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100+ Happy Boxing Day Messages To Friends

Happy Boxing Day Messages

Happy Boxing Day Messages – Looking for the best boxing day messages? Jump in right in to check this collection out. You will be surprised at what you will find in here. In here is where you will get all the funny boxing day messages, happy boxing day greetings, message for boxing day, boxing day message for girlfriend, boxing day 2017 messages, boxing day greeting, boxing day 2017 messages.

What is boxing day?

Boxing day comes a day after Christmas, and it is known all over the world as the day where everyone especially workers, servants receive different kinds of gifts from their bosses. Boxing Day is the day after Christmas day. That’s the 26th day of December and it’s a bridge between Christmas day and the New Year. It’s a break from the bubbling festive Christmas season, a true public holiday in most countries.

The boxing day is the day where gifts are shared in the form of a Christmas box. The boxing day is celebrated on the 26th of December every year. Boxing day is always an amazing day for brands and business to make a lot of sales from their gift shops. A lot of businesses also use the boxing day as an opportunity to reach out to the less privileged.

A lot of businesses take advantage of the rush for gifts during the boxing day to make business decisions like prize slash and donating to the poor and needy. The boxing day is the aftereffect of the celebration of the love of Christmas which spreads to the 26th of December.

The boxing is also known as a day where love and affection is celebrated during the ‘frenzy’ December celebrations. Happy boxing day to you.

Do you know sending happy boxing day messages to your friends are all part of the gifts of the boxing day? Then you need to check these messages out and send as much as you can to show that you love your friends and families.

Happy boxing day messages to your lover

Okay, so you’ve scoured the entire web looking for the perfect Boxing Day messages to make your lover fall deeper in love with you and you’re hoping we deliver. Well, we will. Don’t we always?

With all the Christmas craze in the atmosphere, it’s alright to forget a few things but it’s never alright to forget to make your loved ones feel loved on a relaxing day as such. I know how everyone’s been busy wondering what presents to get each other for the holidays, what exquisite hotel to lodge into and spoil one’s self silly, and what cool places to visit and relax. True, we’ve all been necks dip in planning and felt like we’ve lost it a bit, I know I have. So we’re all hoping boxing day comes already so we get to sleep in with the alarm off for once, wake up when the sun’s out, be lazy, put our feet up and watch TV, be lazier, get cosy with our other half (for the lucky ones who have one) and probably blast Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’ till kingdom comes.

Believe me, beautiful messages on Boxing Day makes you feel loved so much so that you’d a huge smile on your face all day long. Everyone would probably wonder what happened to you. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing someone’s got you in mind. It gives you a floating feel, it’s totally rad. It’s infectious too. So, because I’m a big advocate for true happiness and making people smile, I’ve come up with these 25 beautiful and heartwarming messages for you to pick from and send to someone to make their day less crappy and their holiday soothing. Here they are, be sure not to get confused wondering with one to choose.

The boxing day brings joy and happiness to your relationship because it is a day where love is shown across the board.  it is therefore important during this day to share your feelings of affection by sending happy boxing day messages to your lover. What will you do? Check the happy boxing day messages below and is to share as much as you like.

Sweet happy boxing day messages to your lover

1. My love, happy wonderful boxing day to you. May God shower you with His blessings and making you more amazing than you were last year. May God complete pull out any form of misery and sadness in your live. happy boxing day to you darling. I love you so much.

2. For you my sweet lover, I am sending you my happy boxing day wishes, that all your dreams come true and all that you wish for come to pass. Remember that I love you and will always support you all the way. Happy boxing day darling.

3. Sweet baby, I am sending you my happy boxing day gifts through this message. I hope you are sending my gift as well. Have fun today and see you later darling. Happy boxing day to you. May the almighty guide all our footsteps and protect us through this period. happy boxing day to you darling.

4. As you take this time off the chaos around you today, may the beauty in you emanate and spread to the people around you till there’s no more room to contain it. Happy Boxing Day love.

