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Happy Birthday Prayer Messages You Should Share

happy birthday prayer messages

Happy birthday prayer messages

Birthdays provides the perfect time to celebrate ourselves and thank God for the gift of life. It also affords us the opportunity to send our birthday prayer messages to family and friends, to celebrate and encourage them on their special moments.

You are on the lookout for the best happy birthday prayer messages to share with family, friends and loved ones? I’ve got loads to share with you.

A birthday prayer message for that special someone

1. Dear God, I celebrate “add name of the celebrant’ on this special day. I pray that you will continue to bless and protect him/her. You are aware of all that’s surrounding him/ her and you know your plans for him/ her even before his/ her birth. Please prosper the celebrant in great ways. Let “insert name of celebrant” be grateful and ready for the great plans that you have for him/ her. Please protect him/her and take charge of everything from now henceforth. May your name be praised. Happy birthday dear, God be with you.

The road will always come up to assist you, the wind will always provide succor to support you. The sun will always shine to brighten your day and your ways. The rain will fall and provide nutrients for your fields. God will hold you in his arms and support you left, right, front and back. Happy birthday to you, may happy returns.

This day God will bless you and water your plants, to grown in health and multiply. You will live so long to see your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. You will never be a victim of misfortune. You will be rich in all spheres of your life. God’s hands will cover you from the dangers of the world. You will always continue to be a living testimony to all of us. Happy birthday dear, God’s light is on you already.

2. The green grass you walk on will never go brown. The sky that brings down the showers of blessings will never change from blue to red. You will always live your today and tomorrow in pure joy and bliss. Death will never be your portion. Happy birthday to you, live long and prosper.

3. God will always bring favour into your life, he will make you increase and multiply so fast that it will shock people around you. Your words will always be on people’s mouths appreciating what God has done in your life. You will never be a victim of misfortune again. God be with you today and forever. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy!

4. Your days will always be useful and not useless. God will ensure that you stay fruitful, your nights will always remain restful devoid of all kinds of nightmares. You will have a peaceful home as always. God will bless you majestically. It’s your birthday dear, have fun today.

5. The golden rays of sun cascading down from the heavens to strike your body will be mixed with lots of blessings, grace, success, joy, prosperity. Wishing you the best celebration and a super duper birthday. Many happy returns.

6. Always know this that it’s not your grade that distinguishes you from others but it’s the grace of God on your life. It is not how long you have labored but it’s the favour of God, not that you merited being here today but God has always supported you with his mercy. I pray that the goodness of God that has distinguished you will never leave you. Happy birthday dearie.

7. I want to use this opportunity to welcome you into another 365 days of your life journey. I pray that you will continue to grow in the fullness and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will always march higher up in strength and glory. Have a happy birthday. May God be with you.

8. The little that you have worked hard on will grow and become a lot. The places where your strength can’t push you to, the grace of God will carry you there. You will be singled out of a lot of people for upliftment. You will always fine peace, joy and contentment in whatever you do. You will enjoy he mercy of God today and forever. Happy birthday to you. Have fun!

Special happy birthday prayer messages

9. The merciful God will bless you today. You will continue to live in long life and prosperity. Your glory will never grow old or dim. Happy birthday

10. God’s blessings will always increase around you, everything you do will always work out for good. You will enjoy the goodness and mercies of God. Your days will never go dark, it will always stay bright and good. May God touch every aspect of your life and may you have every reason to celebrate God’s testimony in your life. I pray that you get to see how God loves you today as he adds another year to your age. Happy birthday to you.

11. Always stay thankful because he has given you the gift of life. He has recognized you in his kingdom with his love and protection, so I am wishing you congratulations as you have added another year to your age today. You will never regret being born on this earth and may the grace of the almighty God, the love of the son and the fellowship of the holy spirit be with you today and forever. Happy birthday dear friend.

Happy birthday prayer messages of blessings

12. I am so blessed and thankful to have a great friend like you, and that’s why I thought about sending you my best wishes in loving thoughts today. You will never have any reason to cry as the rest of your life will be filled with joy, happiness and laughter. God will bless you so much that you will in turn bless others. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy God’s grace.

Happy birthday prayer messages of gratefulness

13. I am so excited to be a part of your day, and I am happy to witness this day with you. Happy birthday to you. May you increase in all spheres of your life. Amen.





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