients for happiness. Accept my heartfelt congratulations my dear.

7. When you can empathize with your partner then you can surely avoid conflict. Listening will help you understand your partner better. All this will guide you on this journey my dear friend. Happy married life.

8. I pray that faith and trust, humour with passion, romance, understanding and timeless love will be long standing in your relationship dear.

9. Family life is not as boring as some people will make us see. The ability to love and not give up in the most difficult situation will go a long way to strengthen your relationship. Keep this in mind and have a beautiful wedding day.

10. Values like love, care, support, kindness, patience and understating will surely make and sustain your home as a happy and healthy one. So I wish you nothing but all of the above to be your companion on this life journey. May your home be a role model and prosper my friend.

11. The long awaited day for you is here. The excitement had flowed to me as I also looked forward to this moment. May your life be full of plans and purpose and may every of your actions be one that will strengthen your home.

12. There is nothing that can be compared to the feeling that goes through one’s mind when they find someone who makes their dream come true. My wish is that your love will grow stronger over the years and difficulties will not test your love for each other.

13. I want you to know that today is a special day for not just you but us all as your happiness is our happiness. Cheers to the beginning of an amazing life journey. May your love increase with each day.

14. Family is a perfect relationship and I pray that you will enjoy being a member of yours every minute of your life. Horrible words will not have a chance in your new home my friend

15. As you look radiant and beautiful today my friend, as your smile portrays happiness and satisfaction today may it never end. This beautiful moment will stay with you forever and ever. Accept my hearty congratulations dear.

16. Today marks the beginning of newer things, new plans, hopes and times. You will never stop getting used to this great joy my dear one. Your love will not be taken for granted and gifts of goodies will flow in for you today and henceforth.

17. Today is a gift for you, honour and cherish it with everything that you are. Divorce will never have a chance in your family. I wish you all that life has to offer in this union. May you be strengthened against all odds.

18. Your vows which are a reflection of what you are and will be to each other will always stimulate you to be closer to each other every day of your life. Gentleness and loyalty will stay in and never leave your home.

19. May each day of your married life be as beautiful as this first day of stepping into the new life. You love for each other will never die. This new phase will open great doors of opportunity for you.

20. Your family happiness depends on your ability to listen to one another, may your eyes always listen and your hearts always understand each other. Always listen pay attention and never ignore one another. Don’t forget that your joy is my joy. Happy married life dear friend.

21. You are both made for each other. Your union symbolizes perfect relationship. You will always be perfect and relevant my friend. May your lives be full of joy, attention, care and love.

22. All the words of vows you have spoken to each other today will stick to you and stay with you. The promise you have made to each other, may you find the strength to keep and work in them. I wish you a gorgeous wedding day and a beautiful married life.

23. Now I pray that you would experience blessedness and tranquility in your relationship. You will always sail over hardship with your love for each other and determination to make things work fine for yourself. Love and respect is all I wish you my dear. Congratulations!

24. May all of us present today and sharing in your joy will witness so many of your anniversaries. Happy married life.

25. As you start this happy and responsible step I pray that you are guided all the way so that yours will be the perfect and ideal home. Joy is all I wish you today and always. Congratulations all round.

26. It is the most wonderful of all occasions today. The beginning of this new and fulfilling journey will stay with you till the end of your lives. I wish you lots of luck and joy, congratulations on your marriage!

27. To my dearest and most special ‘like a match made in heaven’ couple, I pray that you have a wonderful life together.

28. You have chosen that one person to spend the rest of your life and all with. You have made a beautiful decision and I know you will surely never regret this decision. Be happy my friend, as it is the happiest of the days for you.

29. That park which had brought and magnetized you together will forever amaze me. I hope it never leaves you but shine on forever. I wish you good luck.

30. Because you have made the most important decision in your life and you have stand strong to hold onto your happiness, may your home be filled with grace and much favour.

31. The love that makes you want to spend the rest of your life stuck with one person, the love which is sweeter than honey which has brought you together will hold you forever.

32. I might not give you the most valuable of gifts but my prayers will be with and go with you into your new life. I will miss you dear friend.

33. Abundant joy and love is what I packaged as a wish for you today. Congratulations to the best of my friends.

34. Marriage is like moving around on unfamiliar grounds, you never know what you’ll find but the prospects of finding something special will always keep you going. Joy unspeakable will be your companion on this journey. I pray you reap the true treasures of marriage. Your joy will multiply.

35. Erase the thoughts that you know each other completely as everyone is a bundle of surprises. Life sorts things out and it will make you laugh more than cry in this journey. Pleasant surprises all the way.

36. Accept each other for what you are, that is the true lesson of the marriage school. Keep each other happy and you will see that you’ll be happy yourselves. Conjugal bliss

37. The love you have for each other will strengthen you more for this unique journey. Remember that only you can make the type of home you want. The journey ahead is never an easy one, but my heartfelt prayers are that you will not lose it.

38. Everyone can create an ideal world for themselves, but you both have the responsibility of keeping your family from work.

39. I believe your new home will make the world a better place. Your responsibilities will not be missed. Enjoy your new life friend.

40. Don’t forget to always fuel you home with warmth and friendly relation to each other. Charge your atmosphere with sweetness and peace. You will reap the fortunes of a comfortable home.

41. For fitness and general strength, exercise is best for the body. Communication also is the fuel of every relationship. Never underestimate the power of words. Let it be the master of your home. Congratulations on your wedding!

42. Most love stories have their ending at: wedding. This will surely not be yours as I pray great and unending love for you both. Special things and fun adventures will spice your journey up my friend.

43. Little things can ruin the strongest of marriage, but patience and wisdom strengthens them all. Wisdom for your home will come to you today. You are blessed forever my friend. Conjugal bliss to you.

44. Today which is the happiest day of your life will surely be the beginning of beautiful things for you. This new chapter will commemorate happiness and lasting peace for you and family. You will never lose your happiness.

45. Even though love at first sight is great, but the greatest of it is a successful and happy marriage. Your home will be called blessed. Congratulations my dear.

46. Always hold unto the love and never let it go. This is the only way you can be happy and fulfilled in this journey you are embarking on. Hold on to it like the only thing that matters in the whole universe, because it is.

47. As laugh and happiness of the loved ones are the most valuable pay for all your pains and efforts, always let your home spread this love around. Harmony and happiness will center in your home henceforth. Congratulations to you.

48. Kindness and generosity; let this two stay with you and never drift away from your home. They are spices that will sharpen your appetite for each other always.

49. Since time immemorial, the wedding ceremony was especially honoured. This shows the power and influence of marriage and love in history. May your marriage be one that is called blessed by everyone around you.

50. Building your house is in hard and calculating steps; marriage is the same way. You have to invest a great deal of patience to build a strong and everlasting home. Make your home a palace and not a hovel. It is well with you now and ever my dear.

51. Separation and divorce Is a common solution this days for everyone who feels they have to try it. This will never be your lot. Stay happy in this journey. May your marriage be the most amazing time in your life!

52. You already know that anger has always been a good time waster and opportunity destroyer. I don’t have to remind you to not have anger in you. Always seek peace and work hard for a model home for everyone around you. Congratulations my good person.

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