5. Today is the day we all let go of what we’re used to, the day we worry less, the day we hands off and embrace the fun of company and rest. May smiles today grow wider and laughs last longer. Happy Boxing Day to you.

Cute happy boxing day messages to your lover

6. God rested on the seventh day after creation not because he was tired but because He longed to see the beauty in his creation, smile to Himself and say “it is good”. As you rest today, may all you’ve labored for this year be beautiful and may all see it and smile with you. Happy Boxing Day love.

7. Hey, put your phone down, take a chill pill, put some music on, try a groovy one this time, hold yourself and sway to the beat. Shut your eyes and float and let the music wash over you. I wish you whatever happiness you feel in that moment. Happy Boxing Day love.

8. I am thinking about you in this particular moment, wondering how happy you’ll be when you see this text, well I’m probably certain you’d bite your lip and wonder what mischief I’m up to this time. Well, mischief aside, I just want to say Happy Boxing Day to you my love. Now smile for me.

9. I could use somebody like you all my life, someone to relax and have a drink with. Someone to snuggle next to and whisper sweet senseless gibberish to and just have a laugh. Well I’m just happy you’re here with me. Happy Boxing Day.

10. Today I feel heaven, not because I’m dead nor because I’ve lost my senses but because I’ve got the world’s most amazing person next to me. I am happy we’re here together, I’m even happier we will be tomorrow. Happy Boxing Day love, I care.

Lovely happy boxing day messages to your lover

11. I will wait, till the day ends, till all the leaves fall off, till tomorrow shows up at dawn and till every soul has slept till you realize how much you mean to me but I won’t wait a second later to say Happy Boxing day to you, the one I love. So, Happy Boxing Day.

12. Do you hear it? The quiet. The sound of nothing, beautiful sweet nothing. But your heartbeat as you lay there. Lay still, listen closer, you’ll hear something else, my voice, wishing you a very Happy Boxing Day.

13. I want to believe I’ve still got it, I want to believe I won you over, I really want to believe I did win the chaotic holiday fun memories and my love is the number thing on your mind right now. Happy Boxing Day.

14. If I had a time machine, I’d probably go back to last year, bring your old self to this day and show you how more beautiful you look. Happy Boxing Day beautiful. I love you.

15. Every day with you is a dream come true for me and I’m grateful to be spending this time of the year with you my love. Happy Boxing day to you as we bask in this reality together.

16. Today, I am particularly happy we are stuck with each other. I hope we go nowhere. All I want to do is to be around you and be warm. Forget the stress and focus on us. Happy Boxing day my love, every second with you is divine.

17. Today, I’m letting go and doing us. Yes, us. Me and you. I’ll go nowhere. I’ll stay here because I love you. Happy Boxing Day.

18. Today, let happiness be yours, let peace embrace you and let joy kiss you all over. Happy birthday love.

19. As the world enjoys Boxing Day, I celebrate you and the beauty of knowing you. Happy Boxing Day love.

20. I hope you’re happy, I hope you’re smiling, I hope you’re laughing; harder than you did last year, louder than you ever have. Because you deserve to be. Happy Boxing Day.

21. Happy Boxing Day, if the sun won’t shine, take its place, if the winds don’t blow, show them how to. I love you and I think you are extraordinary. Happy Boxing day again, I hope you’re smiling now.

22. I have never been happier, than I am today, spending this day with. Sharing smiles, holding hands and soaring above the hurdles of the year. You complete me, I am happy you do. Happy Boxing Day.

23. As you celebrate Boxing Day, may God grant you so much grace than you had before. Grace to be more than you are now. Grace to explore hidden talents you’ve got. I bless heaven for you. Happy Boxing Day.

24. I think I’ve lost it already, believe me, I’m nuts, you should know it is pretty serious. I keep thinking about you at every passing minute. I hope you know I love you today, tomorrow and always. Happy Boxing Day.

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