Guide to Choosing the best Dehumidifier

Guide to choosing the best Dehumidifier

Go from Damp to Dry – How to Buy the Best Dehumidifiers

Allergy triggers such as but are not limited to dust mites, mildew, and mould thrive in any space that is of excessively high humidity. So if you have been suffering from a lot of allergy attacks lately, then perhaps your living space tends to be more humid than it should be.

Humidity levels that are above 50% can breed these allergy triggers. This could possibly result from having only limited ventilation for such space, along with other factors. This is the reason why you see bathrooms, kitchens, and basements as common areas where these allergy triggers thrive.

Thankfully, there are now dehumidifiers that do the job of preventing unnecessary moisture buildup at home thereby preventing health problems in the family as well.

Guide to choosing the best Dehumidifier

But how exactly do you choose which to buy?

Purchasing a dehumidifier for home use can actually be considered an investment as it has a lot of advantages. But it also requires a lot of thinking for you to buy the best one for your home. For this reason, https://trustyjoe.com/ gives you a quick but certainly the best guide in getting a dehumidifier.

1. Select the right size

Dehumidifiers come in various shapes and sizes in order for homeowners to get the model that best fits their home’s unique requirements. If you plan to use it in a single small room, then you will need the small capacity dehumidifier for it. If it is a larger area such as a basement, then a large capacity model will be needed. If you live in a very humid climate or have a huge house, then a whole-house model of a dehumidifier will do you well. Fortunately now, there are already dehumidifier sizing charts available to most, if not all, shops that simplify your search even further.

2. Match it to the moisture

Another reason why there are a lot of variants of dehumidifiers in the market today is that each home has varying excess moisture levels. Dehumidifiers also differ in the amount (in pints) of moisture they can remove in a day. For instance, there are spaces that are not as damp as the rest. So it will not be wise to get a large-capacity dehumidifier if you only need to remove roughly 30 pints of moisture per day.

3. Consider room conditions

It is not enough that homeowners only take into account as deciding factors the size of one’s space and the dehumidifier’s moisture reduction capacity. In order to find the absolute solution for problems brought forth by excess humidity at home, the room conditions must be considered too. Matching the machine with the moisture is a good start.

However, if your home is located in a humid climate, if multiple people live in that particular house, if there are a number of doors and windows present in such space, or if there is a laundry room nearby, then you will need to invest in a unit with a higher capacity than what you thought you will only need, based on guide number 1 and 2.

Still have questions in mind?

We know you still have a lot of questions in mind. We know as well that the selection process can be daunting as there are a lot of factors to consider for your decision-making. So read this for more information about the various models and options available. With the wide array of alternatives to choose from these days, it will not be difficult to buy the best dehumidifier for your home.

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